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Zoolander/Zoolander 2 Review

Zoolander/Zoolander 2

Release Date: 1st November 2001 - Australia
                      11th February 2016 - Australia
                      (Zoolander 2)

Production Companies
Paramount Pictures (present)
Village Roadshow Pictures (present) (Zoolander Only)
VH1 Films (in association with) (Zoolander Only)
NPV Entertainment (in association with) (Zoolander Only)
Red Hour Films
Scott Rubin Productions

Roadshow Distribution (Zoolander Only)
Paramount Pictures Australia (Zoolander 2 Only)

Genre: Comedy

Rating: M

Runtime: 96 minutes
               102 minutes
               (Zoolander 2)

Budget: $28,000,000
             (Zoolander 2)

Box Office Gross: $60,780,981 (Worldwide) (Zoolander)
$56,722,693 (Worldwide)
(Zoolander 2)

Plot Summaries

Zoolander is the most 
beautiful creature in the 
world and nearly as good 
looking as he thinks he is... 

With the face of an angel, 
the looks of a God and 
the brain of a single cell 
amoeba, Zoolander is the 
most famous face in the 
world; winning the 'Male 
Model of the Year' award 
3 years running. And he 
knows he's shoo-in this 
year. But a hot new 
contender has just hit 
the catwalks- Hansel. 
One name, no brain.

Now this pair of vain, 
vacuous airheads are 
about to contend fashion 
world's most catty 
contest- the 'catwalk-off'. 
Someone is going to get 
his hair messed up! But 
before the gel has time 
to set, a crazed fashion 
designer hatches a plot 
to brainwash Zoolander 
into committing a crime 
more heinous than bad 
fashion sense.

Once the world's most 
famous models, Derek 
Zoolander and Hansel 
are old news - in fact, 
they're the source of 
amusement. The hottest 
supermodel on the circuit 
now is an androgynous-
looking model who goes 
by the name of All. 

They're disheartened, but 
that changes when they're 
contacted by Interpol 
agent Montana Grosso. 
She wants to recruit Derek 
and Hansel to help her 
find the criminal mastermind 
who is killing the world's 
most beautiful people, 
including Justin Bieber, 
Demi Lovato, Usher and 
Miley Cyrus. They all died 
with Derek's signature 
look - Blue Steel - on their 

The male models are thrilled 
to be asked to infiltrate the 
world of high fashion, but 
Montana comes to question 
her decision when she sees 
their methods.

Ben Stiller - Derek Zoolander
Owen Wilson - Hansel
Will Ferrell - Mugatu
Christine Taylor - Matilda Jeffries
Milla Jovovich - Katinka
Jerry Stiller - Maury Ballstein
Nathan Lee Graham - Todd
Billy Zane - Himself (Cameo)
Tommy Hilfiger - Himself (Cameo)
Lenny Kravitz - Himself (Cameo)
Justin Theroux - Evil DJ

Zoolander Only
David Duchovny - J. P. Prewitt
Jon Voight - Larry Zoolander
Judah Friedlander - Scrappy Zoolander
Alexander Manning - Brint
Asio Highsmith - Rufus
Alexander Skarsgård - Meekus
Donald Trump - Himself (Cameo)
Christian Slater - Himself (Cameo)
Tom Ford - Himself (Cameo)
Cuba Gooding Jr. - Himself (Cameo)
Steve Kmetko - Himself (Cameo)
Natalie Portman - Herself (Cameo)
Fabio - Himself (Cameo)
Gwen Stefani - Herself (Cameo)
Heidi Klum - Herself (Cameo)
DJ Mark Ronson - Himself (Cameo)
Paris Hilton - Herself (Cameo)
David Bowie - Himself (Cameo)
Tyson Beckford - Himself (Cameo)
Fred Durst - Himself (Cameo)
Lance Bass - Himself (Cameo)
L'il Kim - Herself (Cameo)
Garry Shandling - Himself (Cameo)
Stephen Doriff - Himself (Cameo) (Uncredited)
Sandra Bernhard - Herself (Cameo) (Uncredited)
Victoria Beckham - Herself (Cameo) (Uncredited)
Emma Bunton - Herself (Cameo) (Uncredited)
Veronica Webb - Herself (Cameo)
Lukas Haas - Himself (Cameo)
Carmen Kass - Herself (Cameo)
Frankie Ryder - Herself (Cameo)
Little Kings - Themselves (Cameo)
Matt Levin - Archie
Andy Dick - Olga the Masseuse
Woodrow Asai - Prime Minister of Malaysia
James Marsden - John Wilkes Booth (Cameo)
Vince Vaughn - Larry Zoolander (Cameo)

