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Space Chimps Review

Space Chimps

Release Date: 25th September 2008 - Australia

Production Companies
Vanguard Animation
Odyssey Entertainment
Starz Animation
The Weinstein Company 
Roadshow Distribution

Genre: Animation/Family

Rating: G

Runtime: 77 minutes

Budget: $37,000,000

Box Office Gross: $64,834,964

Plot Summary
Ham III, the grandson of the first chimp astronaut, is blasted off into space by an opportunity-seeking senator. Soon, the fun-loving chimp has to get serious about the mission at hand; ridding a far-away planet of their nefarious leader. Fortunately for Ham III, two of his simian peers are along for the ride.

Voice Cast
Andy Samberg - Ham III
Cheryl Hines - Luna
Patrick Warburton - Titan
Jeff Daniels - Zartog
Kristin Chenoweth - Kilowatt
Kenan Thompson - Ringmaster
Zack Shada - Comet/Nava Boy
Carlos Alazraqui - Houston
Omid Abtahi - Dr. Jagu
Patrick Breen - Dr. Bob
Jane Lynch - Dr. Poole
Kath Soucie - Dr. Smothers
Stanley Tucci - Senator
Wally Wingert - Splork/Various

Story/Screenplay/Director - Kirk De Micco
Screenplay - Robert Moreland and Joe Piscatella (Uncredited)
Additional Screenplay Material - Jason Mayland
Executive Producers - Eric M. Bennett, Morris Berger, Neil Braun, Steve Brown, Jerry Davis and John W. Hyde
Producers - John H. Williams and Barry Sonnenfield
Co-Producer - Curtis Augspurger
Production Designer - Bo Welch
Additional Production
Designers - Keith Graves
and Deane Taylor
Character Designer/Storyboard Artist - Sterling Sheehy
Animation Director - Adam Wood
Cinematography - Jericca Clelamd
Film Editor - Debbie Berman
Supervising Editor - Tom Finan
Music - Chris Bacon
Composers: Additional Music - Blue Man Group
and Gad Emile Zeitune

Vanguard Animation, the studio headed by one of the producers of SHREK has been producing a few animated films in the past decade and each of them were ranked as okay to mediocre. Their third movie SPACE CHIMPS had appalling box office takings it was outranked by its formidable competitor WALL-E (click here). While it wasn't a surprise hit by any chance, the film however did spawn a sequel that was never released in theatres. The original movie however feels like an animated movie that wastes its potential and was literally written by monkeys on typewriters. The animation isn't too great and the story-line is much too bland and not original enough. The over-abundance of ape puns were all over the movie like it's all covered with monkey paw-prints. A few bits of comedy remained funny and most of the other jokes don't quite get the same laugh from its intended audience.

The voice cast is imperfect, particularly Andy Samberg who is not a horrible actor but tries to give his character a daredevil persona which falls flat. Jeff Daniels who was a great actor, from his extraordinary supporting and leading parts in acting, drama and comedy has been miscast in the role as the evil alien Zartog and this may be the reason why he never has been offered any more voices in the animated features. Stanley Tucci had bad luck to voice a certain senator who seems to care about himself more than NASA as well as the opportunity that he craves. Only Patrick Warburton succeeds in following the characterisation of by-the-book chimp Titan and he seems to be more quick to follow an ill-gotten script.

Monkey see, monkey don't, this is the phrase I would use to sum up my review. SPACE CHIMPS is a simple, yet juvenile family animation for young kids.

Star rating: (4/10) Below Average

Thursday, 9 November 2017

Thor: Ragnarok Review

Thor: Ragnarok

Release Date: 13th October 2017 - Australia (Gold Coast, Queensland)

Production Companies
Marvel Studios
Marvel Entertainment (presents)

Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures Australia

Genre: Sci-Fi

Rating: M

Runtime: 130 minutes

Budget: $180,000,000

Box Office Gross: $450,201,764 (Worldwide) (This figure may change as new editions earn more money and increase the overall value of the box office gross)

Plot Summary
Building on the events of Avengers: Age of Ultron, Thor is imprisoned on the far side of the universe (the planet Sakaar, to be exact) without his mighty hammer. He's forced to engage in an intense gladiatorial contest arranged by the Grandmaster, and to survive, must defeat his competitor - none other than former ally and fellow Avenger, the Incredible Hulk.

