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How to Train Your Dragon Review (Updated)

How to Train Your Dragon

Release Date: 25th March 2010 Australia

Production Companies
DreamWorks Animation (presents)
Mad Hatter Entertainment
Vertigo Entertainment

Paramount Pictures Australia

Genre: Animation/Family

Rating: PG

Runtime: 98 minutes

Budget: $165,000,000

Box Office Gross: $494,878,759

Plot Summary
From the studio that brought 
you "Shrek," "Madagascar" 
and "Kung Fu Panda" comes 
"How To Train Your Dragon" 
-- an adventure comedy set 
in the mythical world of burly 
Vikings and wild dragons. 
The story centres around a 
scrawny teenager, Hiccup, 
who lives on the island of 
Berk, where fighting 
dragons is a way of life. 
Initiation is coming, and 
this is his one chance to 
prove his worthiness to 
his tribe and father. 

But when he encounters, 
and ultimately befriends, 
an injured Night Fury dragon, 
his world is turned upside 
down and what started out 
as Hiccup's one shot to 
prove himself turns into an 
opportunity to set a new 
course for the future of the 
entire tribe.

Voice Cast
Jay Baruchel – Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III
Gerard Butler – Stoick the Vast
Craig Ferguson – Gobber the Belch
America Ferrera – Astrid Hofferson
Christopher Mintz-Plasse – 
Fishlegs Ingerman
Jonah Hill – Snotlout Jorgenson
T. J. Miller Ruffnut Thorston 
Kristen Wiig – Tuffnut Thorston
David Tennant – Spitelout 

Screenplay/Directors – Chris Sanders 
Dean DeBlois
Based on Book "How to Train Your Dragon" – 
Cressida Cowell 
Screenplay – William Davies
Additional Screenplay Material – Adam F. Goldberg
Executive Producers - Kristine Belson &
Tim Johnson
Producer – Bonnie Arnold
Co-Producers – Doug Davison, Roy Lee, 
Michael A. Connolly & Karen Foster
Production Designer – Kathy Alteri
Head of Character Animation – Simon Otto
Character Designers – Andy Bialk, 
Ricardo F. Delgado, Nicolas Marlet, 
Takao Noguchi, Shame Prigmore & 
Tony Siruno
Visual Effects Supervisor – Craig Ring
Visual Consultant – Roger Deakins
Sound Designer/Supervising Sound Editor/
Mixer – Randy Thom 
Film Editors – Maryann Brandon &
Darren T. Holmes
Music – John Powell


2011 Academy Awards
Best Animated Feature - Chris Sanders & 
Dean DeBlois (Nominated)
Best Original Score - John Powell (Nominated)

HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON is a stylised CGI animated film that was amazing in 3D and has a witty, dramatic and superb story that focuses on the heartfelt relationship of the main hero Hiccup and the dragon Toothless. In looking on to the latter character, I find that his facial appearance reminded me of Stitch since I didn't know that the movie was directed by the two gentlemen who did LILO & STITCH (click here). The voice acting of Jay Baruchel, Gerard Butler, Craig Ferguson and Jonah Hill were all terrific in this movie. The music soundtrack by John Powell is turning out to be one of the best scores in a animated motion picture. 

HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON is personally dear to me as it is a feel good uplifting animated feature which I regard as one of the greatest I have ever seen. It occurred to me that it was one of the first movies I saw on the 3D aspect.

It is one of the best of DreamWorks collection of its animation movies and I dare to say that it will hold this superior status for decades to come.

Star rating: (5/5) Best Movie Ever

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  1. How to train your dragon is a great movie and really does have a good story line and it is quite amazing