Monday, 4 July 2011

MouseHunt Review (Updated)


Release Date: 1st January 1998 – Australia

Production Companies
DreamWorks SKG (presents)

Paramount Pictures Australia

Genre: Comedy

Rating: PG

Runtime: 98 minutes

Budget: $38,000,000

Box Office Gross: $122,417,389

Plot Summary
Down-on-their luck brothers
Lars and Ernie Smuntz
discover that they are the
heirs to nothing more than
a run-down string factory and
a creaky old house. The
brothers' fortunes seem to
be looking up when they learn
that their dilapidated estate is
actually worth millions. But
before they can cash in,
they've got to rid the house
of its single, stubborn
occupant: a tiny and
tenacious mouse. What
might seem like child's play
becomes an epic battle of
hysterical proportions.

Nathan Lane – Ernie Smuntz
Lee Evans – Lars Smuntz
Vicki Lewis – April Smuntz
Maury Chaykin – Alexander Falko
Frank Welker – Mouse/
Catzilla (Voice)
Christopher Walken – Caesar, the Exterminator
William Hickey – Rudolf Smuntz
Ernie Sabella – Maury, the
Cat Care Society Owner
Michael Jeter – Quincy Thorpe
Debra Christofferson – Ingrid
Camilla Søeberg – Hilde, the Bench Lady
Cliff Emmich – Mayor McKrinle
Melanie McQueen – Mayor's Wife
Ian Abercrombie – Auctioneer
Annabelle Gurwitch – Roxanne Atkins
Eric Poppick – The Banker
Brianna & Danielle Shebby – Becky & Betty
Leslie Upson – Leslie Reinhart
Steve Bean – Lester Dinkus

Director – Gore Verbinski
Writer – Adam Rifkin
Producers – Bruce Cohen, Tony Ludwig 
& Alan Riche
Production Designer – Linda DeScenna
Costume Designer – Jill M. Ohanneson
Animatronic Creature Design and Effects – Stan Winston
Director of Photography – Phedon Papamichael
Special Effects Supervisors – Keith Marbory 
& Paul Mejias
Visual Effects Supervisor – Charles Gibson
Visual Effects Supervisor: 4-Ward Productions – 
Robert Skotak
Film Editor – Craig Wood
Music – Alan Silvestri

MOUSEHUNT was an enjoyable funny movie that it was the first family movie made from DreamWorks and it is a kind of a mix of HOME ALONE and the cartoons of TOM AND JERRY. The only good features of this movie is the actors Nathan Lane and Christopher Walken as well as the character of the mouse who is very intelligent and a clever little rodent who avoids booby traps set up by the two brothers.

Star rating: (4/5) Good Movie

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