Zoolander 2 Only
Penélope Cruz - Melanie
Kristen Wiig - Alexanya Atoz
Cyrus Arnold - Derek Jr.
Kyle Mooney - Don Atari
Beck Bennett - Geoff Mile
John Malkovich - Skip Taylor (Cameo)
Justin Bieber - Himself (Cameo)
Sting - Himself (Cameo)
Benedict Cumberbatch - All
Susan Boyle - Herself (Cameo)
Katy Perry - Herself (Cameo)
Neil deGrasse Tyson - Himself (Cameo)
Susan Sarandon - Herself (Cameo)
Joe Jonas - Himself (Cameo)
Macaulay Culkin - Himself (Cameo)
Demi Lovato - Herself (Cameo)
Kiefer Sutherland - Himself (Cameo)
Matt Lauer - Himself (Cameo)
Anna Wintour - Herself (Cameo)
Katie Couric - Herself (Cameo)
Lewis Hamilton - Himself (Cameo)
Natalie Morales - Herself (Cameo)
M.C. Hammer - Himself (Cameo)
Skrillex - Himself (Cameo)
Christine Amanpour - Herself (Cameo)
Valentino Garavani - Himself (Cameo)
Marc Jacobs - Himself (Cameo)
Don Lemon - Himself (Cameo)
Alexander Wang - Himself (Cameo)
Jourdan Dunn - Herself (Cameo)

Crew (*/**)
Based on Characters (**)/Story/
Screenplay/Producer/Director - Ben Stiller
Based on Characters (**)/Story/Screenplay (*) -
Drake Sather
Screenplay - John Hamburg, Justin Theroux (**)
and Nicolas Stoller (**)
Executive Producers - Joel Gallen,
Adam Schroeber and Lauren Zalaznick
Producers - Scott Rudin, Stuart Cornfeld 
and Clayton Towsend (**)
Co-Producer/Unit Production Manager -
Celia Costas (*)
Production Designers - Robin Standefer (*)
and Jeff Mann (**)
Costume Designers - David C. Robinson (*)
and Leesa Evans (**)
Directors of Photography - Barry Peterson (*)
and Dan Mindel (**)
Editor - Greg Hayden
Music Supervisors - Randall Poster (*)
and George Drakoulias
Music - David Arnold (*) and Theodore Shapiro (**)

This is the second time I've reviewed two features in a single post, I was hoping to see KUNG FU PANDA 3 at the movies when I ended up watching ZOOLANDER 2 instead. It's time to shine the spotlight on ZOOLANDER 1 and 2 in a double feature critique as the two movies were a product of genius by comedic actor Ben Stiller. He not only acted as the title character but wrote, produced and directed the movies which I've ranked them below in order.

In the first ZOOLANDER, it wasn't painful or anything like that at all, but the picture was a stylish showcase for Ben Stiller in his handling of pure laughter. He has the character portrayed as an endless parody to all male models who would trade their intelligence for their own good looks. I liked how Stiller got all the aspects in the satire movie apart from the title character he's portrayed. This includes the humour, the cast and even the celebrities who have guested on this picture. Owen Wilson, his real-to-life wife Christine Taylor and his real-to-life father Jerry Stiller are among some of its actors in its glorious ensemble cast. The one actor that may be worth mentioning is Will Ferrell who acts deliciously as the highly flamboyant and evil Mugatu who may be both as silly and evil in trying to upstage Mike Myers' Dr. Evil in the Austin Powers series.

Some of the celebrity guest stars that are featured include the late David Bowie, Billy Zane, the infamous Donald Trump and others whose credentials have been boosted on this brand comedy. Finally, the part of ZOOLANDER that I've liked in its well-processed amusement is the fight at the gas station which ends in a explosive finale that is to say that it's a highly unforgettable scene.

I think the original ZOOLANDER has taken the stylish satire to great heights. It was wonderful for me to have seen it at home. Buy it, rent it or see it however you can, this movie is highly recommendable to all audiences.

