Thursday, 3 July 2014

Film Guru Lad's Top 10 Animated Movies (Updated)

When it comes to features, they would be made by the animation better than live action and honestly, some people consider it to be a form of cartoon that kids could thoroughly enjoy but animation is actually a form of art that many might use it on movies and television that could attract to young and older audiences in either old fashioned hand-drawn or modern CGI. Here are the top set of the 10 animated films that I literally consider them as my favourites or the greatest in no matter what art-style it uses or which story it perfected. Not including the new Disney hit 'Frozen' which I've never watched or any Pixar feature in other spots, I'm definitely not featuring it or reviewing it. 

#10. The Simpsons Movie (2007): (Fox)

One of the few movies that uses the 
art of 2D animation rather than using
the current form of CGI and based 
on a long-running animated sitcom 
about a family that made a lot of 
hijinks on the town of Springfield. 
is clever with hilarity. Whereas it can
be better than most of the recent
season propaganda seen now on
Channel Ten and Eleven Australia.  

#9. Toy Story 2 (1999): (Disney/Pixar)

Did you only think that you may 
as well like 'Toy Story 1' or
'3' as the best. In my experience, 
I didn't see the third movie and 
never was into it because of the 
Ken and Barbie relationship ruins 
it. I instead went into a revisit with 
the second movie at my family's 
Christmas party. Now that you 
know, it's not as well-known than 
the third. I believe TOY STORY 
2 is the best of the three, I'm so 
into the opening scene, mainly 
because it has action and has 
the potential if Buzz Lightyear 
would be in his own film. This animation sequel works better than the original only the first time it received consent from the series creator.

#8Kung Fu Panda 2 (2011):

interesting but still a silly chapter
to the first movie, the sequel has
highlighted a character-based
story and establishes a two-part
saga. Likeable and wise, it's still
over-the-top hilarious and delves
in to more character development
and adds any balance with the
darker aspects that does make it
like a better instalment. I raise
the vote for KUNG FU PANDA 2
as the best of the two animated
sequels and nothing about getting
the most acclaim from the audience.

#7. The Incredibles (2004):

This film successfully accomplished
a perfect blend of laughs and CGI
superhero action. The blockbuster
THE INCREDIBLES justifies the
orientation of the superhero genre
for the first time and calls itself
a movie with a family of heroes.
It seems risky for the animation
giant of Pixar and Disney to super-
start and collaborate on a original
super-hero masterpiece. I'm not
going to lie, it ended up as a sweet
success and is not like the other 
previous Pixar bonuses. Bonus
points for Jason Lee in voicing as fan-boy turned-nemesis Syndrome. Might I say that Samuel L. Jackson also captures the essence of his portrayal of Frozone.

#6. Kung Fu Panda (2008):

Looking for a better DreamWorks
film, one that doesn't need
references to other films or edgy
humour to create the laughs.
KUNG FU PANDA is awesome
and lets the studio better cement
itself as one of the all time great
studios specialising in animation
film. Containing with an original
sense of laughter and amazing
well-made fighting sequences.
I feel KUNG FU PANDA has
never been unique and simplistic
since The Lion King, it delivered 
the fans a story which they had never seen. This feature made no attempt to replicate the work of its predecessor films by DreamWorks.

I don't care what some people
think about ATLANTIS: THE
, it was an action-
packed animation of a Disney film
without any singing or explosions.
In fact, it has the feel of a Jules
Verne classic and an Indiana Jones
adventure and was brought to life
by tremendous visuals and Mike
Mignola's design artwork that
were put together to make
ATLANTIS an exciting and
mystifying look of a cartoon
adventure flick with a sense of
being a cult classic in its own right. It's favoured in opinions by others than critics who gave mixed views about the whole picture.

#4. Batman: Mask of the Phantasm 
(1993): (Warner Bros)

While it isn't a spoiled cash-in by
Warner Bros which is how it got
flopped, BATMAN: MASK
just only
follows the lines of the story and
the complexity and it's eagerly an
animated action-oriented feature
that doesn't need any comic relief
except for its main villain The Joker
who is funny but menacingly evil.
Better with the maturity and the
sad-filled moments which withholds
the basic structure of the comic
book character's mythology, the
movie MASK OF THE PHANTASM is suitably fast-paced and better than Burton's or Schumacher's Batman flicks that even aficionados of the caped-crusader could be seeing it at homes despite having all the acclaim it had.

#3. How to Train Your Dragon 
(2010): (DreamWorks)

Taking the studio DreamWorks
into soaring heights with glossy
animation and the outrageous
breathtaking view of 3D is
is all about. For me
that I can say, TRAIN YOUR
, this film conveys the
theme of establishing trust
between two unlikely companions.
Conveniently this is DreamWorks
greatest treasure, well-appraised
higher than 'Kung Fu Panda'.
I haven't forgotten that it pleases
the crowd with a lot of extraordinary moments.

#2. WALL-E (2008): (Disney/Pixar)

WALL-E is one of the few
animated science-fiction movies
ever to succeed at the box
office, it is full of breath-taking
visual eye candy for the audience
and explores the romance between
the two main robots. Primarily, the
movie's first half is dialogue-free,
but it sends a message about the
environmental issues affecting
our planet when it is covered in
too much garbage. This is probably
the most sentimental movie of
which Pixar takes the cake as the
best of the computer-rendering
that the animation studio had done to date, definitely a mesmerising and unique piece of animation cinema which will have long lasting value.

#1. The Lion King (1994)

Truly an ultimate masterpiece
for Disney in the 90's animation
renaissance and the one that I
literally grew up with is THE
. While still
partially based on Shakespeare's
Hamlet, it has a dash of all the
right elements. This includes a
beautiful epic scenery, talented
vocals, heartfelt emotion and
memorable soundtrack is what
gives its dominance. It would have
being the second nominee for an
Academy Award for Best
Picture and there isn't a single classical-animated feature from Disney or any other studio in nowadays to top TLK. It's one of the studio's better flicks (alongside 'Atlantis') also appealing to adults, this 2D piece of artistic perfection will be remembered for generations to come.

Well, what do think of my top 10 list, what are your favourites. I would love to hear your feedback and hear what you think are the best 10 animated features of all time.


  1. You have some great picks here!

    The Incredibles is my Pixar film to date with Toy Story not far behind. I really enjoyed all of the references to superhero comics in the Incredibles.

    Mask of the Phantasm is desperately underrated and overlooked by far too many people, and I am glad to see it on your list. It is my favorite American animated film actually.

    How to Train Your Dragon is another one of my favorites. I really liked the fantasy setting and the characters. It is top 3 for me as well.

    I have not seen The Lion King recently enough to say much about it, but I did like it when I was younger.

    My favorite animated film is Princess Mononoke, as well as almost any Studio Ghibli film.


  2. Good then, I'm very disappointed you didn't mention WALL-E. It is also my favourite and it deserved to be in second place. I also think you are forgetting that The Simpsons is a hilarious animated show only on its 9 classic seasons. It's also better than watching today's episodes and the new Family Guy.