Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Ghostbusters Review


Release Date: 15th November 1984 - Australia

Production Companies
Columbia Pictures 

Sony Pictures Australia

Genre: Comedy

Rating: PG

Runtime: 101 minutes

Budget: $30,000,000

Box Office Gross: $291,632,124

Plot Summary
When the University 
downsizes the para-
psychology, Doctors 
Venkman, Stantz and 
Spengler make the leap
from scientists to
investigators and 
exterminators of 
paranormal pests! When 
the bewitching Diana 
Barrett discovers her 
refrigerator has become 
a portal into the spiritual 
dimension, our heroes 
come face to face with 
an ancient evil force with 
plans to raise hell in 

Bill Murray - Dr. Peter Venkman
Dan Aykroyd - Dr. Raymond Stantz
Harold Ramis - Dr. Egon Spengler
Ernie Hudson - Winston Zeddmore
Sigourney Weaver - Diana 
Rick Moranis - Louis Tully
Annie Potts - Janine Melintz
Slavitza Jovan - Gozer
Paddi Edwards - Gozer (Voice)
Ivan Reitman - Zuul/Slimer (Voice)

Producer/Director - Ivan Reitman
Writers - Dan Akyroyd, 
Harold Ramis and Rick 
Moranis (Uncredited)
Production Designer - John 
Costume Designers - Theoni 
V. Alderage and Suzy Benzinger (Uncredited)
Director of Photography - 
László Kovács
Special Effects Supervisor - Chuck Gasper
Visual Effects - Richard Edlund
Film Editors - David E. Blewitt 
and Sheldon Kahn
Music - Elmer Bernstein


1985 Academy Awards
Best Visual Effects - Richard Edlund, John Bruno, 
Mark Vargo and Chuck Gaspar (Nominated)
Best Music, Original Song "Ghostbusters" - 
Ray Parker Jr. (Nominated)

G'day, filmgoers, here's a review of a scary-themed movie which believe it or not is a supernatural-comedy. Who you're gonna call... why it's GHOSTBUSTERS and its great that you're off watching a movie about chasing ghosts than seeing horrifying flicks in your home theatre. Like old great and historic comedies, mostly the condensed humour has aged timelessly enough to the older viewers. Few of the jokes had become increasingly dated and as a child, I didn't laugh all the way through the movie. 

The original cast of Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis were all marvellously and famously comedic enough getting the publicity and in the rest, other lead-stars Rick Moranis and Sigourney Weaver undermines their terrific stand-out roles and both characters get tangled in superstitious events. It's so grateful that the effects were mostly a moment of achievement to this film, but in obvious ways, the stop-motion animation has just now became outdated.

I seriously doubted that GHOSTBUSTERS and though I cared enough of not been a big fan like my brother. This is what I call it a good feature to watch with at least some scariest parts.

Star rating: (4/5) Good Movie

Monday, 28 October 2013

Godzilla (1998) Review


Release Date: 11th June 1998 - Australia

Production Companies
TriStar Pictures
Toho Film Co. Ltd
Fried Films
Centropolis Film Productions
Independent Pictures

Sony Pictures Australia

Genre: Sci-Fi

Rating: PG

Runtime: 139 minutes

Budget: $130,000,000

Box Office Gross: $379,014,294

Plot Summary
Following the French 
atomic bomb tests in 
the South Pacific, an 
unknown creature 
is spotted passing-
westward through the 
Panama Canal. 
Scientist Niko 
Tatopolous is called 
in to investigate the 
matter, and he quickly 
arrives at the conclusion 
that a giant, irradiated 
lizard has been created 
by the explosions. 
Godzilla(r) then makes 
its way north, landing 
at Manhattan to begin 
wreaking havoc in the 
big city. Even with the 
combined forces of the 
U.S. military to fight 
the monster, will it be 
enough to save the 
people of New York?