Star rating: (9/10) Excellent Movie 

It's been fifteen years since ZOOLANDER is built to have the largest appeal to a comedy for all the adults. I have grown very sceptic about 2016's sequel to the amazing cult classic. Many of us are expecting that it could be one of the less-fortunate sequels. Maybe the prediction about it came true after all and though the trailer was a huge stand-out. Mainly because of the part where Justin Bieber is killed in having the crowd (excluding fans) cheer for his fictional demise. Sadly, it wasn't enough that ZOOLANDER 2 has the gags that were mostly recycled from the original in a cheap fashion. There were a few jokes that were funny or at least some weren't there at all or were offensive and sad to begin with. The film relied too heavily on celebrity cameos that featured Sting, Susan Boyle, Kiefer Sutherland and many other talents. 

It is good that we've got Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson and Will Ferrell returning as some of the original characters conceived from the original ZOOLANDER. These two were back as the eponymous model hero and his rival turned companion in their idiocy, while Ferrell again plays as the twisted and comical mastermind of evil. These middle-aged actors have done all they can to revisit the glorious moments but they couldn't rescue of what is missing in this whole unstylish sequel. Even with the new actors like Penélope Cruz and Kristen Wiig are a huge waste of talent to Stiller's weak script and woeful direction of the sequel. 

All things being said, I would watch ZOOLANDER 1 again instead of re-watching the second installment. People should stay away from this bloated attempt of a sequel.

Star rating: (4/10) Below Average

Monday, 22 February 2016

War of the Worlds (2005) Review

War of the Worlds

Release Date: 29th June 2005 - Australia

Production Companies
Paramount Pictures
DreamWorks Pictures 
Amblin Entertainment
Cruise/Wagner Productions

Paramount Pictures Australia 

Genre: Sci-Fi

Rating: M

Runtime: 116 minutes

Budget: $132,000,000

Box Office Gross: $591,745,540

Plot Summary 
Ray Ferrier is a dockworker 
living in New Jersey, 
divorced from his first 
wife Mary Ann and 
estranged from his two 
children Rachel and 
Robbie, of whom he has 
custody on weekends. 
On one such visitation, 
looking after the kids 
becomes a little more 
difficult when, after a 
series of strange lighting 
storms hit his neighbour-
hood, Ray discovers 
that a fleet of death-ray 
robotic spaceships have 
emerged nearby, part 
of the first wave of an 
all-out alien invasion of 
the Earth. Transporting 
his children from New 
York to Boston in an 
attempt to find safety 
at Mary Ann's parents' 
house, Ray must learn 
to become the protector 
and provider he never 
was in marriage.

Tom Cruise - Ray Ferrier
Dakota Fanning - Rachel Ferrier
Miranda Otto - Mary Ann
Justin Chatwin - Robbie 
Tim Robbins - Harlan Oglivy
Yul Vazquez - Julio
Lenny Venito - Manny the Mechanic
Ann Robinson - Grandmother
Gene Barry - Grandfather
David Alan Basche - Tim
Morgan Freeman - Narrator

Director - Steven Spielberg 
Based on Novel "The War of 
the Worlds" - H.G. Wells
Screenplay - Josh Friedman 
and David Koepp
Executive Producers - Damian Collier and Paula Wagner
Producers - Kathleen Kennedy and Colin Wilson
Production Designer - Rick Carter
Costume Designer - Joanna Johnston
Cinematography - Janusz Kaminski
Special Effects Supervisors - David Blitstein and Gintar Repecka
Special Effects Coordinator - Daniel Sudick
Senior Visual Effects Supervisor - Dennis Muren
Visual Effects Supervisor - Ricardo Ramos
Visual Effects Supervisor: ILM - Pablo Helman
Additional Visual Effects Supervisors - Edward Hirsh and Kim Liberi
Creature Designer: ILM - Ryan Church
Animation Supervisor: ILM - Randy Dutra
Film Editor - Michael Kahn
Music - John Williams


2006 Academy Awards

Best Sound Mixing - Andy Nelson, Anna Behlmer
and Ron Judkins (Nominated)
Best Sound Editing - Richard King (Nominated)
Best Visual Effects - Dennis Muren, Pablo Helman,
Randy Dutra and Daniel Sudick (Nominated)

If anyone thought of a movie that was based on a novel by the original master of science-fiction H.G. Wells, most people would choose THE WAR OF THE WORLDS, a story so compelling that it was adapted into two films in the far superior 1953 classic and the modern 2005 remake. Before this new interpretation, I had already seen the original and one observation I would note is the vast difference with its special effects which have gotten so dated since CGI wasn't invented until the late 70s. In the version that is directed by Steven Spielberg who was known to have produced Hollywood's cinematic treasures, it probably wasn't his best movie to begin with. He did a good job in delivering the suspense and drama that makes CLOSE ENCOUNTERS and E.T. (click here) look dark in comparison. The film is nowhere as unique when it reaches to the rushed ending that comes with a bad reveal that rivals the cheap twist scene out of SIGNS by M. Night Shyamalan. 

