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Dante's Peak Review (Updated)

Dante's Peak

Release Date: 27th March 1997 - Australia

Production Companies
Universal Pictures (presents)
Pacific Western

Universal Pictures Australia

Genre: Action

Rating: M

Runtime: 109 minutes

Budget: $116,000,000

Box Office Gross: $178,127,760

Plot Summary
Volcanologist Harry Dalton
and mayor Rachel Wando
of Dante's Peak try to
convince the city council and
the other volcanologists
that the volcano right above
Dante's Peak is indeed
dangerous. People's safety
is being set against economical

Pierce Brosnan - Dr. Harry Dalton
Linda Hamilton - Rachel Wando
Charles Hallahan - Dr. Paul Dreyfus
Elizabeth Hoffman - Grandma Ruth
Jamie Renee Smith - Lauren Wando
Jeremy Foley - Graham Wando
Grant Heslov - Greg
Kirk Trutner - Terry
Arabella Field - Nancy
Tzi Ma - Stan

Director - Roger Donaldson
Writer - Leslie Bohem
Producers - Gale Anne Hurd &
Joseph Singer
Volcanology Advisors - David H.
Harlow, John P. Lockwood &
Norman MacLeod
Director of Photography - Andrzej Bartkowiak
Stunt Coordinator - R.A. Rondell
Visual Effects Supervisor - Pat McClung
Special Effects Supervisor: Digital
Domain - Dean W. Miller & Richard Stutsman
Film Editors - Conrad Buff IV,
Tina Hirsch & Howard E. Smith
Composer: Theme Music - James Newton Howard
Music - John Frizzell

DANTE'S PEAK is a mind blowing spectacle from start to finish. This natural disaster movie is from director Roger Donaldson and is very realistic and portrays as being scientifically accurate and close to reality of how a disaster to this proportion would unfold and affect the lives of hundreds of people. It did have excellent acting performances by Pierce Brosnan and Linda Hamilton and great visual effects which is such a shame that it almost got nominated for an Oscar.

This film is for people who have learned about or studied volcanoes will definitely appreciate the realism of this motion picture.

Star rating: (4/5) Good Movie

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