Matthew Broderick - Dr. Niko
"Nick" Tatopoulos
Jean Reno - Philippe Roache
Maria Pitillo - Audrey Timmonds
Hank Azaria - Victor "Animal"
Kevin Dunn - Colonel Hicks
Michael Lerner - Mayor Ebert
Harry Shearer - Charles Caiman
Frank Welker - Godzilla (Voice)
Arabella Field - Lucy Palotti
Vicki Lewis - Dr. Elsie Chapman
Doug Savant - Sergeant O'Neal
Malcolm Danare - Dr. Mendel Craven

Story/Screenplay/Executive Producer/
Director - Roland Emmerich
Story/Screenplay/Producer - Dean Devlin
Original Story - Ted Elliott and
Terry Rossio
Co-Producers - Kelly Van Horn and
Peter Winther
Production Designer - Oliver Scholl
Cinematography - Ueli Steiger
Godzilla Designer and Supervisor -
Patrick Tatopoulos
Visual Effects Supervisor - Volker Engel
Film Editors - Peter Amundson and
David Siegel
Music - David Arnold and Michael Lloyd

I never watched any of the classic and old Godzilla movies except this one. Roland Emmerich's version is not just bad and more to say, it's therefore at its lowest acclaim of a movie that cleverly has to have it checked. Sure the design of the monster is in particular of interest, but the rest of the feature taking off Spielberg's two movies of JURASSIC PARK (click here) and THE LOST WORLD (click here) is not a joke. Badly-written humour and some choice of actors like Matthew Broderick and Hank Azaria being miscast aren't the only ones that weaken the film. The moments of the movie are simply nauseous and makes you want to get out of your head. Jean Reno seems to be the only actor to be accurate to play a French general and also probably he's the only one in this unspectacular dud.

Used to see the feature a long while back in the ages, for now GODZILLA is just an atrocious and mindless abomination that isn't wanted by anybody. So much in disappointment of director did not use the old movies faithful material to make the 1998 interpretation. Now remember, don't see this one at home or your own mates and just wait for the reboot till' it comes out next year.

Star rating: (2/5) Bad Movie

Monday, 21 October 2013

Fast & Furious 6 Review (Updated)

Fast & Furious 6

Release Date: 6th June 2013 - Australia

Production Companies
Universal Pictures
Relativity Media (in association with)
Original Film
One Race Productions
Dentsu (presented in association with)

Universal Pictures Australia

Genre: Action

Rating: M

Runtime: 130 minutes

Budget: $160,000,000

Box Office Gross: $788.679,850

Plot Summary
Since Dom and Brian's 
Rio heist toppled a 
kingpin's empire and 
left their crew with $100 
million, our heroes have 
scattered across the 
globe. But their inability 
to return home and 
living forever on the 
lam have left their lives 
incomplete. Meanwhile, 
Hobbs has been tracking 
an organization of lethally 
skilled mercenary drivers 
across 12 countries, 
whose mastermind is 
aided by a ruthless 
revealed to be the love 
Dom thought was dead, 
Letty. The only way to 
stop the criminal outfit is 
to outmatch them at 
street level, so Hobbs 
asks Dom to assemble 
his elite team in London. 
Payment? Full pardons 
for all of them so they 
can return home and 
make their families whole 

Vin Diesel - Dominic Toretto
Paul Walker - Brian O'Conner
Dwayne Johnson - Luke Hobbs
Michelle Rodriguez - Leticia
"Letty" Ortiz
Jordana Brewster - Mia Toretto
Tyrese Gibson - Roman Pearce
Chris 'Ludacris' Bridges - Tej
Sung Kang - Han Seoul-Oh
Luke Evans - Owen Shaw
Gina Carano - Riley Hicks
John Ortiz - Arturo Braga
Gal Gadot - Gishele Yashar
Shea Whigham - Agent Stasiak
Elsa Pataky - Elena Neves
Kim Kold - Klaus
Joe Taslim - Jah
Clara Paget - Vegh