The lead and supporting actors that have followed through Spielberg's rustic direction aside from Morgan Freeman's narration is young Dakota Fanning, Tim Robbins and Tom Cruise who have been forced to limit their creativity in their cast roles very too seriously. Dakota was a bright young child star and while she did good, she needs to do less screaming as it becomes annoying in repetitive scenes. Tom Cruise never went cruise control and he was  one of the main actor swho could fit right into this remake in the lead role as a divorcee. The visuals were extraordinary in this movie and were more than to just set the scene in being massively produced.

It was never the best remake nor does it quite catch the suspension of disbelief seen on the original interpretation. It's probably best that I re-watch the 50s classic than to rediscover the horrors of this average movie.

Star rating: (5/10) Average

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Review

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets 

Release Date: 28th November 2002 - Australia

Production Companies 
Warner Bros. Pictures 
1492 Pictures 
Heyday Films

Roadshow Distribution 

Genre: Fantasy

Rating: PG

Runtime: 155 minutes

Budget: $100,000,000

Box Office Gross: $878,979,634

Plot Summary
Cars fly, trees fight back 
and a mysterious house 
elf comes to warn Harry 
Potter at the start of the 
second year of his 
amazing journey into the 
world of wizardry. This 
year at Hogwarts, spiders 
talk, letters scold and 
Harry's own unsettling 
ability to speak to snakes 
turns his friends against 
him. From Dueling Clubs 
to rogue Bludgers, it's 
a year of adventure and 
danger when bloody 
writing on the wall 
announces: The Chamber 
of Secrets has been opened.

To save Hogwarts will 
require all of Harry, Ron 
and Hermione's magical 
abilities and courage in 
this spellbinding adaptation 
of J.K. Rowling's second 

Daniel Radcliffe - Harry Potter
Emma Watson - Hermione Granger
Rupert Grint - Ron Weasley
Robbie Coltrane - Ruebus Hagrid
Richard Harris - Albus Dumbledore
Maggie Smith - Minerva McGonnagall
Alan Rickman - Severus Snape
Kenneth Branagh - Gilderoy Lockhart
Toby Jones - Dobby (Voice)
Tom Felton - Draco Malfoy
Jason Isaacs - Lucius Malfoy
Richard Griffiths - Vernon Dursley
Fiona Shaw - Petunia Dursley 
Harry Melling - Dudley Dursley
Warwick Davis - Filius Fitwick
David Bradley - Argus Filch
Miriam Margoyles - Prof. Ponoma Sprout
Matthew Lewis - Neville Longbottom
John Cleese - Nearly Headless Nick
Leslie Phillips - The Sorting Hat (voice)
Mark Williams - Arthur Weasley
Julie Walters - Molly Weasley
Bonnie Wright - Ginny Weasley
James & Oliver Phelps - Fred and George Weasley
Chris Rankin - Percy Weasley
Sean Biggerstaff - Oliver Wood
Devon Murray - Seamus Finnigan 
Hugh Mitchell - Colin Creevey
Jamie Waylett - Vincent Crabbe
Joshua Herdman - Gregory Goyle
Julian Glover - Aragog (Voice)
Christina Coulson - Tom Riddle
Shirley Henderson - Moaning Myrtle 
Gemma Jones - Madam Pomfrey
Robert Hardy - Cornelius Fudge
Adrian Rawlins - James Potter (uncredited)
Geraldine Somerville - Lily Potter (uncredited)

Executive Producer/Director - Chris Columbus 
Based on Book "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets" - J.K. Rowling
Screenplay - Steve Kloves
Executive Producers - Mark
Radcliffe, Michael Baratheon and David Barron
Producer - David Heyman
Production Designer - Stuart Craig
Costume Designer - Lindy Hemming
Director of Photography - Roger Pratt
Creature/Special Make-Up 
Effects Designer - Nick 
Special Effects Supervisor - 
John Richardson
Visual Effects Supervisors - Jim Mitchell and Nick Davis
Visual Effects Supervisor: ILM - Bill George
Film Editor - Peter Honess
Music - John Williams
Music Adapter and Conductor - William Ross

