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Get Smart Review

Get Smart

Release Date: 26th June 2008 – Australia

Production Companies
Warner Bros. Pictures (presents)
Village Roadshow Pictures (in association with)
Mosaic Media Group
Mad Chance
Callahan Filmworks
Atlas Entertainment
WV Films IV

Roadshow Distribution

Genre: Comedy

Rating: PG

Runtime: 110 minutes

Budget: $80,000,000

Box Office Gross: $264,370,531

Plot Summary
When the headquarters of
U.S. spy agency Control is
attacked and identities of
its agents compromised,
the Chief has no choice but
to promote his ever-eager
analyst Maxwell Smart,
who has always dreamt of
working in the field
alongside stalwart superstar
Agent 23. Smart is partnered
instead with the only other
agent whose identity has
not been compromised: the
lovely-but-lethal veteran
Agent 99.

As Smart and 99 get closer
to unravelling KAOS' master
plan - and each other-they
discover that key KAOS
operative Siegfried and his
sidekick Shtarker are
scheming to cash in with
their network of terror.
Given little field experience
and even less time, Smart -
armed with nothing but a
few spy-tech gadgets and
his unbridled enthusiasm -
must defeat KAOS if he has
to save the day.

Steve Carell - Maxwell Smart
Anne Hathaway - Agent 99
Dwayne "The Rock"
Johnson - Agent 23
Alan Arkin - The Chief
Terence Stamp - Siegfried
Masi Oka - Bruce
Nate Torrence - Lloyd
Ken Davitian - Shtarker
Terry Crews - Agent 91
David Koechner - Larabee
James Caan - The President of the United States
David S. Lee - Ladislas Kristic
Dalip Singh - Dalip
Bill Murray - Agent 13
Patrick Warburton - Hymie

Executive Producer/Director - Peter Segal
Based on Characters - Mel Brooks &
Buck Henry
Screenplay - Tom J. Astle & Matt Ember
Executive Producers - Bruce Berman,
Steve Carell, Dana Goldberg, Jimmy Miller
& Brent O'Connor
Producers - Michael Ewing, Alex Gartner,
Andrew Lazar & Charles Roven
Co-Producer - Alan Glazer
Production Designer - Wynn Thomas
Costume Designer - Deborah Lynn Scott
Director of Photography - Dean Semler
Special Effects Supervisor - Michael Lantieri
Visual Effects Supervisors - Joe Bauer,
Eric D. Christensen & Elad Offer
Film Editor - Richard Pearson
Music - Trevor Rabin

The 2008 film iteration of GET SMART was faithful to Mel Brooks' classic spy comedy series, but it was a good movie adaptation of a TV show that I ever seen. I praise the acting of Steve Carell and Anne Hathaway who both look perfect for the agent duo of Maxwell Smart and Agent 99 and some funny parts of the movie such as where Max tries to get rid of the handcuffs on the airplane only to accidentally fall through the trapdoor in the plane causing him to free-fall only to be rescued by 99 in a parachute and the other funny scene is where he's trying to pass through the lasers whilst he's got a rat in his pants.

This movie was overall a comedic blast of laughs and entertainment for all ages.

Star rating: (4/5) Good Movie

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  1. It is one of the classics I liked the part where he kept missing his handcuffs and shot the eject button he fell out of the plane.and when he bowed at the end he had not butt flat