Monday, 20 December 2010

TRON Review (Updated)


Release Date: 3rd December 1982 Australia

Production Companies
Walt Disney Productions

Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures Australia

Genre: Sci-Fi

Rating: G

Runtime: 96 minutes

Budget: $17,000,000

Box Office Gross: $33,000,000

Plot Summary
Flynn, a young computer genius, breaks into the mainframe at ENCOM looking for evidence that the video game programs he wrote were stolen by Ed Dillinger, an ENCOM executive. Dillinger's Master Control Program (MCP) must stop Flynn and it blasts him into its own computer dimension. Flynn awakens in an electronic world, where computer programs are the alter-egos of the programmers who created them, and he is sentenced to die on the video game grid. Together with Tron, an electronic security program, Flynn escapes, destroys the MCP, and is able to return to the ''real'' world.

Jeff Bridges Kevin Flynn/Clu
Bruce Boxleitner Alan Bradley/Tron
Cindy Morgan Lora Baines/Yori
David Warner Ed Dillinger/
Sark/Master Control Program (Voice) (Uncredited)
Barnard Hughes Dr. Walter Gibbs/Dumont
Dan Shor – Ram/Popcorn Co-Worker (Uncredited)

Story/Writer/Director/Visual Effects Concepts – Steven Lisberger
Story – Bonnie MacBird
Associate Producer/Visual Effects Supervisor – Harrison Ellenshaw
Executive Producer – Ron Miller
Producer – Donald Kushner
Production Designer – Dean Edward Mitzner
Costume Design – Eloise Jenssen & Rosanna Norton
Conceptual Artist: Electronic World – Syd Mead
Conceptual Artist/Design: Electronic World – Jean 'Moebius' Giraud
Background Designer/
Conceptual Artist: Electronic World – Peter Loyd
Electronic Conceptual Design/Computer/
Visual Effects Supervisor – Richard Taylor
Cinematography – Bruce Logan
Sound Effects Design & Synthesis  Frank Serafine
Film Editor – Jeff Gourson
Music – Wendy Carlos
Songs – Journey


1983 Academy Awards
Best Costume Design - Eloise Jenssen 
& Rosanna Norton (Nominated)
Best Sound - Michael, Bob & Lee Minkler 
& James Le Rue (Nominated)

TRON is an iconic, dazzling and imaginatively conceived movie that is filled with state-of-the-art (though dated) CGI visuals that were terrific as well as brilliant live acting of Jeff Bridges, Bruce Boxleitner and David Warner. It is one of my favourite movies that I've ever watched and is the corner milestone in the history of computer animation. One of my favourite parts of the movie is the scene of the Light Cycle battle which has become famous and iconic in film history. 

If you have seen this movie and have liked it, you will like it's sequel TRON: LEGACY (click here). Oh, did I forgot to mention that the Disney studio is planning a third TRON movie, this should be exciting for all Tron fans.

Star rating: (5/5) Best Movie Ever


  1. Yes I think the CGI effects were great! I enjoyed this movie it is definitely worth seeing I haven't seen the sequel Tron Legacy, I missed it at the cinema and I will have to wait to hire it on DVD.
    Wonderful blog look forward to seeing more.

  2. i loved this movie it was out of this world. i will forget this review