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Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves Review

Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves

Release Date: 27th June 1991 - Australia

Production Companies
Warner Bros.
Morgan Creek Productions 

Genre: Adventure 

Rating: M

Runtime: 143 minutes
               155 minutes
               (extended cut)

Budget: $48,000,000

Box Office Gross: $390,493,908 

Plot Summary
After escaping from a 
Dungeon after being 
captured by the Turks 
during the crusades, Robin, 
son of Lord Locksey and 
a warrior Moor named 
Azeem return to England 
only to find Robin's father 
has been murdered by 
the corrupt Sheriff of 
Nottingham and has taken 
over his Father's lands. 

Unable to be helped by 
Maid Marian Dubois, sister 
of Robin's friend Peter who 
died trying to help Robin 
and Azeem escape. Robin 
vows to avenge his father 
and flees to the Forest of 
Sherwood, home to a band 
of outlaws who have been 
banished from their villages 
by the Sheriff of Notingham. 
Combining the forces of the 
outlaws, Robin and his merry 
men set out on a crusade 
against the Sheriff of 
Nottingham and defeat the 
Sheriff of Nottingham and his 
henchmen who bids to take 
over the throne of England's 
rightful ruler King Richard 
and put a end to the 
corruption that has 
infested the English 

Kevin Costner - Robin Hood
Morgan Freeman - Azeem
Alan Rickman - Sheriff George 
of Nottingham 
Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio - 
Marian Dubois 
Christian Slater - Will Scarlett
Brian Blessed - Lord Locksey
Michael Wincott - Guy of 
Nick Brimble - Little John
Mike McShane - Friar Tuck
Geraldine McEwan - Mortianna
Harold Innocent - Bishop of 
Walter Sparrow - Duncan
Sean Connery - King Richard 
(Uncredited) (Cameo)

Director - Kevin Reynolds
Story/Screenplay/Producer - Pen Densham
Screenplay/Producer - John Watson
Executive Producers - Gary Barber, David Nicksay 
and James G. Robinson
Producer - Richard Barton Lewis
Co-Producer - Michael J. Kagan
Project Consultant - Stuart Baird
Production Consultant/Producer (Uncredited) - 
Kevin Costner
Production Designer - John Graysmark
Costume Designer - John Bloomfield
Cinematography - Douglas Milsome
Sword Masters - Terry Walsh and
Andrew A Wilkinson
Stunt Coordinator - Paul Weston
Film Editor - Peter Boyle
Music - Michael Kamen


1992 Academy Awards
Best Music, Original Song "(Everything I Do) I Do It For You" - 
Michael Kamen, Bryan Adams and 
Robert John Lange (Nominated)

In the newly written recap of my new critique. The mythological Robin Hood is always adapted in every numerous version that has symbolised the character into so many motion pictures. First of which in 1938 was THE ADVENTURES OF ROBIN HOOD starring Errol Flynn then in 1973, Disney justified to change the title character into a fox and made their own animated universe with animals. Recently in 2010 came director Ridley Scott who released another version with Russell Crowe in the lead role and there's a fact that I once experienced the Disney version, it was entertaining. PRINCE OF THIEVES though not as endearing as I think, it's very imperfect on a grand scale. For anything I see in the film, Kevin Costner will never be Robin Hood if it weren't for his non-Brit accent and was miscast of his looks to play that character. 

Alan Rickman and Morgan Freeman were the only ones I know off did very well. For Rickman who comes out the deliciously comical and menacing parts for the Sheriff of Nottingham. Freeman on the other hand performs a character shown to be a great ally to Robin Hood, but never shown in the original mythology. One of the underlying factors for this film is not many historical accuracies are found in the plot, some greatly changed and I think Prince John switched by the Sheriff as the main antagonist. The background music went along great with especially the instrumentals done by Michael Kamen and the Bryan Adams song as it evokes this swashbuckling rehash in a resonated splendor.

My chance I give PRINCE OF THIEVES a 7 out of 10 stars for being a good movie. Not quite firing the arrow, it's usually a movie worth-watching with love and adventure by its side.

Star rating: (7/10) Good Movie

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