Sunday, 30 November 2014

Finally.... The Moment Has Arrived! (Updated)

Hi, sci fi fans, I have some exciting news about the new upcoming 'Star Wars VII' film. In doing some research, I discovered that this film is set to be released in December of 2015, so this movie is still in a galaxy far, far away until we can finally enjoy it on the big screen. However, there has been a teaser trailer released which you can view below of 'Star Wars: Episode VII' aka 'The Force Awakens', needless to say, it has already gone viral.

Please keep checking my reviews for updates on the upcoming 'Star Wars' movie and if you have any information that you know about the film, please feel free to share it in the comment tab.

Here it is, the new teaser trailer of 'Star Wars', ENJOY!

Monday, 24 November 2014

Roman Holiday Review

Roman Holiday

Release Date: 27th August 1953 - USA

Production Companies
Paramount Pictures 

Paramount Pictures Australia

Genre: Comedy

Rating: G

Runtime: 113 minutes

Budget: $1,500,000

Box Office Gross: $12,000,000

Plot Summary
A modern-day princess
"escapes" from her royal
entourage while on a trip
to Rome, and while
incognito, falls in love with
an American newspaperman.

Gregory Peck - Joe Bradley
Audrey Hepburn - Princess Anna 
Eddie Albert - Irving Radovich
Hartley Power - Mr. Hennessy 
Harcourt Williams - Ambassador 
Margaret Rawlings - Countess 

Producer/Director - William Wyler
Story/Screenplay - Dalton Trumbo 
Screenplay - Ian McLellan Hunter and  
John Dighton
Art Directors - Hal Pereira and
Walter H. Tyler
Costumes - Edith Head
Directors of Photography - 
Henri Alekan and Franz Planer 
Editor - Robert Swink
Music - Georges Auric 
Composer: Title Music - Victor Young 


1954 Academy Awards
Best Actress in a Leading Role - Audrey Hepburn (Won)
Best Writing, Motion Picture Story -
Dalton Trumbo (Won)
Best Costume Design, Black and White -
Edith Head (Won)
Best Picture - William Wyler (Nominated)
Best Actor in a Supporting Role - Eddie Albert (Nominated)
Best Director - William Wyler (Nominated)
Best Writing, Screenplay - Ian McLellan Hunter
and John Dighton (Nominated)
Best Cinematography, Black and White - Franz Planer
and Henri Alekan (Nominated)
Best Art Direction-Set Decoration, Black and White -
Hal Pereira and Walter H. Tyler (Nominated)
Best Film Editing - Robert Swink (Nominated)

ROMAN HOLIDAY isn't the exact endearing classic as everyone had read in the books about actors or film and even old movie critiques. I have only once seen the film's behind the scenes story and never watched the whole entirety of the feature of its 113 minutes, until now! This old romantic comedy is certainly of a professional quality that it's being done many times after many years and takes audiences on a romantic journey filled with some laughter and joy. Quite frankly, it is in need of more drama and I just couldn't help loving the film's gorgeous scenery backdrop of Rome. I did enjoy one of its iconic moments of what happens when you place your hand in the Mouth of Truth to impress a girl? I don't mind the visible acting combination and chemistry of Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck, they're by all means the vital essentials to the movie. Particularly for the late actor Peck, I was beginning to respect his versatile style approach and prolific characteristics.

ROMAN HOLIDAY is a solid classic definitely worth watching once, I do feel however that I would not be inclined to watch this movie a second time. Perhaps this movie could have been improved if it be more like CASABLANCA (click here) and CITIZEN KANE of its quality.

Star rating: (7/10) Good Movie

Monday, 17 November 2014

Legend Review


Release Date: 2nd January 1986 - Australia

Production Companies
Legend Production Company (made by)
Embassy International Pictures

20th Century Fox Australia

Genre: Fantasy

Rating: PG

Runtime: 95 minutes
               89 minutes (USA)
               115 minutes
               (director's cut)

Budget: $24,500,000

Box Office Gross: $23,506,237

Plot Summary
A tale of the eternal 
struggle between good 
and evil, in a magical land 
where all creatures dwell 
in peace and unicorns 
hold the secret of light. 
But light is fatal to the lord 
of darkness, and when 
he steals the secret, a 
human named Jack and 
a beautiful princess must 
face the horrors of his 
underground castle to 
rescue the unicorns and 
vanquish darkness.