Director - Justin Lin
Based on Characters - Gary Scott Thompson
Writer - Chris Morgan
Producers - Vin Diesel, Neal H. Moritz and
Clayton Towsend 
Production Designer - Jan Roelfs
Costume Designers - Sanja Milkovic Hays
and Craciunica Roberto
Cinematography - Stephen F. Windon 
Supervising Stunt Coordinator - Greg Powell
Stunt Coordinator - Troy Robinson
Fight Choreographer - Oliver Schneider 
Visual Effects Supervisors -  Eric D. Christensen,
Kelvin McIlwain, Sean Stranks and
David Vickery 
Film Editors - Greg D'Auria, Leigh Folsom Boyd, 
Dylan Highsmith, Kelly Matsumoto and 
Christian Wagner 
Music - Lucas Vidal

With every new installment, these films just get bigger, badder and faster. This is definitely the case with FAST & FURIOUS 6. Here, I've finally done a critique to the latest movie of the F&F series, mixture of stunts, car chases and action have never been so spectacular as it has in this enjoyable film. I note that specifically, the whole plot is encapsulating and the climax is tense and waywardly brilliant. This movie cements itself as a contender for possibly the greatest link of THE FAST & THE FURIOUS saga and there are a few missteps out of all the six movies, this has grossed the most dollars of the franchise to date. The return of Dwayne Johnson has helped to revitalise the series once again with an even tougher crew; he is now officially part of the team of superstars that made this fuel-injected spectacle what it is. There is the added surprise of Michelle Rodriguez back as the tough female character from the first and fourth originals and Luke Evans spectacularly portrays an interesting foe with a malicious mind with wicked intentions.

Unlike the predecessor of the sequel FAST & FURIOUS 5 (click here), this isn't about heist plotting, rather, the film was more about a cat and mouse chase between the villain and the heroes and race against time in all odds. The sixth instalment is a mother-load of fun and tense action and this is another best movie of 2013 and this in my opinion was the second best of F&F PERIOD!

Star rating: (5/5) Best Movie Ever

Monday, 14 October 2013

Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome Review

Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome

Release Date: 8th August 1985 - Australia

Production Companies
Kennedy Miller Productions

Genre: Sci-Fi/Action

Rating: M

Runtime: 102 minutes

Budget: $12,000,000

Box Office Gross: $40,503,021

Plot Summary
Robbed of his possessions 
whilst travelling through 
the Australian outback, 
Max manages to stumble 
upon Bartertown, a trading 
post for all manner of 
criminals and governed 
by Aunt Entity and Master 
Blaster. He is forced to 
fight on behalf of Aunt 
Entity in order that she 
gain complete control of 
the town, but he is thrown 
back out into the desert 
when the fight is over. He 
then stumbles upon a 
group of orphans, the 
only survivors of a plane 
crash during the nuclear 
war and with their help 
he returns to Bartertown.

Mel Gibson - Mad Max
Tina Turner - Aunty Entity
Frank Thring - The Collector
Bruce Spence - Jebediah the Pilot
Adam Cockburn Jr. - Jebediah Jr.
Angelo Rossitto - Master
Paul Larrson - Blaster
Angry Anderson - Ironbar
Robert Grubb - Pig Killer
Helen Buday - Savannah Nix
Tom Jennings - Slake M'Thirst
Edwin Hodgeman - Dr. Dealgood

Writer/Producer/Director -
George Miller
Director - George Ogilive
Writer/Co-Producer - Terry
Co-Producer - Doug Mitchell
Production Designer -
Graham "Grace" Walker
Costume Designer - Norma
Director of Photography -
Dean Semler
Action Vehicle Coordinator - David Thomas
Special Effects Supervisor - Michael Wood
Film Editor - Richard Francis-Bruce
Music - Maurice Jarre
Performer: Songs - Tina Turner

