Tuesday, 3 December 2013

4 Reasons Why Battlefield Earth Sucked (Updated)

It bothers me that reminding of how bad things were in BATTLEFIELD EARTH (click here), one of the worst movies of all time that features Barry Pepper and John Travolta. Let be honest that here is a list of all the four reasons that made this movie in the not-to-watch list. I am definitely serious that neither the actors stole the audience's interest or the whole movie capturing a visual spectacle. Crave and desire is two options but not for BATTLEFIELD EARTH.

4. Repetitive Dialogue

My first theory is that mostly, all
of the movie's lines are have gone
repeatedly halfway in or out. Lines
like "Piece of cake", "leverage" or
such and so, peeving the audience
they have already heard it many
times and made no sense to
contribute the plot. This will reach
only little children and people with
lower I.Q. to be so unaware it will
affect them to speak the quotes

3. Poor Script-writing

It probably explains that BATTLEFIELD EARTH is not just missing the plot-threads that does make the story-line go flustered. It is also why it is messed up from the inside. We know in the end, the humans had finally beaten their invaders and took back Earth but one thing that is very inconsistent. The humans lost their home-planet years ago and that the Psychlos have forgotten how to defeat them. Then in the opening, once they taken over the planet and there's no apparent reason why the whole race are wanting to strip Earth of its precious resource of gold. When does exactly say they wanted gold, I don't know and it's lot harder to delve the human mind.

2. Bad Acting and Direction

The mediocre and over-the-
top acting is not just making
the movie look bad, in the
premises the direction by Roger
Christian is heavily responsible
for it. Actors like Barry Pepper
are perfectly cast have no idea,
they were acting so horrible
and dull and whilst Johnny T.
doesn't do an aspiring villainous
portrayal of Terl and does only
act as goofy and hammy. No
one is handy to redeem a bad
movie with a nicely done portrayal
of the film, Forrest Whitaker is so miscast as Terl's assistant. How I don't want is he looks as a Klingon reject with a different skin tone and this actor that played the character doesn't seem to be having a good time.

1. Overuse of Dutch camera-angles

Finally, the last sin of this
flop, the Dutch-camera angle
overuse.  I could disregard
this bad cinematography
and it is been explained that
supposed to be the century's
visualised and artful sci-fi
breakthrough after STAR WARS and THE MATRIX. Now, most of the shots were in Dutch-camera angle destroys its quality and some shots that we're not tilted to the same angle are underused. All the smart folk of viewers are nauseated with motion sickness and headaches, blamed the movie to driven them of the sickness.

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