Monday, 27 May 2013

Star Trek Into Darkness Review (Updated)

Star Trek Into Darkness

Release Date: 23rd April 2013 - Australia

Production Companies
Paramount Pictures
Bad Robot Productions
Skydance Productions

Paramount Pictures Australia

Genre: Sci-Fi

Rating: M

Runtime: 133 minutes

Budget: $190,000,000

Box Office Gross: $467,381,584

Plot Summary
When the crew of Enterprise
is called back home, they
find an unstoppable force
of terror from within their
own organization has
detonated the fleet and
everything it stands for,
leaving our world in a state
of crisis. With a personal
score to settle, Captain Kirk
leads a manhunt to a war-zone
world to capture a one-man
weapon of mass destruction.

As our heroes are propelled
into an epic chess game of
life and death, love will be
challenged, friendships will
be torn apart, and sacrifices
must be made for the only
family Kirk has left: his crew.

Chris Pine - Captain James T. Kirk
Zachary Quinto - Commander Spock
Zoe Saldana - Uhura
Karl Urban - Dr. Leonard
"Bones" McCoy
Simon Pegg - Montgomery
"Scotty" Scott
John Cho - Hikaru Sulu
Benedict Cumberbatch -
Commander John Harrison
Anton Yelchin - Ensign Pavel Chekov
Bruce Greenwood - Rear
Admiral Christopher Pike
Peter Weller - Starfleet Admiral
Alexander Marcus
Alice Eve - Dr. Carol Marcus
Noel Clarke - Thomas Harewood
Deep Roy - Keenser
Leonard Nimoy - Elder Spock (Cameo)

Producer/Director - J.J. Abrams
Based on Television Series
"Star Trek" - Gene Roddenberry
Writers/Producers - Roberto Orci,
Alex Kurtzman & Damon Lindelof
Producer - Bryan Burk
Co-Producer/First Assistant Director -
Tommy Gormley
Co-Producer/Unit Production Manager - 
Tommy Harper
Co-Producers - Michelle Rejwan and 
Ben Rosenblatt
Production Designer - Scott Chambliss
Makeup Designer - Don Lanning
Costume Designer - Michael Kaplan
Director of Photography - Daniel Mindel
Second Unit Director/Visual Effects Supervisor -
Roger Guyett
Visual Effects Co-Supervisor: ILM - Patrick Tubach
Film Editors - Maryann Brandon & Mary Jo Markey
Composer: Theme "Star Trek" - Alexander Courage
Supervising Sound Editor/Sound Designer - Ben Burtt
Music - Michael Giacchino

Casual but mildly, STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS is a good sci-fi movie that evidently delivers a compelling solid story. Unfortunately, I must diagnose this film with having a few shortcomings which will not work on the sequel. The scene from the feature's final half feels to be a bit of a retread to THE WRATH OF KHAN. The director J.J. Abrams is not taking his signature technique of lens flare too seriously and has overused it in each of his shot scenes. I don't think that'll change me from liking Star Trek again, but its at least better than the other feature I've seen in the cinemas which is IRON MAN 3 (click here). Many of the aspects have graciously saved the movie from failing such as tight and astonishing visuals, the action goes into a multi-pack of tension and the actor that portrayed the main antagonist Benedict Cumberbatch surely makes his character move and act very nightmarish and has his vocabulary cords sound even more haunting than Jeremy Irons when he did the vocals for Scar in THE LION KING (click here).

No, I won't make an observation but I have no common liking for Star Trek as a result from watching the scene of FANBOYS where the Lucas hounds start fighting with the Trekkies (click here). This proves that Star Wars is better and more loved; INTO DARKNESS is not the best sequel I have watched, but far enjoyable for the audience to be treated with enough efficient respect.

Star rating: (4/5) Good Movie


Sunday, 26 May 2013

Spaceballs Review (Updated)


Release Date: 10th December 1987 - Australia

Production Companies
Metro Goldwyn Mayer

Genre: Sci-Fi/Comedy

Rating: PG

Runtime: 96 minutes

Budget: $22,700,000

Box Office Gross: $38,119,483

Plot Summary
The fearless - and clueless -
Lone Starr and his half man/
half dog sidekick Barf race
against time to free Princess
Vespa from the evil clutches
of Dark Helmet. Along the
way, they confront the gooey
gangster Pizza the Hutt, sassy
robot Dot Matrix and wise
little imp Yogurt who teaches
them the mystical power of
"The Schwartz" in order to
bring peace - and
merchandising rights - to
the entire galaxy!