With his home world of Asgard under threat of destruction by the powerful and ruthless goddess of death Hela, the stakes for Thor have never been higher. Can he save it from the fierce villain's clutches?

Chris Hemsworth - Thor
Tom Hiddleston - Loki
Cate Blanchett - Hela
Idris Elba - Hemdall
Jeff Goldblum - Grandmaster
Tessa Thompson - Valkyrie
Karl Urban - Skurge
Mark Ruffalo - Bruce Banner/The Hulk
Anthony Hopkins - Odin
Benedict Cumberbatch - Doctor Strange
Taika Watiti - Korg/Surtur
Rachel House - Topas
Clancy Brown - Surtur (Voice)
Tadanobu Asano - Hogun
Ray Stevenson - Volstagg
Zachary Levi - Fandral
Luke Hemsworth - Actor Thor (Cameo)
Sam Neill - Actor Odin (Cameo)
Charlotte Nicdao - Actor Sif (Cameo)
Matt Damon - Actor Loki (Cameo) (Uncredited)

Director - Taika Watiti
Based on Comic/Executive Producer - Stan Lee
Based on Comic - Larry Lieber and Jack Kirby
Writers - Eric Pearson, Craig Kyle and Christopher Yost
Executive Producers - Victoria Alonso, Louis D'Esposito and Brad Winderbaum
Executive Producer/Unit Production Manager - Thomas M. Hammel
Producer - Kevin Fiege
Co-Producer - David J. Grant
Production Designers - Dan Hennah and Ra Vincent
Costume Designer - Mayes C. Rubeo
Director of Photography -
Javier Aguirresarobe
Special Effects Supervisors - Brian Cox and R. Bruce Steinheimer
Visual Effects Supervisors - Jake Morrison and Stuart White
Visual Effects Supervisor: ILM - Chad Wiebe
Animation Supervisor - Raphael A. Pimentel
Animation Supervisor: ILM - Steve Nichols
Editors - Zene Baker and Joel Negron
Music Supervisor - Dave Jordan
Music - Mark Mothersbaugh

Marvel has taken one of the Avengers through the cosmos into a completely new standalone film as THOR: RAGNAROK becomes a full-scale interstellar action comedy with less balance. This movie doesn't mesh well with sci-fi, considering what has happened to its predecessor THE DARK WORLD (click here) and the mistake has not entirely been fixed. It has too much humour displaying that playful tone similar to one of Marvel’s previous entries, GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY (click here) and fails to return the omnipresence found in the first instalment. RAGNAROK has great visual eye-candy to behold the maximum impact and has no romantic subplot involving Jane Foster who was nowhere to be found as this relationship was quickly forgotten after the second film was criticised for putting too much focus on it. The film even featured the addition of everyone’s favourite Avenger, the Incredible Hulk who was once again played by Mark Rufalo. Having not read the original comics and neither Planet Hulk, I believe that this film should have been a continuation for the character who hasn’t been the main lead since 2008’s THE INCREDIBLE HULK. 

Jeff Goldblum makes up for a terrifically entertaining performance as the Grandmaster. Cate Blanchett was the villainess Hela who succeeds at overpowering Thor which is something that Loki could not do and she was a better sequel antagonist than Malekith. Karl Urban convincingly portrays Skurge who unwillingly switches his allegiance to Hela as he becomes her right-hand man. Tessa Thompson was then added to the cast as Thor’s new reluctant ally Valkyrie. Mark Mothersbaugh’s background score fits the movie of its retro-spacey feel and its new colourful integration.

Although THOR: RAGNAROK was newly appreciated by fans and critics who proclaim this to be the cinematic holy grail of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, I have to disagree on what they say about the movie. It is a bit of an improvement of THE DARK WORLD but it’s a solid addition to the ongoing cinematic franchise of Marvel and therefore, a must-see film for all fans.

Star rating: (7/10) Good Movie

Monday, 23 October 2017

Mars Attacks! Review

Mars Attacks!

