Monday, 25 June 2012

Rock of Ages Review (Updated)

Rock of Ages

Release Date: 14th June 2012 - Australia

Production Companies
New Line Cinema (presents)
Corner Store Entertainment
Material Pictures (in association
Offspring Entertainment (in
association with)
Maguire Entertainment

Paramount Pictures Australia

Genre: Musical

Rating: M

Runtime: 123 minutes

Budget: $75,000,000

Box Office Gross: $59,418,613

Plot Summary
Drew (Diego Boneta), 
an aspiring rocker from 
South Detroit, and Sherrie 
(Julianne Hough), an 
aspiring actress from a 
small town, both arrive 
in Los Angeles in 1987 
to chase their dreams of 
making it big. They wind 
up meeting at The Bourbon 
Room, where he gets a 
job as a busboy and she's 
hired as a waitress. 

Diego Boneta - Drew Boley
Julianne Hough - Sherrie Christian
Tom Cruise - Stacie Jaxx
Russell Brand - Lonny Barnett
Paul Giamatti - Paul Gill
Catherine Zeta-Jones - Patricia Whitmore
Mary J. Blige - Justice Charlier
Malin Akerman - Constance Sack
Alec Baldwin - Dennis Dupree

Choreographer/Producer/Director -
Adam Shankman
Based on Musical Book/Screenplay -
Chris D'Arienzo
Screenplay - Justin Theroux & Allan Loeb
Producers - Jennifer Gibot, Garrett Grant,
Carl Levin, Tobey Maguire, Scott Prisand
& Matt Weaver
Costume Designer - Rita Ryack
Cinematography - Bojan Bazelli
Film Editor - Emma E. Hickox
Original Score - Adam Anders & Peer

ROCK OF AGES was a good musical, I think it has too much of a rockin' energy. I really enjoyed the melodic covers and medleys of the 80s hard rock songs that were from classic bands like Bon Jovi, Journey, Foreigner, Twisted Sister and other of these original artists and I praise Tom Cruise's performance as the legendary rock-star Stacee Jaxx. The good thing about this movie is that I can honestly say, I haven't seen a rock 'n' roll version of a musical before. Gotta say though that the only number is missing from this film is the song "The Final Countdown".

ROCK OF AGES was staggering, definitely a movie that entertains those who appreciate music of 80s rock 'n' roll.

Star rating: (4/5) Good Movie

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