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Balto Review


Release Date: 27th June 1996 - Australia

Production Companies
Universal Pictures
Amblin Entertainment

Universal Pictures Australia

Genre: Animation/Family

Rating: G

Runtime: 74 minutes

Budget: $31,000,000

Box Office Gross: $11,348,324

Plot Summary
Part husky/part wolf, Balto
doesn't know where he belongs.
He's an outcast in Alaska,
except to his true friends: Boris,
the Russian snow goose, polar
bear cubs Muk and Luk and
the beautiful husky, Jenna.

One day, a serious diphtheria
spreads fast among the children
of Nome. When a fierce
blizzard closes off all routes
of transport, there's no way to
obtain life-saving medicine...
unless a team of sled dogs
can race six-hundred miles
through the blinding Arctic
storm and bring back antitoxin.
But the dogs are lost in the
frozen wilderness. Now, only
Balto can rescue the team and
save the children.

Voice Cast
Kevin Bacon - Balto
Bridget Fonda - Jenna
Bob Hoskins - Boris
Phil Collins - Muk & Luk
Jim Cummings - Steele
Juilette Brewer - Young Rosy
Jack Angel - Nikki
Danny Mann - Kaltag
Robbie Rist - Star
Sandra Dickinson - Dixie/
Sylvie/Rosie's Mom

Live Action Cast
Miriam Margoyles - Old Rosy
Lola Bates-Campbell - Rosy's

Director - Simon Wells
Story/Screenplay - Cliff Ruby
& Elana Lesser
Screenplay - David Cohen &
Roger S.H. Schulman
Executive Producers - Kathleen Kennedy, Bonne Radford & Steven Spielberg
Producer - Steve Hickner
Production Designer - Hans Bacher
Costume Designer - Ellen Lutter
Character Designer/Supervising Animator: "Muk and Luk" -
Nicholas Marlet
Character Designer/Supervising Animator: "Sylvie",
"Dixie" and Principal Humans - Patrick Mate
Character Designer - Carlos Grangel 
Storyboard Supervisor - Daan Jippes
Background Supervisor - Ray Rankine
Background Supervisor/Assistant Art Director -
Colin Stimpson
Cinematography: Live Action
Scenes - Jan Ritcher-Friis
Film Editors - Renee Edwards,
Sim Evan-Jones & Nick Fletcher
Lyrics: Song "Reach for the Light" - Barry Mann
Performer: Song "Reach for the Light" - Steve Winwood"
Music - James Horner

Aside from the historical differences, BALTO has its marvellous animation that made the entire film look greatly drawn and ambitious. Unlike the other hand-drawn animated flicks that were made by Disney, it doesn't include the characters singing and therefore is not a musical. There's nothing wrong with this overlooked picture, I found some commendable aspects such as some humour which includes an ET reference and well-known voice-over talents of Kevin Bacon, Jim Cummings, Phil Collins, Bob Hoskins and Bridget Fonda. The film is complimented with the brilliant music score by James Horner who does a tremendous work of composing.

Shame it got beaten out of the box-office competition by Pixar's TOY STORY (click here), BALTO is an extremely underrated movie that the dog-lovers and furries might want to re-discover. It's better than Disney's POCAHONTAS (click here) which is also based on a true-life story and unfortunately fails to bring what BALTO has, a happy ending.

Star rating: (4/5) Good Movie

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