Release Date: 20th February 1997 - Australia

Production Companies
Warner Bros. Pictures
Tim Burton Productions

Genre: Sci-Fi/Comedy

Rating: M

Runtime: 106 minutes 

Budget: $70,000,000

Box Office Gross: $101,371,017 

Plot Summary
A fleet of Martian spacecraft surrounds the world's major cities and all of humanity waits to see if the extraterrestrial visitors have, as they claim, "come in peace." U.S. President James Dale receives assurance from science professor Donald Kessler that the Martians' mission is a friendly one. But when a peaceful exchange ends in the total annihilation of the U.S. Congress, military men call for a full-scale nuclear retaliation.

Jack Nicholson - President James Dale/Art Land
Glenn Close - First Lady Marsha Dale
Annette Bening - Barbara Land
Pierce Brosnan - Prof. Donald Kessler
Danny DeVito - Rude Gambler
Martin Short - Press Secretary Jerry Ross
Sarah Jessica Parker - Nathalie Lake
Michael J. Fox - Jason Stone
Rod Steiger - General Decker
Tom Jones - Himself (Cameo)
Lukas Hass - Richie Norris
Natalie Portman - Taffy Dale
Jim Brown - Byron Williams
Lisa Marie - Martian Girl
Sylvia Sidney - Grandma Florence Jenkins
Paul Winfield - General Casey
Pam Grier - Louise Williams
Jack Black - Billy Glenn Norris
Janice Rivera - Cindy, Bryon's Co-Worker
Ray J - Cedric Williams
Brandon Hammond - Neville Williams
Joe Don Baker - Richie's Dad
O-Lan Jones - Sue Ann Norris
Christina Applegate - Sharona
Brian Haley - Mitch, Secret Service Agent
Jerzy Skolimowski - Dr. Zeigler 
Barbet Schroeder - Maurice, the French President
Chi Hoang Cai - Mr. Lee

Producer/Director - Tim Burton
Based on Trading Card Series - Len Brown, Woody Gelman, Wally Wood, Bob Powell and Norman Saunders
Screen Story/Screenplay - Jonathan Gems
Producers - Larry J. Franco and Laurie Parker (Uncredited)
Production Designer - Wynn Thomas
Costume Designer - Colleen Atwood
Cinematography - Peter Suschitzky
Special Effects Supervisor - Michael Lantieri
Visual Effects Supervisors - David Andrews,
Michael L. Fink and Jim Mitchell
Film Editor - Chris Lebonzon
Music - Danny Elfman

MARS ATTACKS! wasn't Tim Burton's first choice to adapt this series of a trading card game into the big screen. He was supposed to direct another adaptation of its sister series DINOSAUR ATTACKS! until the success of JURASSIC PARK (click here) and its forthcoming instalment THE LOST WORLD (click here) halted these plans and he switched to produce MARS ATTACKS! However, it was not a commercial success for the director when released in America at the same time as another over-the-top sci-fi flick INDEPENDENCE DAY (click here) outgrossed it. The competition was inevitable and MARS struggled to attain a few million dollars at the box office but is not enough for Tim Burton to beat Roland Emmerich of his successful feature when it is mirrored in terms of success. It remains as one of Burton's few overlooked but underrated features. Some people claim that this was the reason why the DESTROY ALL HUMANS video game series existed because of its minor influence.

Still, the Martians are coming to a black comedy satire that parodies the early alien invasion films like THE WAR OF THE WORLDS, etc. It's therefore obvious that Burton has been trying to get his comedic touch since BEETLEJUICE and this isn't the first genre that the director had encountered. Elements of classic science-fiction were mixed together with dark humour and created a very imaginative look and it seemed very reminiscent to the B films of the 1950s that deal with these alien apocalypses. These Martians in the movie are undeniably goofy but still threatening as they pose a threat to most of the humankind that make poor decisions, were at their utmost of selfishness and have barely redeemed themselves except for some that were saved in the film's end. It helps that this came after the director’s semi-autobiographical movie of ED WOOD and it explains a lot of inspiration and detail. He even took some scenic inspiration out of DR. STRANGELOVE (click here) from the late Stanley Kubrick, particularly the war conference room. 

