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Top Movies In Need Of A Director's Cut

Not happy with the movies that the way, the scenes are removed and the damaging effects that this could have on the pacing of the movie, take 'Dune' for an example which its original version was compromised by the studio with poor scene editing and forced ending which is a real distraction and makes it difficult to be immersed into a fictional world. Now here are the top movies that were in my opinion, in need of an extended or a director's edition.

I know a fact that WATERWORLD was not one of the best movies of its time, it could have been a lot better but dear God, it had some flaws which firstly include, severe editing which leaves the plot in jeopardy especially towards the end and questions that were left unanswered such as the Smokers motivation for Dryland. These additional scenes could have come as important to the film and the development of the characters and I think due to this weakness, it had a difficult production which resulted from a few hurricanes and several actors/stunt doubles who were nearly dying from avoidable accidents.

It still leaves us begging for an uncut edition which would be only shown in television and not released as uncensored on a Region 4 format of Blu-ray and DVD.

Many years ago, I first saw THE LAND BEFORE TIME as a kid and I didn't notice it came from the talents of animator Don Bluth, filmmaker Steven Spielberg and Star Wars and Indiana Jones creator George Lucas. It came out two years after 'An American Tail' and outclassed Disney's 'Oliver and Company' at the box office proceedings during its opening weekend. 25 years later, people were still in love with this dinosaur hit except for its creator who is unhappy of how this film was being edited from 78 minutes to 69, one of his shortest to be precise.

Most footage deleted consists of the Tyrannosaurus Rex attack sequence which is reported to have Spielberg and Lucas worried that kids would be frightened of this scene and parents would complain. Other scenes were deleted to make the film less frightening and a quicker pace. To add insult to injury, Universal has neglected to release the final cut intended by Don Bluth or even have those in the bonus material of the DVD and the recent Blu-ray release. Let's just hope the film might get an uncut version or a better treatment in Blu-ray than it received in DVD.

I saw THE PHANTOM a long time ago and in hindsight, it wasn't as good as I remember it to be, probably due to the campiness, the brisk fast pace of the film and a lack of its romance. This has upset the film's producer Joe Dante who wasn't happy the final cut of the movie and disowned it. This combined with the adaptation's commercial failure at the box office, leads for it to be forgotten and obscure.

I heard about the scenes that were excluded in this feature, the romantic chemistry between The Phantom and his love interest Diana, action scenes like the Phantom wrestling a snake and a lion and the introduction would have been longer if it provided more emphasis on the title character to delve into its mystery. I am left to wonder if the inclusion of these scenes improve the film.

When Joel Schumacher made the third-instalment of the 'Batman' saga where Tim Burton has signed off, it was not quite as campy and colourful as 'Batman & Robin' but it could have been closer to the tone of the films that preceded it, while the tongue-in-cheek tone and gaudy colours can't be cut out of the released version, this film suffers from brutal editing and complete rearrangement from the structure of the original script.

The scenes that were deleted from BATMAN FOREVER are easily found in the DVD and Blu-ray extras, they could at least improve the movie by including them at the final cut. Especially, the subplot where Bruce Wayne loses his memory and encounters a giant bat. That would have been the vital part for the movie to be more similar to the darker tone of the first two films.

The reason that the movie adaptation of 'Avatar', no not that one (click here) but the other did fail to resonate the fans of its loyalty to the cartoon. What occurs to this hit is the post-production that was untimely rushed in schedule packed with re-shoots by the producers to make it more fast-paced and to have it in a bland 3D conversion just like the one you see out of 'Green Lantern'

When I watched the video how it is the film originally intended to be longer than 90 minutes and scenes that would have made into the final cut. Most of these are the important part of the story and character development that held true to the series splendour. If only M. Night Shyamalan would stuck with the source material and then THE LAST AIRBENDER would have restored his credibility as a decent director and this would spawn the movie franchise with two sequels in the planning stage.

#1. Dune (David Lynch)

When filming was finished in DUNE and because David Lynch didn't have the proper final cut of the film, he was pressured into making a two-hour theatrical cut of his interpretation with new scenes in it to be shot and for his magnum opus to be severely butchered to 137 minutes. Upon its release, it met its dismal run at the box office and was widely ridiculed as a less faithful screen adaptation of Frank Herbert's acclaimed sci-fi novel series. 

Throughout several years later till 1988, when an extended version was first shown on television but it just went ahead by the studio with their own initiative, regardless the director's wishes that Lynch himself made a stand and refused to have his name labelled on the credits of the movie and it is for this reason that they had to create a fictional director name of Alan Smithee.

The damage resulting to this potentially great film was due to poor pacing and incomprehensible plotting which renders the movie as almost unbearable. Though many years have been long since gone and DUNE has yet to receive a director's cut edition since momentarily it had a huge following on the internet and there is still a possibility if Lynch is to be involved.

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