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Spaceballs Review (Updated)


Release Date: 10th December 1987 - Australia

Production Companies
Metro Goldwyn Mayer

Genre: Sci-Fi/Comedy

Rating: PG

Runtime: 96 minutes

Budget: $22,700,000

Box Office Gross: $38,119,483

Plot Summary
The fearless - and clueless -
Lone Starr and his half man/
half dog sidekick Barf race
against time to free Princess
Vespa from the evil clutches
of Dark Helmet. Along the
way, they confront the gooey
gangster Pizza the Hutt, sassy
robot Dot Matrix and wise
little imp Yogurt who teaches
them the mystical power of
"The Schwartz" in order to
bring peace - and
merchandising rights - to
the entire galaxy!

Bill Pullman - Lone Starr
John Candy - Barf
Rick Moranis - Dark Helmet
Mel Brooks - President Skroob/Yogurt
Daphne Zuniga - Princess Vespa
Dick Van Patten - King Roland
George Wyner - Colonel Sandurz
Joan Rivers - Dot Matrix (Voice)
Lorene Yarnell - Dot Matrix
Dom DeLuise - Pizza the Hutt (Voice)
John Hurt - Himself (Cameo)
Michael Winslow - Radar Technician
Jim J. Bullock - Prince Valium
Leslie Bevis - Commanderette Zircon
Jim Jackman - Major Asshole
Rudy DeLuca - Vinnie

Writer/Producer/Director -
Mel Brooks
Writers - Thomas Meehan &
Ronny Graham
Co-Producer - Ezra Swerdlow
Production Designer - Terence Marsh
Costume Designer - Donfeld
Makeup Designer - Ben Nye Jr.
Director of Photography - Nick McLean
Stunt Coordinator - Dick Warlock
Special Effects Supervisor - Peter Albiez
Visual Effects Supervisor - Peter Donen
Matte Painting Supervisor - Albert Whitlock
Film Editor - Conrad Buff IV
Additional Editor - Nicholas C. Smith
Music - John Morris

In May 25th 2013, fans of STAR WARS celebrate its 26th anniversary and I'm going to travel back in time to review a movie that isn't related to the franchise at all. It makes fun of the original trilogy and also probably the greatest sign-in of science fiction parodies called SPACEBALLS. Spoofing up the saga as well as many other sci-fi classics like STAR TREK and many others excluding a few that were not sci-fi. Mel Brooks' comedic masterpiece has brought us materialistic gags and intergalactic amusement of jokes with decent make-up and old special effects in likely. In the presence of a light-hearted motion picture, every moments and quotes are hilarious and hysterical in every girth as possible. The cast Bill Pullman, John Candy, Rick Moranis and Mel Brooks are really funny in their roles and the cameos of Michael Winslow and John Hurt felt so lucky to be in SPACEBALLS.

SPACEBALLS surrenders itself to the light side for a gratifying lease of laughter and hesitation from Star Wars fans and audience to watch this send-up. Be entertained and yes, even George Lucas is aware that Brooks has given us a legendary comic-buster in the century and he'll be laughing at his bottom. I love it and it was the best parody movie I had seen and there wasn't any offence to all of us.

Star rating: (5/5) Best Movie Ever

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