Thursday, 23 December 2010

Dumb & Dumber Review (Updated)

Dumb & Dumber

Release Date: 16th March 1995 Australia

Production Companies
New Line Cinema (presents)
Motion Picture Corporation 
of America (MPCA) (in
association with)

Roadshow Distribution

Genre: Comedy

Rating: PG

Runtime: 107 minutes

Budget: $17,000,000 

Box Office Gross: $247,275,374

Plot Summary
In the hilarious comedy
Dumb and Dumber, best
friends Lloyd and Harry
are a pair of deliriously
dim-witted pals on a cross
country road trip to Aspen
to return a briefcase full of
cash to its rightful owner,
Mary Swanson, a beautiful
woman who ends up being
Lloyd’s dream girl. Little
does Lloyd know that
Mary is in Aspen trying to
find her kidnapped husband.
Soon, the two get mixed up
in the crime and their wacky
exploits are leading the FBI
straight to the crooks!

Jim Carrey – Lloyd Christmas
Jeff Daniels – Harry Dunne
Lauren Holly – Mary Swanson
Charles Rocket – Nicholas Andre
Mike Starr – Joe ''Mental'' Mentalino
Karen Duffy – J.P. Shay
Cam Neely – Sea Bass
Victoria Rowell – Beth Jordan
Brad Lockerman – Bobby Swanson

Writer/Director – Peter Farrelly
Writer/Co-Producer/Director – 
Bobby Farrelly
Writer – Bennett Yellin
Producers – Brad Kevoy, 
Steven Stabber & Charles B. 
Associate Producers – Ellen 
Dumouchel, Chad Oman & 
Bradley Jenkel
Co-Producers – Tracie Graham-Rice & 
Bradley Thomas
Executive Producers – Gerald Olson 
& Aaron Meyerson
Cinematography – Mark Irwin
Editor – Christopher Greenbury
Music – Todd Rundgren

DUMB & DUMBER is a terrifically hilarious movie that mixes toilet humour and slapstick comedy and it stars Jim Carrey. I praise the performances of Carrey and Jeff Daniels, the hilarious dialogue and the funniest moments of the movie such as the dead parakeet incident, the scene where Lloyd has to pee in the empty beer bottles and the cop on the motorcycle drinks it and the other is where Harry is on the broken toilet where he has a serious case of flatulence. 

This has been definitely the best Jim Carrey movie I've ever watched and is one of my favourites.

Star rating: (5/5) Best Movie Ever


  1. Really enjoyed this movie, possibly Carrey's finest work. Particuarly enjoyed the scene where Harry and Loyd sing Mockingbird song in the hotdog van, driving thier passenger crazy - this makes me laugh every time.

  2. its a really funny movie especially when he uses a broken toilet

  3. Hey film guru lad. Definitely a great film, I am excited for the next instalment that is currently being filmed and will once again show case the comical genius duo - Carry with Daniels. Check out the following link for latest info and photos for this film.