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Diamonds Are Forever Review

Diamonds Are Forever

Release Date: 23rd December 1971 - Australia

Production Companies
EON Productions
Danjaq (Uncredited)

Genre: Action

Rating: M

Runtime: 120 minutes 

Budget: $7,200,000

Box Office Gross: $116,000,000 

Plot Summary
Large quantities of South African diamonds are being stolen but haven't found their way into the world market. It is James Bond's mission to discover who is stockpiling these diamonds and why. He discovers that Ernest Blofeld has constructed a giant laser generator, suspended in orbit around earth, that uses diamonds to intensify its energy causing nuclear warheads, rockets and submarines to spontaneously self-detonate. Blofeld intends to hold an international auction with nuclear supremacy going to the highest bidder.

Bond pursues his arch enemy to his oil rig base off the Californian coast to prove that diamonds aren't just a girl's best friend.

Sean Connery - James Bond
Jill St John - Tiffany Case
Charles Gray - Ernest Stavro Blofeld
Jimmy Dean - Willard Whyte
Putter Smith - Mr. Kidd
Bruce Glover - Mr. Wint
Joseph Furst - Dr. Metz
Bruce Cabot - Bert Saxby
Norman Burton - Felix Leiter
Bernard Lee - M
Lois Maxwell - Miss Moneypenny
Desmond Llewelyn - Q
Lana Wood - Plenty O'Toole
Trina Parks - Thumper
Lola Larson - Bambi
Joe Robinson - Peter Franks

Director - Guy Hamilton
Based on Novel "Diamonds Are Forever" and Characters "James Bond" - Ian Fleming (Uncredited)
Screenplay - Richard Maibaum and Tom Mankiewicz
Producers - Albert R. Broccoli and Harry Saltzman
Production Designer - Ken Adam 
Director of Photography - Ted Moore
Stunt Arrangers - Bob Simmons and Paul Baxley
Visual Effects - Albert Whitlock and Wally Veevers
Film Editors - Bert Bates and John W. Holmes
Title Designer - Maurce Binder
Composer: James Bond
Theme - Monty Norman
Music - John Barry
Lyricist: Song "Diamonds Are Forever" - Don Black
Performer: Song "Diamonds Are Forever" - Shirley Bassey 

After a year since watching a James Bond action thriller, I decided on reviewing DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER since this is the final curtain call for Sean Connery's tenure of the main title character after six films. Unfortunately DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER is a first weak point in the Bond franchise. It re-invents the film franchise in a comical approach which I think is distasteful and not true to Bond's usual persona. It unfortunately was not the perfect conclusion for Connery that was hoped for. The story was rushed and elementary. While there were some enjoyable elements such as some good driving scenes and good action. The driving choreography was orchestrated very well for its time and doesn't have the same shock value today as when it came out.

I think what draws me to the Bond character so much is his sense of class and style in the face of grave danger. What I also liked about him more is that he always gets the girl and girl often ends up getting him into trouble. I like Bond's optimism in end of world situations where he is always resourced and skillful enough to save the day. What surprises me the most is that in the film, two of the henchwomen that Bond is facing were named after the characters from the Disney animated movie (click here).

Now, I don't find DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER to be a bad film but it does come across as cheap, nasty and virtually lacking a good plot. Some people fittingly declared that this wasn't the end for Sean Connery's role of 007 as in the next twelve years, he would return to portray the character one last time in the unofficial Bond movie NEVER SAY, NEVER AGAIN. Definitely not the best Bond movie around but is nowhere near worse than A VIEW TO A KILL.

Star rating: (5/10) Average

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