Bill Pullman - Lone Starr
John Candy - Barf
Rick Moranis - Dark Helmet
Mel Brooks - President Skroob/Yogurt
Daphne Zuniga - Princess Vespa
Dick Van Patten - King Roland
George Wyner - Colonel Sandurz
Joan Rivers - Dot Matrix (Voice)
Lorene Yarnell - Dot Matrix
Dom DeLuise - Pizza the Hutt (Voice)
John Hurt - Himself (Cameo)
Michael Winslow - Radar Technician
Jim J. Bullock - Prince Valium
Leslie Bevis - Commanderette Zircon
Jim Jackman - Major Asshole
Rudy DeLuca - Vinnie

Writer/Producer/Director -
Mel Brooks
Writers - Thomas Meehan &
Ronny Graham
Co-Producer - Ezra Swerdlow
Production Designer - Terence Marsh
Costume Designer - Donfeld
Makeup Designer - Ben Nye Jr.
Director of Photography - Nick McLean
Stunt Coordinator - Dick Warlock
Special Effects Supervisor - Peter Albiez
Visual Effects Supervisor - Peter Donen
Matte Painting Supervisor - Albert Whitlock
Film Editor - Conrad Buff IV
Additional Editor - Nicholas C. Smith
Music - John Morris

In May 25th 2013, fans of STAR WARS celebrate its 26th anniversary and I'm going to travel back in time to review a movie that isn't related to the franchise at all. It makes fun of the original trilogy and also probably the greatest sign-in of science fiction parodies called SPACEBALLS. Spoofing up the saga as well as many other sci-fi classics like STAR TREK and many others excluding a few that were not sci-fi. Mel Brooks' comedic masterpiece has brought us materialistic gags and intergalactic amusement of jokes with decent make-up and old special effects in likely. In the presence of a light-hearted motion picture, every moments and quotes are hilarious and hysterical in every girth as possible. The cast Bill Pullman, John Candy, Rick Moranis and Mel Brooks are really funny in their roles and the cameos of Michael Winslow and John Hurt felt so lucky to be in SPACEBALLS.

SPACEBALLS surrenders itself to the light side for a gratifying lease of laughter and hesitation from Star Wars fans and audience to watch this send-up. Be entertained and yes, even George Lucas is aware that Brooks has given us a legendary comic-buster in the century and he'll be laughing at his bottom. I love it and it was the best parody movie I had seen and there wasn't any offence to all of us.

Star rating: (5/5) Best Movie Ever

Monday, 20 May 2013

Iron Man 3 Review (Updated)

Iron Man 3

Release Date: 24th April 2013 - Australia

Production Companies
Paramount Pictures
Marvel Studios
DMG Entertainment

Walt Disney Studios Motion
Pictures Australia

Genre: Action

Rating: M

Runtime: 135 minutes

Budget: $200,000,000

Box Office Gross: 

Plot Summary
Industrialist Tony Stark/
Iron Man is pitted against
an enemy whose reach
knows no bounds. When
his enemy destroys Stark's
personal world, he sets off
on a harrowing journey
that will test his mettle at
every turn as he tries to
find those responsible.
When his back is put
against the wall, Stark has
to survive by his own
devices, counting on his
ingenuity and instincts to
protect his friends and
family. During his struggles,
Stark discovers the answer
to the question that has
secretly haunted him: does
the man make the suit or
does the suit make him a

Robert Downey Jr. - Tony
Stark/Iron Man
Gwyneth Paltrow - Pepper
Guy Pearce - Aldrich Killian
Don Cheadle - Col. James
"Rhodey" Rhodes/Iron Patriot
Ben Kingsley - The Mandarin
Jon Favreau - Happy Hogan
Paul Bettany - JARVIS (Voice)
Rebecca Hall - Dr. Maya
Stephanie Szostak - Brandt
James Badge Dale - Savin
Ty Simpkins - Harley Keener
William Sadler - President Ellis
Miguel Ferrer - Vice President

Screenplay/Director - Shane Black
Based on Characters - Don
Heck, Larry Lieber &
Jack Kirby
Based on Characters/Executive
Producer - Stan Lee
Screenplay - Drew Pearce
Producer - Kevin Fiege
Production Designer - Bill Brzeski
Costume Designer - Louise Frogley
Director of Photography - John Toll
Second Unit Director (Uncredited)/Stunt Coordinator -
Jeff Habberstad
Stunt Coordinator - Markos Rounthwaite
Fight Choreographer - Eric Oram
Special Effects Supervisor - Daniel Sudick
Visual Effects Supervisors: Weta Digital -
Matt Aitken & Keith Miller
Visual Effects Supervisors - Mark Bakowski,
Erik Nash, Saravanan Stalin, Christopher Townsend
& Guy Williams
Visual Effects Supervisor: Fuel VFX - Paul Butterworth
Film Editors - Peter S. Elliott & Jeffrey Ford
Music Supervisor - Dave Jordan
Music - Brian Tyler

Unfortunate but without a pity, IRON MAN 3 underwhelms me of seeing that the premise for the new lacklustre sequel is unfolded makes me want to less proclaim it in a serious occasion. Ben Kingsley is the reason why I'm disappointed, he was a good actor and I was thrilled that he would act as the protagonist's main nemesis and most difficult foe The Mandarin and be like all the other English villains, but I was sadly not pleased when the character Kingsley was portraying is actually a nobody. I was shocked, it really starting my nerves to bust and makes me of not deserving false advertising that pranks everybody. In the midst of its controversy, Robert Downey Jr. is still appreciated for his role as Iron Man and the action, visuals and another appropriated actor Guy Pearce's performance are more privileged than the useless twist of the story-line. 

