Monday, 25 March 2013

Dragonheart Review


Release Date: 12th December 1996 - Australia

Production Companies
Universal Pictures (presents)

Universal Pictures Australia

Genre: Fantasy

Rating: M

Runtime: 103 minutes

Budget: $57,000,000

Box Office Gross: $115,267,375

Plot Summary
The last dragon and a 
disillusioned dragon-slaying 
knight must cooperate to 
stop an evil king who was 
given partial immortality.

Dennis Quaid - Bowen
Sean Connery - Draco (Voice)
David Thewlis - King Einon
Lee Oakes - Young Einon
Pete Postlethwaite - Gilbert of
Jason Isaacs - Lord Felton
Julie Christie - Queen Aislinn
Dina Meyer - Kara
Peter Hric - King Freyne
Brian Thompson - Brok
Terry O'Neill - Redbeard
John Gielgud - King Arthur (Voice) (Uncredited)

Director - Rob Cohen
Story/Executive Producer -
Patrick Read Johnson
Story/Screenplay - Charles
Edward Progue
Producer - Raffaella De Laurentiis
Production Designer - Benjamin
Director of Photography - David Eggby
Dragon Supervisor: ILM - Phil Tippett
Special Effects Supervisor - Kit West
Visual Effects Supervisor - Scott Squires
Character Animation Supervisor -
James Straus
Film Editor - Peter Amundson
Music - Randy Edelman


1997 Academy Awards
Best Visual Effects - Scott Squires, Phil Tippett,
James Straus and Kit West (Nominated)

As a teenager when I used to think that DRAGONHEART was overrated since I thought that the start of it was going to focus on David Thewlis's character as the hero of the story instead of Dennis Quaid. David's character turn out to be a bloodthirsty villainous king, now I realise that it was such a great fantasy movie of its time from director Rob Cohen. Fitted together is the solid acting of Quaid and Thewlis, the appropriated comical slapstick, the well-known music by Randy Edelman and most importantly the dragon character Draco which is brought to life by the use of CGI and the voice by Sean Connery.

DRAGONHEART was surprisingly entertaining but somewhat a lively and pleasant flick that keeps it to the heart and takes viewers on an unforgettable journey.

Star rating: (4/5) Good Movie


  1. I've loved DragonHeart since I was a kid, being somewhat of a guilty pleasure, with Draco being one of my favorite film dragons. After I found out about the novelization, I just had to get my hands on it and it was more than worth it. It's the true version of DragonHeart and one of the best novelizations I've ever read!

    The book fleshes out the characters, the world, and the story while the film only scratched the surface and dumbed some things down to be more family-friendly. From learning about the film's development process, it's a shame that Universal messed it up as the film could have been more. The movie ought to be remade based on the book, with Sean Connery returning to voice Draco and Liam Neeson as Bowen. Remake petition link -

    1. To be fair, I never read the novelisation but I definitely appreciate the movie for what it is and though I agree of what you said about Dragonheart.