Thursday, 19 March 2015

Film Guru Lad's Top Movie Villains: Part 3

My apologies to you, it's been so long I've done part two of the best movie villains but finally, here it is and I would love to hear what you have to say about your favourite villains. If you missed the first two parts of this list, just go into these links of (part one) and (part two).

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#7. HAL 9000 (2001: A Space Odyssey)

Here's a different one that you
have not been expecting! HAL
9000 as his full name is the
benevolent artificial intelligent
machine which betrays the trust
of the humans and is perhaps
the first time, viewers have seen
a machine that turns evil. HAL
9000 is the precursor of those
machines who fall in well-
intentioned extremist territory.

HAL was built to monitor the spacecraft of Discovery One and its personnel. Over the course of the movie, he becomes very corrupt and he disagrees with those who give him orders to cancel a mission and this leads to a downward spiral of events. He begins to sabotage the spaceship in light of his own self-preservation and becomes a traitorous, operating system that seeks to take command over the humans who programmed him.

#6. Loki (Thor & The Avengers)

It's easy to feel sorry for Loki
because he always comes
second to his brother Thor who
is favoured by his adoptive
father over Loki himself. This
jealousy adds fuel to the fire
and causes him to have an
innate desire to rule as king,
overthrow his brother and win
his father's approval. Among
the atrocities, cunning and
power-hungry nature, Loki also
wipes out his own race The Frost Giants and manipulates Black Widow by giving her the information she needs just to start the heroes turning against each other. Fortunately, he meets his match when he comes against the great and powerful Hulk.

#5. Emperor Palpatine (Star Wars Trilogy)

If you think Darth Vader is
the only true big bad of
Star Wars, you know that
he only serves one man
Emperor Palpatine. Yes,
this evil Sith Lord is a
chess-master of villainy
and has done a lot of
monstrosity like misleading
everyone including Padme
to call off the Superme
Chancellor and to get
himself elected as the same leader, he then started the Clone Wars of playing both sides one another. He is responsible for turning young Anakin Skywalker into the evil and merciless Darth Vader and ordering the clone troopers to execute the Jedi except for a few. This master manipulating tyrant has started all the events of chain reaction that led to the birth of the Empire and the Jedi's near extinction. No one would stand up to him exclude for Vader's son Luke which he wants to turn him into the dark side.

#4. Agent Smith (The Matrix Trilogy)

While the first 'Matrix' film stands
out against the two sequels, you
know they had the same villain
who is menacing enough to look
like an Men in Black agent except
that he is a computer program that
looks like an agent and used to be.
Yes, that name would be Agent
Smith and this human-despising
rouge agent is now a virus bent
on absorbing the bodies of the
humans, other programs and his
former co-agents and changes
them into duplicates of himself.
His true purposes are never
revealed, it only hints that Smith is
not only plotting the destruction
of humanity, but to his creators
of the Matrix. While his confront-able nemesis Neo when revived almost puts him in deletion. In the end, he was returned back in the next instalments as the main antagonist and it probably makes him a more powerful and relentless foe.

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