It’s a semi-bad ending of a final conclusion that all great chapters end like this aren't made anymore and they got IRON MAN 3 into the deep package. It should be very crucial to the people and fans of this unimaginable black sheep and I feel sorrow that it failed to live up the previous instalments but I'm still not a big fan of the character and the result was indifferent.

Star rating: (3/5) Average 

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra Review (Updated)

G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra

Release Date: 6th August 2009 - Australia

Production Companies
Paramount Pictures (presents)
Spyglass Entertainment (presents)
Hasbro (in association with)
Di Bonadventura Pictures

Paramount Pictures Australia

Genre: Action

Rating: M

Runtime: 113 minutes

Budget: $175,000,000

Box Office Gross: $302,469,017

Plot Summary
Two soldiers stationed in
Kazahkstan (Captain Duke
and his partner Ripcord)
are ordered to transport
special warheads created
by MARS, an arms
manufacturer controlled by
James McCullen. When
they are attacked by thieves
(led by Anastasia DeCobray,
with whom the Duke has
history), they are saved
by a top secret, international
special forces unit known as
G.I. Joe. The leader of G.I.
Joe/General Abernathy
(or Hawk) is on the trail of
thieves: an evil organization
called Cobra. While Duke
and Ripcord train to join
the Joes, McCullen (Destro)
is secretly working for
Cobra and plotting to
recapture his metal-eating
Nanomite warheads. Duke
and Ripcord (with the help
of Heavy Duty, Snake Eyes,
and the rest of the Joes) must
prove that they are Real
American Heroes -- by
stopping the launch of these
warheads before Cobra
uses them to take over the


G.I. Joe
Channing Tatum - Duke
Marlon Wayans - Ripcord
Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje -
Heavy Duty
Dennis Quaid - General Hawk
Rachel Nichols - Scarlett
Ray Park - Snake Eyes

Joseph Gordon Levitt - Cobra Commander
Christopher Eccleston - James McCullen/Destro
Sienna Miller - The Baroness
Lee Byung-hun - Storm Shadow
Arnold Vosloo - Zartan

Story/Executive Producer/
Director - Stephen Sommers
Story/Screenplay - Stuart Beattie
Story - Michael Gordon
Screenplay - David Elliot & Paul Lovett
Producers - Bob Ducsay, Brian Goldner &
Lorenzo di Bonaventura
Costume Designer - Ellen Mirojinick
Director of Photography - Mitchell
Stunt Coordinator - R.A. Rondell
Visual Effects Supervisors - Amit Dhawal,
David Ebner, Boyd Shermis & Gregory L.
Film Editors - Bob Ducsay & Jim May
Music - Alan Silvestri

Okay, movie viewers, I'm not as brave enough to comment about G.I. JOE: RISE OF THE COBRA and being the only person who has some knowledge of the G.I. Joe toy-line, the Stephen Sommers adaptation was cheesy and not translated right to the big-screen and fails to comprehend the success that Michael Bay's TRANSFORMERS film trilogy has and there is no fond for the whole movie, heck, many of the fans just didn't seem to like it. The main cast were not so good in their roles that actors Channing Tatum and Marlon Wayans have made it bland and ungodly average and some of the visuals were sometimes usually terrible and part-times good. The only things make up for the whole film in mind was the starring roles by Ray Park and Joseph Gordon Levitt in portrayal of two of the series' memorable characters, acting cameo by Brendan Fraser and the fight coordination.

God, this movie sucked even real bad-tacular, my advice is see the action and the comedy, not the story and its flaws, that is partly enjoyable to many of the viewers. Let us be hoping that the new sequel of G.I. JOE: RETALIATION might be the improvement of the first instalment and cleanse its sins.