Jack Nicholson was the most prominent player as he had a dual role in the feature as the President and as a immoral casino manager. Most noticeable of the other featured actors in supporting roles and cameos include Michael J. Fox (in his last live-screen appearance), Pierce Brosnan, Annette Bening, Danny DeVito, Sarah Jessica Parker, singer Tom Jones, Martin Short and Glenn Close. A lot of viewers most of whom are Star Wars fans may recognise Natalie Portman for her later work other than the divisive prequels vice versa, would be surprised that she was among the actors who get small notice in the film as it did to Jack Black when acting as one of the soliders who gets vaporised by the Martians. The movie's CGI was plain and effective but was certainly out-of-date when compared to the modern films that many of its visuals have worked through the use of better quality.

It may not have been the finest hour for Tim Burton and his crew. He can do pictures whenever that he pleases us and were no better than MARS ATTACKS! even by a long-shot. I purposely recommend to all moviegoers that this is a semi-decent film.

Star rating: (7/10) Good Movie

Thursday, 19 October 2017

Kingsman: The Secret Service/The Golden Circle Review

Kingsman: The Secret Service/The Golden Circle

Release Date: 5th February 2015 - Australia (Secret Service)
21st September 2017 - Australia (Golden Circle)

Production Companies
20th Century Fox
Marv Films
Cloudy Productions
TSG Entertainment (made in association with)

20th Century Fox Australia

Genre: Action

Rating: MA15+ (Not Suitable for Young Children)

Runtime: 129 minutes (Secret Service)
                141 minutes (Golden Circle)

Budget: $94,000,000 (Secret Service)
$104,000,000 (Golden Circle)

Box Office Gross: $414,351,546 (Worldwide) (Secret Service)
$287,633,074 (Worldwide) (Golden Circle) (This figure may change as new editions earn more money and increase the overall value of the box office gross)

Plot Summaries

Gary "Eggsy" Unwin, whose
late father secretly worked for a
spy organis.ation, lives in a
South London housing estate
and seems headed for a life
behind bars. However, dapper
agent Harry Hart recognises
potential in the youth and
recruits him to be a trainee in
the secret service. Meanwhile, 
villainous Richmond Valentine 
launches a diabolical plan to 
solve the problem of climate 
change via a worldwide killing 

Gary “Eggsy” Unwin is learning 
what it takes to be a true 
Kingsman from mentor Harry 
Hart. He learns nice clothes, 
fancy cars and cool weapons 
help the Kingsman with their 
ultimate goal: to sacrifice 
anything for the greater good.

But when the Kingsman 
headquarters is destroyed, 
Eggsy and Merlin have to 
figure out who is responsible. 
Their research leads them 
to discover an allied American 
agency called Statesman 
comprised of Agent Tequila, 
Agent Whiskey and Agent 
Champagne. The two agencies 
decide to band together to try 
to discover this new enemy 
and save the world.

Talon Egerton - Gary ‘Eggsy’ Unwin
Colin Firth - Harry Hart/Galahad
Mark Strong - Merlin
Sophie Cookson - Roxy
Edward Holcroft - Charlie
Samantha Womack - Michelle Unwin
Tobi Bakare - Jamal
Hanna Alström - Princess Tilde

Samuel L. Jackson - Richmond Valentine
Sofia Boutella - Gazelle
Michael Caine - Chester King/Arthur
Mark Hamill - Professor Arnold 
Jack Davenport - Lancelot
Geoff Bell - Dean
Jordan Long - Poodle
Alex Nikolov - Little Eggsy
Fiona Hampton - Amelia
Jack Cutmore-Scott - Rufus Saville
Bjørn Floberg - Scandavian Prime Minister
Lily Travers - Lady Sophie
Richard Brake - The Interrigator
Nicholas Banks - Digby
Tom Prior - Hugo
Jonno Davies - Lee
Theo Barklem-Biggs - Ryan
Morgan Watkins - Rottweiler
Nicholas Agnew - Nathaniel
Rowan Polonski - Piers