It's been years since I've seen a HARRY POTTER film and decided to revisit THE CHAMBER OF SECRETS. I was shocked to hear of Alan Rickman's passing and because I was so busy with the other critiques, I have had little time to think about re-watching his films. That was before I decided to continue the series of sorcery and magic in watching the second instalment of HARRY POTTER. While it's not by all means perfect, the first of the sequels supplements a dark tone that is yet to revitalise the movie franchise from which it was based on J.K. Rowling's fascinating novels. That is not to say it was a disappointment but more clearly aimed at a younger audience. As the sequels progress, it took more of a mature and dramatic approach as the characters got older and due to different directors.

This film was the last film of the series for both director Chris Columbus and the late actor Richard Harris as Dumbledore as Chris would soon leave the director's chair and Richard ended up passing away. There are a few clues in THE CHAMBER OF THE SECRETS that will be explored in the coming movies. 

I admit, one of my pleasures of the movie was that Kenneth Branagh is an exceptional casting choice for Gilderoy Lockhart. Jason Issacs was indeed perfect for Lucius Malfoy. While John Williams didn't actually conduct the music for the second movie which is a fun fact, he succeeds well to bring out more of the tension in the background music that he has written for THE CHAMBER OF THE SECRETS.

I wanted to love this film because it was on par with the last one that I previously examined. I certainly had my hopes up when watching this film, I feel that I had high expectations based on the first installment and unfortunately, it didn't quite meet those expectations. Still, it is been an unforgettable movie with a solid plot and acting and splendid direction. If haven't seen this movie and you enjoy a good family fantasy adventure, you should watch it.

Star rating: (8/10) Very Good Movie

Monday, 8 February 2016

Twister Review


Release Date: 30th May 1996 - Australia 

Production Companies 
Universal Pictures (present)
Warner Bros. Pictures (present)
Amblin Entertainment 

Universal Pictures Australia 

Genre: Action

Rating: PG

Runtime: 108 minutes 

Budget: $92,000,000

Box Office Gross: $494,471,524 

Plot Summary
TV weatherman Bill Harding 
is trying to get his tornado-
hunter wife, Jo, to sign the 
divorce papers so he can 
marry his girlfriend Melissa. 
But Mother Nature, in the 
form of a series of intense 
storms sweeping across 
Oklahoma, has other plans. 
Soon the three have joined 
a team of stormchasers as 
they attempt to insert a 
revolutionary measuring 
device into the very heart 
of several extremely violent 

Helen Hunt - Dr. Jo Harding
Bill Paxton - Bill Harding
Jami Gertz - Dr. Melissa Reeves
Cary Elwes - Dr. Jonas Miller
Phillip Seymour Hoffman - Dustin Davis
Lois Smith - Meg Greene
Alan Nurrick - Robert 'Rabbit'
Sean Whalen - Allan Sanders
Scott Thomson - Jason
'Preacher' Rowe
Todd Field - Tim 'Beltzer' Lewis
Joey Slotnick - Joey
Wendle Josphener - Haynes
Jeremy Davies - Laurence
Zach Greiner - Eddie
Gregory Sporleder - Willie
Alexa Vega - Young Jo
Richard Lineback - Mr. Thornton
Rusty Schwimmer - Mrs. Thornton

Director - Jan De Bont
Writer/Producer - Michael Crichton 
Writers - Anne Marie Martin and
Joss Whedon (Uncredited)
Executive Producers - Steven 
Spielberg, Walter Parkes,
Laurie MacDonald and Gerald R. Molen
Producers - Kathleen Kennedy
and Ian Bryce
Production Designer - Joseph Nemec III
Director of Photography - Jack N. Green
Special Effects Supervisor - John Fraizer
Visual Effects Supervisor - Stefan Fangmeier
Digital Tornado Designers - Habib Zargarpour 
and Henry LaBounta
Film Editor - Michael Kahn
Music - Mark Mancina


1997 Academy Awards
Best Sound - Steve Maslow, Gregg Landaker, 
Kevin O'Connell and Geoffrey Patterson (Nominated)
Best Visual Effects - Stefen Fangmeier, John Fraizer, 
Habib Zargarpour and Henry LaBounta (Nominated)

