Monday, 22 October 2012

Slipstream Review


Release Date: 22nd June 1989 - Australia

Production Companies
Entertainment Film

Genre: Sci-Fi

Rating: PG

Runtime: 102 minutes

Plot Summary
In the near future, where
Earth has been ravaged
by natural disasters and
devastated by man's
pollution, giant winds
rule the planet. Bounty
hunter Matt kidnaps a
murderer out of the
hands of two police
officers, planning to
get the bounty himself.
These in turn try to hunt
the two men down.

Mark Hamill - Will Tasker
Kitty Aldridge - Belitski
Bill Paxton - Matt Owens
Bob Peck - Bryon
Eleanor David - Ariel
Robbie Coltrane - Montclaire
Ben Kingsley - Avatar
F. Murray Abraham - Cornelius

Director - Steven Lisberger
Story - Bill Bauer (Uncredited)
Writer - Tony Kayden
Producer - Gary Kurtz
Production Designer - Andrew McAlpine
Cinematography - Frank Tidy
Visual Effects Supervisor - Brian Johnson
Film Editor - Terry Rawlings
Music - Elmer Bernstein

I didn't quite understand the plot of the sci-fi movie SLIPSTREAM that was made by TRON director Steven Lisberger and STAR WARS producer Gary Kurtz, but now I realise that the film is much like BLADE RUNNER or MAD MAX 2 except with a very different story. The cast is extremely well placed, especially Mark Hamill who I am amazed he played a ruthless lawman who is edgier than Harrison Ford's Han Solo and he gave a fine yet best performance in this sci-fi feature as well as the interesting design and the remarkable music score by Elmer Bernstein.

In the bottom line, SLIPSTREAM is an overlooked gem, but it has to be re-discovered by those who have watched the previous movies from the two filmmakers.

Star rating: (4/5) Good Movie

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