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Film Guru Lad's Top Spoiled Brats

Film Guru Lad's Top Spoiled Brats

So remember blog-viewers, if any of you people are spoiled or not or is your child the same, you know what greediness can indulge them and waste everyone lives of money and been bankrupted, you know that's the quickest lesson that they deserve better. Not the ones from the films.

#4. Rachel Bitterman (It's a Very 
Merry Muppet Christmas)

Not technically a spoiled child but
more of an evil greedily person,
Rachel Bitterman is the owner of
the Bitterman bank was introduced
as a very sweet person is instead
actually an ungrateful and greedy
woman who wants the Muppets
Christmas to be ruined by planning
to foreclose the Muppet theatre
down, demolish it and replace it
with a new nightclub called Club
Dot. Thankfully, one of the muppets
Pepe who was dating her, discovers
her plans and manages to betray
Rachel at the film's end.

#3. Dudley Dursley (Harry Potter)

That's probably the other reason
that Harry never had a happy
family is his spoiled cousin
Dudley. Raised by his Muggle
parents, the Dursleys to bully
his magical cousin Harry and
too bad they didn't make him
to be a good person and it
seems upsetting that he didn't
get punished for his actions.
First thing that Dudley did
selfishly was snatching a
letter that was meant to be
Harry's and the other thing was pushing him off two times. Thankfully, he happened to be a butt joke of misfortune two times like when Harry makes the glass disappear and Dudley to fall off in the snake exhibit before finding out that he has magic within him and has his bum zapped off by Hagrid and added with a curly pig tail. Serves you right, Dudley-do-wrong!

#2. Angelica Pickles (Rugrats Movies)

I never actually watch the 'Rugrats'
because the animated cartoon had
focused on babies and I used to
watch it when I was very little,
but now that I'm older, I find
that this show was extremely
overrated and so does the movies
except for the spin-off 'All Grown
Up'. Do you know that there is
only one character in the show
that I really like, Angelica Pickles,
of course she is so mean-spirited,
selfish, obnoxious and a bratty girl
who torments the Rugrats especially
her infant cousins Tommy and Dil
of everything the toddlers can't
do and yet, she is a bully to them
and makes their lives a living hell.
Sadly, instead of being the main villain in the movies like in the TV series, she plays the anti-hero role and that is why I'm giving her second place, Sorry, Angelica.

#1. Veruca Salt (Willy Wonka 
The Chocolate Factory)

There is one more overindulged
child that I want to list about is
Veruca Salt who actually
looked alike to one of my
sisters except she has a
different hairstyle and she's
never that spoiled. Veruca is
the daughter of a owner of the
peanut shelling factory Salt's
Peanuts which is temporarily
turned into an unwrapping
factory and used as an
advantage by her father to
find the golden ticket for her
girl. Sadly, her unchanged and insolent nature leads to her downfall and when trying to have one of the geese that lay the golden eggs and being told that it's not for sale. Veruca does a musical number that she wants it now and meets her fate down at the garbage chute. Oh yes, she was a bad egg.

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  1. Haha, great choices. Dudley Dursley certainly deserves his spot on the list, he is one of the most obnoxious jerks in movies.