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Viva Las Vegas Review

Viva Las Vegas

Release Date: 20th May 1964 - USA 

Production Companies
Metro Goldwyn Mayer (presents)
Jack Cummings Productions (Uncredited)
Winters Hollywood Entertainment Holdings Corporation (Uncredited)

Genre: Musical
Rating: G

Runtime: 85 minutes

Budget: $1,000,000 (estimated)

Box Office Gross: $9,442,967 

Plot Summary
All musically gifted race-driver Lucky Jackson wants in Las Vegas is to score enough money for a new car motor so he can win the Grand Prix. When he encounters sexy swimming instructor Rusty, he considers staying around longer. After Lucky loses his winnings in the hotel pool, he's forced to remain in Vegas long enough to win back his dough - but now he also has to win Rusty's heart. Unfortunately, so does his slick racing enemy, Elmo.

Elvis Presley - Lucky Jackson
Ann-Margret - Rusty Martin
Cesare Danova - Count Elmo Mancini
William Demarest - Mr. Martin
Nicky Blair - Shorty Fansworth
Jack Carter - Himself
Teri Garr - Showgirl
The Jubilee Four - Themselves

Producer/Director - George Sidney
Writer - Sally Benson
Producer - Jack Cummings
Art Directors - Edward C. Carfagno and
George Davis
Costume Designer - Donfeld
Director of Photography - Joseph F. Biroc
Choreographer - David Winters
Film Editor - John McSweeney Jr.
Music - George Stoll and
Robert Van Eps (Uncredited)

I wasn't exactly into the music from the legendary Elvis Presley who was also known as The King and was one of the great musicians of rock and roll. I preferred Michael Jackson and The Beatles, to hear all of their tremendous catchy tunes and inspiring ballads. Though I did listen to a few tracks of Elvis and covers from music streaming and a few mixed CDs, namely the title track from one of his better lighthearted musical comedies VIVA LAS VEGAS. I didn't even watch the movie until it was on a special feature session at Parkes Shire Library when I first visited the Parkes Elvis Festival. A popular hit film of 1964 that was released with the King's few other musicals as well as A HARD DAY'S NIGHT from The Beatles, VIVA LAS VEGAS has been a wildly entertaining classic that many fans considered it the all-time best of his movies. Decked with flashy musical numbers and a sensational racing climax from start to finish. A lot of people have seen Elvis sing and dance many times in films, televised appearances and stage concerts, but this is the most fun that he ever had in a movie since JAILHOUSE ROCK.

Elvis and Ann Margaret definitely pulled the strings of their romantic chemistry and based on what I have heard, they had an off-screen relationship together. Although much of this is true, it absolutely works for the better.

All in all, VIVA LAS VEGAS is a great, bonafide classic and though it brings out the best in his style of music. This film is highly recommend for those who were all fans of Elvis's music.

Star rating: (8/10) Very Good Movie

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