Since the early 1980s, disaster films were slow to become popular with fans as a result of a few unsuccessful disaster movies (save for the comical spoof AIRPLANE or was known internationally as FLYING HIGH) that they have been greatly let down by disappointing box office takings. Even before release, these films were destined for failure due to bad script-writing, stale acting and some low quality visuals. The subgenre experienced its resurgence in the year of 1996 with two movies that would soon revitalise the trend, films such as TWISTER and INDEPENDENCE DAY (click here) which were lauded for innovative special effects. Reviewers complained about the plotting and character development. This could not stop the moviegoers from seeing the modern classics in theatres and both films went on to make big money. 

After director Jan De Bont became highly successful for his hit blockbuster SPEED (click here), he had partnered with author Michael Critchton of JURASSIC PARK fame and Hollywood legend Steven Spielberg to co-develop TWISTER as his next film. Some people might say the film was written by chimpanzees, in my opinion however, I feel the minor faults in this film can be tolerated due to all the other strengths the movie has which by far outnumber the weaknesses. Bill Paxton and Helen Hunt portrayed the storm chaser couple who would soon be divorced and the late Phillip Seymour Hoffman was in a great supporting role and amused audiences with his upbeat energy and cheeky humour.

It's been years since I watched this film and I don't mind TWISTER and enjoyed re-watching it. TWISTER is by no means a landmark film however, it is certainly not a disappointment as some negative reviewers claim. 

Star rating: (7/10) Good Movie

Monday, 1 February 2016

The 5th Wave Review

The 5th Wave

Release Date: 14th January 2016 - Australia

Production Companies
Columbia Pictures
Living Films
GK Films
Material Pictures
L Star Capital

Sony Pictures Australia 

Genre: Sci-Fi

Rating: M

Runtime: 112 minutes

Budget: $38,000,000

Box Office Gross: $109,906,372

Plot Summary
After four waves of
deadly attacks devastate
most of Earth, Cassie,
16, goes on the run to
find her younger brother
and prepare for the fifth
and final wave, in which
there is little hope for

She comes across a
young man who may be
able to help, but she's not
sure she can trust him.

Chloë Grace Moretz - Cassie Sullivan
Nick Robinson - Ben Parish/Zombie
Alex Roe - Evan Walker
Gabriela Lopez - Lizbeth
Bailey Anne Borders - Julia 
Liev Schrieber - Col. Vosch
Zackary Arthur - Sammy Sullivan
Ron Livingston - Oliver Sullivan
Maggie Siff - Lisa Sullivan 
Maria Bello - Sgt. Reznik
Maika Monroe - Ringer
Tony Revolori - Dumbo
Talitha Bateman - Teacup
Parker Wierling - Jeremy

Director - J. Blakeson
Based on Novel "The Fifth Wave" - Rick Yancey
Screenplay - Susannah Grant, Akiva Goldsman and Jeff Pinkner
Executive Producer - Richard Middleton
Producers - Tobey Maguire, Tim Headington, Graham King and Matthew Plouffe
Production Designer - Jon Billington
Cinematography - Enrique Chediak
Costume Designer - Sharen Davis
Visual Effects Supervisors -
Darren Poe and Scott Stokdyk
Film Editor - Paul Rubell
Music - Henry Jackman

Before THE 5TH WAVE made its initial release, I looked at the trailer that was heavily advertised on YouTube and became sceptical of this new movie when I heard it was actually a movie adaptation of the book that is meant for young adults who were probably into young adult fiction. Targeted at audiences who were fans of the book and stuff like HUNGER GAMES and MAZE RUNNER, I'm less enthusiastic of how the interpretation was oversaturated with exposition and dull teen romance. I was more expecting a film about survival or an alien invasion like INDEPENDENCE DAY (click here) but THE 5TH WAVE is more like a paranoid thriller in the vein of INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS just unfortunately it's not very thrilling, devoid of action and devoid of aliens... I'd rather watch 2005's WAR OF THE WORLDS to death over this.

The movie's only redeeming aspect is the acting with Chloë Grace Moretz and Liev Schrieber making the best of what little there is to work with.

I don't think THE 5TH WAVE will succeed in its own merit, geared entirely to set up a sequel it squanders it's potential. I guess that I'll regret watching the movie and I wouldn't watch it again.

Star rating: (4/10) Below Average