Julianne Moore - Poppy
Channinng Tatum - Tequila 
Pedro Pascal - Whiskey
Jeff Bridges - Champ
Halle Berry - Ginger
Elton John - Himself
Michael Gambon - Arthur
Keith Allen - Charles
Tom Benedict Knight - Angel
Mark Arnold - General McCoy
Bruce Greenwood - The President
Poppy Delevingne - Clara
Emily Watson - Chief of Staff Fox
Bjorn Granath - The King of Sweden
Lena Endre - The Queen of Sweden
Calvin Demba - Brandon
Thomas Turgoose - Liam

Screenplay/Producer/Director - Matthew Vaughn
Based on Comic Book “Secret Service”/Executive Producers - Mark Millar and Dave Gibbons
Screenplay/Co-Producer - Jane Goldman
Executive Producers - Pierre Lagrange, Stephen Marks and Claudia Schiffer
Producers - Adam Bohling and David Reid
Production Designers - Paul Kirby (*) and Darren Gilford (**)
Costume Designer - Adrianne Phillips
Cinematography - George Richmond
Stunt Coordinators - Bradley James Allan and Adam Kirley
Additional Stunt Coordinator - James O’Donnell (*)
Fight Coordinator - Guillermo Grispo
Skydiving Supervisor - David Emerson (*)
Special Effects Supervisor - Steven Warner
Special Effects Consultant - Neil Corbould (*)
Visual Effects Supervisors - Steven Begg (*) and Angus Bickerton (**)
Visual Effects Supervisor/Lidar and Cyber Scanning Supervisor -
Huseyin Caner (*)
Additional Visual Effects Supervisors - John Paul Docherty
and John Bruno (*)
Film Editors - Eddie Hamilton and John Harris (*)
Music - Henry Jackman and Matthew Margeson

I apologise for taking another break as I had to finish my long-term animated project among other things. While taking a trip down to Sydney, I recently come across the Hoyts cinema in Penrith where I saw the second KINGSMAN instalment THE GOLDEN CIRCLE. Before that, I had watched THE SECRET SERVICE and it was the fourth time that I’ve watched this film. 

An excessively violent spy-fi movie with stylised action sequences that reminisces the classic spy movies from the 1960s and 1970s like James Bond. KINGSMAN: THE SECRET SERVICE is a dapper movie with a great sense of humour and action-packed storyline. Matthew Vaughn has never been formally introduced to the espionage sub-genre for a film that’s based on an original comic. Much like his few other films that were previously adapted from comic-books, this movie also has the Director’s penchant for gruesome violence and vulgarity. Trust me, this one is completely different to his superhero flicks that were KICK-ASS and X-MEN: FIRST CLASS (click here). This film has very much of the hardcore fight scenes and explosions and speaking of these two, the church scene and the pub-fight are absolutely two of the best moments and the part of the exploding heads is to die for.

Taron Egerton was warmly welcomed as the new star in a much-deserved role as Eggsy, a young man who desires to do good in his life. Colin Firth was even a suitable British actor when he is fantastic as Harry Hart who trains Eggsy to become a proper English gentleman spy. Hollywood’s living legend Samuel L. Jackson has had a dazzling opportunity to do an over-the-top portrayal as the lisping villainous businessman named Richmond Valentine. Mark Strong was the director’s frequent collaborator and is once again working with him in a supporting role as Merlin. Sofia Boutella was ideally chosen in her debut role as the deadly henchwoman Gazelle.

This movie may be horrifying for some with graphic violent scenes and crude language, and don’t mind the campiness that hasn’t been used before in a recent spy movie. I appreciate the level of enthusiasm that has been brought to THE SECRET SERVICE and is properly envisioned as the year’s ultimate action-packed blockbuster. If you are old enough to see it, just buy it or rent it elsewhere in online and retail.

Star rating: (8/10) Very Good Movie

It seems that the wait is over as the first KINGSMAN movie’s helmer Matthew Vaughn is back for its newest chapter to revisit the glamorous but violent style of espionage. Unfortunately for him, he’s forgotten what he had promised us, more genuine class in the sequel.  THE GOLDEN CIRCLE was twice as big as the original film but rehashes everything that was done in its predecessor. There are a few grating plot-holes that were noticeable enough to derail the film off its corners. Nevertheless, the new characters were added to the plot like those from the Statesman agency plus the violence and action sequences are still intact but remained as over the top and edgy. 