An unforgettable conclusion to the Mad Max series, I first watched MAD MAX 2 in about July and surprisingly, the Aussies have made their own original film which feels similar to STAR WARS and is fresh from the creative mind of director George Miller. MAD MAX brought everyone closer into the induced action of road rages and vehicle butchery in this apocalyptic film. MAD MAX BEYOND THUNDERDOME stepped away from dangerous highways and was not dissimilar to the gladiator epic in the concept of battling to the death on a battle ground for entertainment of the crowd. The second half keeps coming to focus on the tribe of lost children and further developing Mel Gibson's character as the heroic saviour

Mel still delivers first class acting of the main character and the fight scene of the Thunderdome arena is rather sensationally choreographed. It's surprising how female pop-star Tina Turner portrays the ruthless femme fatale Aunty Entity, she also performs both of the songs that crops up to the intro and closing of the whole picture like "We Don't Need Another Hero".

BEYOND THUNDERDOME barely includes the grittiness or the rough story of the second whereas this film is simply a visualised atmospheric experience. It's still a worthwhile entertainment extravaganza.

Star rating: (4/5) Good Movie

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Shrek 2 Review (Updated)

Shrek 2

Release Date: 17th June 2004 - Australia

Production Companies
DreamWorks SKG (presents)
Pacific Data Images (PDI)
DreamWorks Animation

20th Century Fox Australia 

Genre: Animation/Family

Rating: PG

Runtime: 88 minutes

Budget: $150,000,000

Box Office Gross: $919,838.758

Plot Summary
After battling a fire-breathing 
dragon and the evil Lord 
Farquaad to win the hand 
of Princess Fiona, Shrek 
now faces his greatest 
challenge: the in-laws. 
Shrek and Princess Fiona 
return from their honeymoon 
to find an invitation to visit 
Fiona’s parents, the King 
and Queen of the Kingdom 
of Far, Far Away. With 
Donkey along for the ride, 
the newlyweds set off. All of 
the citizens of Far, Far Away 
turn out to greet their returning 
Princess, and her parents 
happily anticipate the 
homecoming of their daughter 
and her new Prince. But no 
one could have prepared 
them for the sight of their 
new son-in-law, not to 
mention how much their 
little girl had…well…changed.

Little did Shrek and Fiona 
know that their marriage 
had foiled all of her father’s 
plans for her future…and 
his own. Now the King must 
enlist the help of a powerful 
Fairy Godmother, the 
handsome Prince Charming 
and that famed ogre killer 
Puss In Boots to put right 
his version of "happily ever 

Voice Cast
Mike Myers - Shrek
Eddie Murphy - Donkey
Cameron Diaz - Princess Fiona
Antonio Banderas - Puss in Boots
John Cleese - King Harold
Julie Andrews - Queen Lillian
Rupert Everett - Prince Charming
Jennifer Saunders - The Fairy
Aron Warner - Big Bad Wolf
Cody Cameron - The Three
Little Pigs/Pinocchio
Larry King - The Ugly Stepsister
Conrad Vernon - Gingy/Various

Story/Screenplay/Writer: Song
"Fairy Godmother Song"/
Director - Andrew Adamson
Additional Dialogue/
Director - Conrad Vernon
Director - Kelly Asbury
Based on Book "Shrek" - 
William Steig
Based on Characters - Charles Perrault
Story/Additional Story Artist - Jeff Snow
Screenplay - Joe Stillman, J. David Stern and
David M. Weiss
Additional Dialogue/Story Artists - Cody Cameron,
Walt Dohrn and David P. Smith
Additional Dialogue/Head of Story/ADR Group -
Chris Miller
Executive Producer - Jeffrey Katzenberg
Producers - David Lipman, Aron Warner
and John H. Williams
Production Designer - Guillaume Aretos
Character Designer - Tom Hestor
Costume Designer - Isis Mussenden
Visual Effects Supervisor - Ken Bielenberg
Film Editors - Michael Andrews and
Sim Evan-Jones
Music - Harry Gregson-Williams