Tom Cruise - Jack
Mia Sara - Lili
Tim Curry - Darkness
David Bennent - Honeythorn Gump
Alice Playten - Blix
Billy Barty - Screwball
Cork Hubbert - Brown Tom
Peter O'Farrell - Pox
Annabelle Lanyon - Oona
Robert Picardo - Meg Mucklebones

Director - Ridley Scott
Writer - William Hjortsberg
Producer - Arnon Michlan
Production Designer - Assheton Gorton
Costume Designer - Charles Knode
Special Makeup Creator - Rob Bottin
Director of Photography - Alex Thomson
Unicorn Master/Stunt
Coordinator - Vic Armstrong
Special Effects Supervisor - Nick Allder
Film Editor - Terry Rawlings
Music - Jerry Goldsmith
and Tangerine Dream (USA Only)


1986 Academy Awards
Best Makeup - Rob Bottin and Peter Robb-King (Nominated)

The fantasy movie LEGEND has always been overlooked by several movie-goers of the 80s when it flopped on the same year as the other fantasy but animated spectacle from Disney, THE BLACK CAULDRON (click here). This cult movie had a difficult history and was intended by its director Ridley Scott to switch his category of sci-fi into the fantasy genre after he went through the controversial changes in BLADE RUNNER (click here). Many years from now after a long time since having seen LEGEND, I feel that it isn't in the same repertoire as many of his great timeless films. It certainly did approach the dark fairytale adventure with enthusiasm and manages to capture the spirituality elements of the story. It was a bold, daring move for Ridley, has its visible flaws which let down the overall quality of the film, Ridley had a team enlisted to supervise the designs and make-up to create the world and creatures of such beautiful European folklore. 

What fascinates me the most is how Tim Curry does a superb performance as the demonic figure of Satan. You can't escape this monstrous look and deep voice which manages to frighten the young viewers. Tom Cruise already has the youth and charisma and then adds his solid-based acting to further his leading role as the protagonist. One more thing I truly liked on this version of the film is the background instrumentation by Jerry Goldsmith, to me, it's very mystical defining and uplifting in a keen sense of scoring. 

If Ridley Scott actually done the final cut of BLADE RUNNER, then why couldn't he do the same for his fantasy movie of LEGEND in restoring the balance of the vision he once had. It's best you choose the director's cut if you have the chance, unfortunately, this version is only available in region 1. But you can order it on eBay or watch it online.

Star rating: (7/10) Good Movie

Monday, 10 November 2014

Barnyard Review


Release Date: 21st September 2006 - Australia

Production Companies
Paramount Pictures
Nickelodeon Movies
O Entertainment

Paramount Pictures Australia

Genre: Animation/Family

Rating: PG

Runtime: 90 minutes

Budget: $51,000,000

Box Office Gross: $116,476,887 

Plot Summary
When the farmer's away, all 
the animals play ... and sing, 
and dance. Eventually, though, 
someone has to step in and 
run things, a responsibility 
that ends up going to Otis, 
a carefree cow.

Voice Cast
Kevin James - Otis
David Koechner - Dag
Jeff Garcia - Pip
Courtney Cox - Daisy
Wanda Sykes - Bessy
Sam Elliott - Ben
Danny Glover - Miles
Rob Paulsen - Peck/Pizza
Twin #1
Tino Insana - Pig
Cam Clarke - Freddy the
Dom Irrera - Duke
Andie MacDowell - Etta
Madeline Lovejoy - Maddy
S. Scott Bullock - Eddy
Maurice LaMarche - Igg
John DiMaggio - Bud/Officer
O' Hanlen
Maria Bamford - Mrs. Beady
Steve Oedekerk - Snotty Boy/
Mr. Beady/Pizza Twin #2
Fred Tatasciore - Farmer

Writer/Producer/Director -
Steve Oedekerk
Producers - Pam Marsden and 
Paul Marshal
Production Designer/Art
Director - Phillip A. Cruden 
Lead Animation Supervisor - 
David Andrews
Film Editors - Paul D. Calder
and Billy Weber
Music - John Debney

BARNYARD is an extremely weird kiddie-loose comedy. Created by the same makers that did JIMMY NEUTRON. I found BARNYARD to be a product of shame from the network and a disappointment for the film's creators. Throughout the movie on its 90 minute duration, a number of mediocre aspects really let this film down. The computer animation is so low-budget and makes you wonder why the creator wanted the male cows to have utters to be funny since it's not in their biology. The storytelling is un-original in the sense when some of its themes were cut or taken from Disney's THE LION KING (click here), for example, its overarching theme to grow up and be more responsible; the main character's (Otis) carefree lifestyle is similar to Simba's. For me, this film was an uninteresting comedy with a most unconvincing set of jokes (save for some of the ones like the part where the cows do "boy tipping").

I almost didn't recognise some of the film's characters but I now know that Kevin James, Danny Glover and Sam Elliott were three of the main voices on the film. I already knew Wanda Sykes was in the film, this was known to be her third voice role. How unfortunate that it could not have been a more successful animated comedy. 