It was truly unexpected to see Colin Firth return in a screen combination with the main lead actor Taron Egerton. Actress Julianne Moore does a great performance as the smart and cunning villainess who has a secret motivation that doesn’t involve world domination or doomsday cataclysm. Pop musician Elton John was no actor but rather than a cameo, he outplays himself as being in a supporting role. Halle Berry was sweet as the American female counterpart of Merlin. Jeff Bridges was a bit of a dandy as the head of the Statesman agency. Channing Tatum was good but I felt his character Tequila could have had more screen-time, if he was featured in the rest of the movie for more action. 

THE GOLDEN CIRCLE is somewhat decent but it was an instantly forgettable continuation and some believed it was being put upon for the sake of the style. There is still much fun going on with just this film to get the KINGSMAN saga going until the next instalment is unveiled..

Star rating: (6/10) Fair Movie 

Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Dunkirk Review


Release Date: 20th July 2017 - Australia

Production Companies
Warner Bros. Pictures
Dombey Street Productions

Roadshow Distribution 

Genre: War

Rating: M

Runtime: 106 minutes

Budget: $100,000,000

Box Office Gross: $413,054,097 (Worldwide) (This figure may change as new editions earn more money and increase the overall value of the box office gross)

Plot Summary
In 1940 during the early days of World War II, hundreds of thousands of Allied soliders from Britian, Belgium and Canada find themselves trapped on the beach of the French coastal town of Dunkirk as they face an impossible crisis. They've been cut off and surrounded by ruthless German Nazi troops. Over the course of eight days, the men must struggle to survive and hope for rescue.

Fionn Whitehead - Tommy
Tom Hardy - Farrier
Mark Rylance - Mr. Dawson
Kenneth Branagh - Commander Bolton
Harry Styles - Alex
James D'Arcy - Colonel Winnant
Tom Glynn-Carney - Peter
Jack Lowden - Collins
Aneurin Barnard - Gibson
Barry Keoghan - George
Cillian Murphy - Shivering Solider

Writer/Producer/Director - Christopher Nolan
Executive Producer - Jake Myers
Producer - Emma Thomas
Production Designer - Nathan Crowley
Costume Designer - Jeffrey Kurland
Director of Photography - Hoyte van Hoytema
Stunt Coordinator - Tom Struthers
Special Effects Supervisor - Paul Corbould
Special Effects Coordinator - Scott R. Fisher
Visual Effects Supervisor - Andrew Jackson
Sound Designer - Richard King
Editor - Lee Smith
Music - Hans Zimmer

Director Chris Nolan is thought to have lost his touch when two of his previous films like THE DARK KNIGHT RISES (click here) and INTERSTELLAR (click here) were divided but still have positive responses when compared to his earlier successes. Now he triumphs through the ongoing success of his latest film DUNKIRK. It's a down-to-earth, suspenseful and melancholic war drama that accurately portrays the realism of the operation that took place in a small town in Europe during World War II. It's told from a few different perspectives including civilians and young soldiers who were desperate to survive and be rescued in a war torn land that was occupied by the Germans. There have been several movies that were based on the same historical fact, each share its same titled location before Nolan was to have his depiction filmed in 2017. A masterful attempt to embrace the glimpses of war that includes loss and devastation and unlike what Steven Spielberg has to offer for his well-made epic of SAVING PRIVATE RYAN. It deserves to be appreciated by veterans who might tell their grandchildren and great-grandchildren of their experiences in Dunkirk.

It's absolutely amazing to see the newcomers Fionn Whitehead and Harry Styles get together with Kenneth Branagh and Tom Hardy. They were performing very splendidly with the guidance of their director. The well-balanced cinematography was stunning and is catered to scenes of action, suspense and heartbreak. Hans Zimmer is again the composer for one of Nolan's compelling achievements and he certainly hasn't changed his style of orchestration as heard from the director's previous collaborations.

From deep psychological thrillers, caped-crusaders, magicians, exploring sub-consciousness and travelling wormholes, this was stylised in Nolan's signature directing style and it's highly considered his best movie of all time. For those who have and have not looked on its research, I recommend you see it in theatres before it hits the shelves.