2005 Academy Awards
Best Original Song "Accidentally in Love" - Adam Duritz,
Charles Gillingham, Jim Bogios, David Immergluck,
Matthew Mulley, David Bryson and Dan Vickrey (Nominated)
Best Animated Feature - Andrew Stanton (Nominated)

Under the surprising circumstances of joy, I am certainly not finding SHREK 2 as the worst sequel movie. It's merely an animated sequel with a mature plot sometimes feeling like an adult romantic comedy and broaden with moral lessons for children. This feature contains enjoyable references of pop-culture, satirical humour and the return of the first movie's three cast members of the main heroes Mike Myers, Cameron Diaz and Eddie Murphy. Zorro bravado (Antonio Banderas) lends his purring voice as the puss in boots, though I can't agree more that this pussycat got dragged here for this laughable and charming showcase.

The sequel of SHREK 2 is a refreshing most fun-filled pace of quality fracturing more fairy-tales on new hilarious and borrowed characters. I decreed that it's the only one that doesn't jump into mediocrity unlike the recent two entries and it's a good movie.

Star rating: (4/5) Good Movie

Sunday, 6 October 2013

The Magnificent Seven (1960) Review (Updated)

The Magnificent Seven

Release Date: 23rd October 1960 - USA

Production Companies
The Mirisch Company (presents)
Alpha Productions

Genre: Western

Rating: PG

Runtime: 128 minutes

Budget: $2,000,000

Box Office Gross: $2,250,000

Plot Summary
When a small Mexican
village is terrorised by
the evil bandit Calvera
and his gang of bloodthirsty
men, only The Magnificent
Seven have the courage,
the daring and the
firepower to come to
the rescue! The town's
farmers have no guns, no
money and not a violent
bone in their bodies. So
they head for the border
and find Chris and Vin,
two out-of-work, hired
guns who round up five
more rugged outlaws.

Now the Seven are ready
for action, and they're
not in it for the money -
they're in it for the
adventure. At first, victory
seems assured, but
Calvera won't give up and
decides to comeback
for some serious bloodshed.

Yul Brynner - Chris Adams
Steve McQueen - Vin
Eli Wallach - Calvera
Horst Buchholz - Chico
Charles Bronson - Bernardo
Robert Vaughn - Lee
James Coburn - Britt
Brad Dexter - Harry Luck
Vladimir Sokoloff - The Old Man
Jorge Martinez de Hoyos -
Rosenda Monteros - Petra
Whit Bissell - Chamlee the

Producer/Director - John
Screenplay - Walter Bernstein, Walter Newman (Uncredited) and William Roberts
Based on a Screenplay - Akira Kurosawa, Shinobu Hashimoto and Hideo Oguni (Uncredited)
Executive Producer - Walter Mirisch
Art Director - Edward Fitzgerald
Director of Photography -
Charles Lang
Film Editor - Ferris Webster
Music - Elmer Bernstein


1961 Academy Awards
Best Music, Scoring of a Dramatic or Comedy Picture -
Elmer Bernstein (Nominated)

A great western classic from director John Sturges, THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN is known for its terrific and inspiring solid story. With a fine display of gun-slinging action. I honestly praise Yul Brynner and Steve McQueen for the acting of playing two of these seven marvellous characters that defined the good ol' western genre. Next in this large ensemble of talented performances are Charles Bronson, Eli Wallach, James Coburn, Robert Vaughn and Horst Buchholz. All of them did a very superb job in the film. This film has been an inspiration that helped make such similar movies like Pixar's A BUG'S LIFE. In film, every once in a while, directors produce a timeless classic that seems to have an infinite shelf life. This just seems to be one of those movies that will live on for generations.

THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN is at times slow with the result of its long running time, although it's a fancy classic, a passionate movie goer would agree and might watch this western in their home-theatre instead of paying top dollar on the big screen.

Star rating: (4/5) Good Movie