I recommend you not watch this film, if you have a high expectation as it does not come close to the standards. It's mooore of a younger audience appeal and you must bury the movie under a haystack. I have not watched the TV show, after seeing this movie, I don't want to watch its episodes.

Star rating: (4/10) Below Average

Monday, 3 November 2014

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone Review

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

Release Date: 29th November 2001 - Australia

Production Companies
Warner Bros. Pictures
1492 Pictures
Heyday Films

Roadshow Distribution

Genre: Fantasy

Rating: PG

Runtime: 152 minutes

Budget: $125,000,000

Box Office Gross: $974,755,371 

Plot Summary
Rescued from the 
outrageous neglect of his 
aunt and uncle, a young 
boy with a great destiny 
proves his worth while 
attending Hogwarts 
School of Witchcraft and 

Daniel Radcliffe - Harry
Emma Watson - Hermione 
Rupert Grint - Ron Weasley
Robbie Coltrane - Rubeus 
Richard Harris - Albus
Maggie Smith - Minerva
Alan Rickman - Severus Snape
Ian Hart - Professor Quirrell/
Lord Voldermort (Voice)
Tom Felton - Draco Malfoy
Richard Griffiths - Vernon Dursley
Fiona Shaw - Petunia Dursley
Harry Melling - Dudley Dursley
John Hurt - Ollivander
Zoe Wanamaker - Madame Hooch
Warwick Davis - Filius Fitwick/Goblin Bank Teller/Griphook (Voice)
David Bradley - Argus Filch
Matthew Lewis - Neville Longbottom
John Cleese - Nearly Headless Nick
Leslie Phillips - The Sorting
Hat (Voice)
Julie Walters - Molly Weasley
Bonnie Wright - Ginny Weasley
James & Oliver Phelps - Fred
& George Weasley
Richard Bremmer - Lord
Sean Biggerstaff - Oliver Wood
Devon Murray - Seamus Finnigan
Chris Rankin - Percy Weasley
Jamie Waylett - Vincent Crabbe
Joshua Herdman - Gregory Goyle
Adrian Rawlins - James Potter
Geraldine Somerville - Lily Potter
Ray Fearon - Firenze
Verne Troyer - Griphook

Executive Producer/Director - 
Chris Columbus
Based on Book "Harry Potter 
and the Philosopher's Stone" - 
J.K. Rowling
Screenplay - Steve Kloves
Producer - David Heyman
Production Designer - Stuart 
Costume Designer - Judianna
Cinematography - John Seale
Second Unit Director/Visual Effects Supervisor -
Robert Legato
Creature Effects/Special Make-Up Effects Artist -
Nick Dudman
Special Effects Supervisor - John Richardson
Visual Effects Supervisor - Nick Davis
Visual Effects Supervisor: SPI - Jim Berney
Visual Effects Supervisor: ILM - Roger Guyett
Animation Supervisor: ILM - David Andrews
Film Editor - Richard Francis-Bruce
Music - John Williams


2002 Academy Awards
Best Art Direction - Stuart Craig and Stephen McMillan
Best Costume Design - Judianna Makovsky (Nominated)
Best Music, Original Score - John Williams (Nominated)

I haven't done any of the reviews of the Harry Potter films except for the last two I've posted. THE PHILOSOPHER'S STONE known to Americans as THE SORCERER'S STONE was good to start off the series of all eight films together, but never I consider as one of the best first movie instalments. I can't really admire the first movie of its short deficits, I'm sure it's nostalgic and it's given a lot of good charm and value for a Muggle who hasn't seen the movies like especially the first two for a long time. But there's more to be done to praise the ingenious aspects of the film, like Chris Columbus' direction as he brings a lot of joy and pace to his first two. Alas, before the actors that played Harry, Ron and Hermione reached their maturity and adulthood, Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint and Emma Watson were in their youth when first playing these three eponymous heroes. At their age, they haven't done like this before and that goes to Columbus for perfectly turning these children into future superstars. 

For the grown actors who were portraying the Hogwarts staff, Alan Rickman is at the first time being extremely significant for capturing his moody essence as Snape and as for Robbie Coltrane, he is good for just being Hagrid and already the first to be casted in the ensemble. With the accent and naivety of the character, he knows how to capture it perfectly. The best actor of this picture would definitely be the late Richard Harris for his original portrayal as the all-wise and powerful Dumbledore. Such tragic it was when we learned of Richard's passing and Michael Gambon would go on to succeed the character in the next six chapters. 

I'm not exactly sure this film would be in the quality of good or bad, it does introduce the world and characters of the books to the big screen. This 13 year old movie is still worth-watching to this day even to the non-readers of the book series.

Star rating: (7/10) Good Movie