Thursday, 5 May 2016

Changes, More Changes

Over the course of the last week of April to the first of May, I have fixed mistakes in most of my posts such as sentences, re-wording, re-hyperlinked and proper capitalisation when needed. I've done a massive update on my review of 'Hot Fuzz' as this is the first critique of a movie that is particularly rated MA15+. I've also changed the star rating of 'Avengers: Age of Ultron' when it did make sense of the rating I originally given it. Since most of the repairs to these original posts were greatly necessary, they will be matching the consistency I've had in my recent reviews that I've posted in every Monday or in Sunday. 

This might be the last time I've checked this blog to get everything fixed, and who knows? Maybe I will keep doing that often in a least a few of my already-critiqued movies, news updates or even top lists. 

Anyway, this is FilmGuruLad out and I hope you've read this newsletter, the sooner, the better.

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