Star rating: (10/10) Best Movie Ever

Monday, 21 August 2017

War for the Planet of the Apes Review

War for the Planet of the Apes

Release Date: 27th July 2017 - Australia

Production Companies
20th Century Fox
Chermin Entertainment
TSG Entertainment (in association with)

20th Century Fox Australia

Genre: Sci-Fi

Rating: M
Runtime: 140 minutes

Budget: $150,000,000

Box Office Gross: $346,317,943 (Worldwide) (This figure may change as new editions earn more money and increase the overall value of the box office gross)

Plot Summary
Highly intelligent Caesar and his ape colony are engaged in a heated battle with power-hungry humans. At the loss of several apes, Caesar is enraged and vows to avenge his fallen primates. To do so, he knows he'll have to combat the leader of the humans, a merciless Colonel. 

Whichever way the battle goes, the fate of apes and the future of Planet Earth hang in the balance.


The Apes
Andy Serkis - Caesar
Steve Zahn - Bad Ape
Karin Konoval - Maurice
Terry Notary - Rocket
Ty Olsson - Red
Michael Adamthwaite - Luca
Max Lloyd-Jones - Blue Eyes
Judy Greer - Cornelia
Toby Kebbell - Kopa 
Sara Canning - Lake
Devyn Dalton - Cornelius
Aleks Paunovic - Winter

The Humans
Woody Harrelson - Colonel
Amiah Miller - Nova
Gabriel Chavarria - Preacher

Writer/Director - Matt Reeves
Based on Novel and Suggested Concept "La Planete des Singes" - Pierre Boulle (Uncredited)
Based on Characters/Producers - Rick Jaffa and Amanda Silver
Writer/Executive Producer - Mark Bomback
Executive Producer/Unit Production Manager - Mary McLaglen 
Executive Producer - Jenno Topping
Producers - Dylan Clark and Peter Chermin
Co-Producer/Visual Effects Producer - Ryan Stafford
Production Designer - James Chinlund
Costume Designer - Melissa Bruning
Director of Photography - Michael Seresin
Special Effects Supervisor - Dan Cervin
Senior Visual Effects Supervisor - Joe Letteri
Visual Effects Supervisors - Dan Lemmon and Erik Winquist
Visual Effects Supervisor: Weta Digital - Mark Gee
Animation Supervisors - Sidney Kombo,
Dennis Yoo and Emile Ghorayeb
Film Editors - William Hoy and Stan Salfas
Music - Michael Giacchino

The APES trilogy has come to a screeching halt with its recent third instalment of WAR FOR THE PLANET OF THE APES. Director Matt Reeves is among those crew members that have returned to conclude the extensive chapter of the apes' re-told origins. The storyline of the third instalment was bleaker, heartbreaking and more interesting than the first two. I am surprised how this instalment turned out good with a more brooding atmosphere and less human protagonists (sans one). It's supposed to show us the outcome of the warring conflict between the apes and the humans in their battle for inheritance. It's simply unexpected for the apes to win the fight for domination.

So much has changed for Andy Serkis being his last time in the mo-cap as the ape-leader Caesar, who is now more vengeful than ever and is struggling to face his inner demons. Steve Zahn was funny as the film's comic relief as Bad Ape whom becomes a great help to Caesar and the other apes in their cause. Woody Harrelson was a gentleman actor and was rather outstanding to portray a vicious military colonel who is just as bad as the other humans that were unpleasant, cruel, selfish and misguided. His character was very much an extremist only that he is trying to preserve humanity above ape. The music score by Michael Giacchino was absolutely vivid and breathtaking to listen too. The score hit the right cords to portray emotion in situations of torture and prison confinement.

WAR FOR THE PLANET OF THE APES feels like an end to the characters and not the series itself, which could mean there may be a few more APES films in the future. It could possibly lead to a remake of the 1968 classic which is unlike the drastically altered version by Tim Burton. It's a fantastic movie that could never be forgotten by its fanbase and is a must-see on the big screen.

Star rating: (8/10) Very Good Movie