Star rating: (3/5) Average

Monday, 13 May 2013

Oblivion Review (Updated)


Release Date: 11th April 2013 - Australia

Production Companies
Universal Pictures
Chernin Entertainment
Relativity Media
Monolith Pictures
Radical Studios

Universal Pictures Australia

Genre: Sci-Fi

Rating: M

Runtime: 124 minutes

Budget: $120,000,000

Box Office Gross: $286,168,572

Plot Summary
After decades of war
with a terrifying threat
known as the Scavs,
drone repairmen were
stationed on Earth to
extract vital resources.
Jack Harper, one of the
repairmen, has almost
completed his mission.
While patrolling the
breathtaking skies from
thousands of feet above,
his soaring existence is
brought crashing down
when he rescues a beautiful
stranger from a downed
spacecraft. Her arrival
triggers a chain of events
that forces him to question
everything he knows and
puts the fate of humanity
in his hands.

Tom Cruise - Jack Harper
Andrea Riseborough - Victoria
Morgan Freeman - Malcolm
Olga Kurylenko - Julia
Nikolaj Coster-Waldau - Sykes
Melissa Leo - Sally

Based on Graphic Novel
Original Story/Producer/
Director - Joseph Kosinski
Screenplay - Karl Gajdusek & Michael Arndt
Producers - Peter Chermin,
Dylan Clark, Duncan Henderson & Barry Levine
Director - Bruce Franklin
Co-Producer/Unit Production Manager - R.J. Mino
Co-Producers - Steve Gaub, Mike Larocca
& Ryan Kavanaugh (Uncredited)
Production Designer - Darren Gilford
Concept Illustrator - Daniel Simon
Costume Designer - Marlene Stewart
Director of Photography - Claudio Miranda
Visual Effects Supervisors - Eric Barba & Bjorn Mayer
Film Editor - Richard Francis-Bruce
Music - M83 & Joseph Trapanese

In having a plot of an ordinary sci-fi adventure that is a bit derivative and spiced up with plot twists made everyone very oblivious to what this film is actually all about. OBLIVION highly concentrates on the other parts that made the feature a dark and visualised background. Aside from the glossy effects and scenery of OBLIVION, the cast like Tom Cruise and Morgan Freeman are very much good in their roles. The action is quickly intense and the movie's score is defining but very atmospheric and nearly excels the music of the director's first picture TRON: LEGACY (click here) by Daft Punk.

In quoting this sci-fi adventure, the film OBLIVION seems to be half-clich├ęd and not nearly as good as I hoped. It represents an unique vision and pure impact and audiences are so divided of looking forward to this experience. Perhaps you might be feeling good to see whatever you want it to be.

Star rating: (4/5) Good Movie

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Fanboys Review


Release Date: 5th June 2009 - Australia

Production Companies
The Weinstein Company (presents)
Triggerstreet Productions
Picture Machine

Genre: Comedy

Rating: M

Runtime: 86 minutes

Budget: $3.9,000,000

Box Office Gross: $960,828

Plot Summary
In 1998, four childhood
friends with a shared love
of all things Star Wars
reunite for one final,
hilarious odyssey. Their
insane plan: a cross-country
road trip to storm George
Lucas' Skywalker Ranch
and steal a copy of Episode
I before it's released. With
the police, a crew of angry
Trekkies, and a crazy pimp
hot on their trail, what
could possible go wrong?

Dan Fogler - Harold "Hutch"
Jay Baruchel - Windows
Sam Huntington - Eric Bottler
Chris Marquette - Linus
Kristen Bell - Zoe
David Denman - Chaz
Christopher McDonald - Big Chuck
Seth Rogen - Admiral
Danny Trejo - The Chief
Ethan Suplee - Harry Knowles
Billy Dee Williams - Judge
Reinhold (Cameo)
William Shatner - Himself (Cameo)
Carrie Fisher - Doctor (Cameo)
Kevin Smith - Himself (Cameo)
Ray Park - Security Guard (Cameo)

Director - Kyle Newman
Story/Screenplay - Ernest Cline
Story - Dan Pulick
Screenplay - Adam F. Goldberg
Producers - Dana Brunetti, Kevin Spacey,
Matthew Perniciaro & Evan Astrowsky
Director of Photography - Lukas Ettlin
Film Editors - James Thomas & Seth Flaum
Music - Mark Mothersbaugh

Sincere about FANBOYS gives me a likeable thought as a part-time humorous, part-time drama and of-course part-time road trip movie that pushes it real heavy to the Star Wars lovers. There are noticeable cameos that include the original Star Wars actors to be thrice are Billy Dee Williams, Ray Park and Carrie Fisher and non-Star Wars people like William Shatner and Kevin Smith and there's the big and most important scene that every fanatic should like is where the main characters get into a fight with the Trekkies.

While many critics were negative about the whole film of FANBOYS because some of the content of the laughs isn't suitable for the younger fan-boys, I don't care what the others would say about the lowbrow feature, it can be very appreciative and touching to the older Star Wars fans even those who haven't seen the famous and popular original trilogy.

Star rating: (4/5) Good Movie