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Cats & Dogs Review

Cats & Dogs

Release Date:
20th September 2001 - Australia

Production Companies
NPV Entertainment (in association with)
Warner Bros. Pictures (presents)
Mad Chance
Zide/Perry Productions
Village Roadshow Pictures (in association with)

Roadshow Distribution

Genre: Family

Rating: PG

Runtime: 87 minutes

Budget: $60,000,000

Box Office Gross: $200,687,492 

Plot Summary
A look at the top-secret, 
high-tech espionage war 
going on between cats 
and dogs, which their 
human owners are 
blissfully unaware of.

Jeff Goldblum - Professor Brody
Elizabeth Perkins - Mrs. Brody
Alexander Pollock - Scott Brody
Miriam Margoyles - Sophie the Castle Maid
Myron Natwick - Mr. Mason

Voice Cast
Tobey Maguire - Lou the Beagle
Sean Hayes - Mr. Tinkles 
Alec Baldwin - Butch
Susan Sarandon - Ivy
Charlton Heston - The Mastiff  
Jon Lovitz - Calico
Joe Pantolino - Peek
Michael Clarke Duncan - Sam
Glenn Ficarra - Russian Blue

Director - Lawrence Guterman
Writers/Co-Producers - John Requa and Glenn Ficarra
Executive Producers - Chris Bender. Bruce Berman and J.C. Spink
Producers - Christopher DeFaria, Andrew Lazar, Craig Perry and Warren Zide
Production Designer - James D. Bissell
Costume Designer - Tish Monaghan 
Director of Photography - Julio Macat
Lead Animal Trainer - Mark Harden
Animal Action - Boone Narr
Animatronic Effects Supervisor/Lead Performance Coordinator - David Alan Barclay 
Animatronic Effects - John Criswell
Creature Mechanical Designer - Enrique Bilsland 
Beast Creature Effects - Patrick M. Gerrety
Visual Effects Supervisors - Ed Jones and Scott Scouter
Visual Effects Supervisor: Rhythm & Hues - Bill Westenhofer 
Animation Supervisors - Richard Baneham 
and Glenn Ramos
Film Editors - Rick Finney and 
Michael A. Stevenson
Music - John Debney 

CATS & DOGS had a great concept of making fun at the arch-rivalry of the two sides of mammals, the live-action format just simply did not work in anyway. Especially with the real-life background doesn't suit the movie at all. It came from the same man who would later go on to direct the laughably puerile SON OF THE MASK and it falls flat when the feature should have been properly directed or animated in full CGI and hand-drawnIt's bad enough, a sequel was made in over nine years after the original and to their disappointment, the less said the better.

The feature's got pawprints all over it and even the live-acting needed some better directing, no offence to actor Jeff Goldblum. Elizabeth Perkins felt that she misacted in a wrong kind of a picture and the young child who played Scott needed some coached acting skills. The voices are no different to the real-life actors as Tobey Maguire, Alec Baldwin, Sean Hayes and Susan Sarandon all turn in remarkable vocal performances of the animals. This achieved for one of the actors in creating the film's only memorable character who is purr-fectly funny to be the main arch-feline Mr. Tinkles who is enjoyable to watch in an average family feature like CATS & DOGS.

CATS & DOGS is a surprisingly average kiddie flick that may feel cartoonish or childish, but it did have some comical laughs that adults might find them funny at their amusement. There's little of this movie to recommend to adults and it's mainly aimed at youngsters.

Star rating: (5/10) Average

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