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The Magic Sword: Quest for Camelot Review (Updated)

The Magic Sword: Quest for Camelot

Release Date:
17th September 1998 - Australia

Production Companies
Warner Bros. Pictures
Warner Bros. Feature Animation

Genre: Animation/Family

Rating: G

Runtime: 86 minutes

Budget: $40,000,000

Box Office Gross: $38,172,500

Plot Summary
A spirited teenage girl 
named Kayley answers 
the call to adventure when 
Ruber the evil knight steals 
King Arthur's legendary 
sword, Excalibur. Aided 
by Garrett, a handsome, 
blind squire, Kayley 
embarks on a thrilling 
quest to recover the 
sword and save her 
beloved kingdom. 
Along the way, these 
two unlikely heroes meet 
up with one outrageously 
funny creature - a wise-
craking, two-headed 
dragon named Devon 
and Cornwall. On their 
magical, musical journey, 
Kayley and Garrett discover 
the unlimited power of 
friendship and courage.

Voice Cast
Jessalyn Gilsig - Kayley
Andrea Corr - Kayley
(singing voice)
Sarah Freeman - Young Kayley
Cary Elwes - Garrett
Bryan White - Garrett (singing
Gary Oldman - Ruber
Eric Idle & Don Rickles -
Devon & Cornwall
Jane Seymour - Juliana
Celine Dion - Juliana (singing
Pierce Brosnan - King Arthur
Steve Perry - King Arthur
(singing voice)
Bronson Pinchot - The Griffin
Jaleel White - Bladebeak
Gabriel Byrne - Sir Lionel
John Gielgud - Merlin
Frank Welker - Ayden

Director - Frederik Du Chau
Based on Novel "The King's Damosel" -
Vera Chapman
Screenplay - Kirk De Micco, William Schifrin,
Jacqueline Feather & David Seidler
Producer - Dalisa Cohen
Production Designer - Steve Pilcher
Choreographer - Kenny Ortega
Head of Effects - Michel Gagne
Film Editor - Stanford C. Allen
Songs & Lyrics - David Foster &
Carole Bayer Sager
Music - Patrick Doyle


1999 Academy Awards
Best Music, Original Song "The Prayer" - Carol Bayer Sager,
David Foster, Tony Renis and Alberto Testa (Nominated)

The animated feature THE MAGIC SWORD: QUEST FOR CAMELOT was okay, but it's obviously an attempt by Warner Bros to do non-Disney animated musicals aside from their Looney Tunes to compete with that studio. Because it has forgettable songs except a few, cultural references and sidekicks like that two-headed dragon Devon and Cornwall which is nothing more but a wasted comic relief. It's funny how you mention that Warner and Disney have been competing each other since the Golden Age of Animation. What makes this film worse are a few plot inconsistencies, but there are few things that were good like the blind character voiced by Cary Elwes and the falcon Ayden.

THE MAGIC SWORD was really pretentious and mediocre, but could have been a lot better if it has less songs, less comic relief and no references which would make this movie be different and more interesting.

Star rating: (3/5) Average

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