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Avatar Review (Updated)


Release Date: 17th December 2009 – Australia

Production Companies
20th Century Fox (presents)
Dune Entertainment (in 

association with)
Ingenious Film Partners (in 

association with)
Lightstorm Entertainment

20th Century Fox Australia

Genre: Sci-Fi

Rating: M

Runtime: 162 minutes

               171 minutes (re-
               178 minutes (extended)  

Budget: $237,000,000

Box Office Gross: $2,787,965,087

Plot Summary
We enter the alien world 

through the eyes of Jake 
Sully, a former marine 
confined to a wheelchair. 
But despite his broken 
body Jake still a warrior 
at heart. He is recruited 
to travel light years to 
the human outpost on 
Pandora where corporations 
are mining a rare mineral 
that is the key to solving 
Earth's energy crisis. 
Because the atmosphere 
of Pandora is toxic, they 
have created the Avatar 
program, in which human 
“drivers” have their 
consciousness linked to 
an avatar, a remotely-
controlled biological body 
that can survive in the lethal 
air. These avatars are 
genetically engineered 
hybrids of human DNA 
mixed with DNA from the 
natives of Pandora... the 
Na'vi. Reborn in his avatar 
form, Jake can walk again. 
He is given a mission to 
infiltrate the Na'vi, who 
have become a major 
obstacle to mining the 
precious ore. 

But a beautiful Na'vi 
female, Neytiri, saves 
Jake's life, and this 
changes everything. 
Jake is taken in by her 
clan, and learns to 
become one of them, 
which involves many 
tests and adventures. As 
Jake's relationship with 
his reluctant teacher 
Neytiri deepens, he 
learns to respect the Na'vi 
way and finally takes his 
place among them. Soon 
he will face the ultimate 
test as he leads them in 
an epic battle that will 
decide nothing less than 
the fate of an entire world.


The Humans
Sam Worthington – Corporal Jake Sully 
Stephen Lang – Colonel Miles Quaritch
Sigourney Weaver – Dr. Grace Augustine
Michelle Rodriguez – Trudy Chacon
Giovanni Ribisi – Parker Selfridge
Joel David Moore – Dr. Norm Spellman
Dileep Rao – Dr. Max Patel

The Na'vi
Zoe Saldana – Neytiri 

C.C.H. Pounder – Mo'at
Wes Studi – Eytukan
Laz Alonso – Tsu'tey


Editor – James Cameron
Executive Producers – Laeta Kalogridis & Colin Wilson
Producer – Jon Landau
Co-Producer – Brooke Benton
First Assistant Director/Co-Producer – Josh McLaglen
Alien Language Creator – Paul R. Frommer
Production Designers – Rick Carter Robert Stromberg
Concept Illustrators – Dorian Bustamante, 
Ryan Church, James Clyne, Barry Howell, 
Victor James Martinez, Steven Messing, 
Craig Shoji & Daphne Yap
Concept Art Directors  Dylan Cole, 
Seth Engstrom & Ben Procter
Concept Art: Character/Costume and 
Specialty Props – Richard Taylor
Lead Characters Designer – Jordu Schell
Costume Designers – Mayes C. Rubeo & 
Deborah Lynn Scott 
Lead Creature Designer  Neville Page
Initial Creature Concepts – Wayne D. Barlowe
Vehicle Designer – TyRuben Ellingson
Cinematography – Mauro Fiore
Stunt Coordinator – Garrett Warren
Special Effects – Stan Winston (Uncredited)
Visual Effects Supervisor  John Bruno 
Second Unit Director: New Zealand Live Action Unit/
Visual Effects Supervisor – Steven Quale
Visual Effects Supervisor: ILM – John Knoll
Senior Visual Effects Supervisor – Joe Letteri
Visual Effects Supervisors: Weta Digital  Dan Lemmon, 
Stephen Rosenbaum, Eric Saindon, Erik Winquist, 
Wayne Stables, R. Christopher White & Guy Williams
Motion Capture Supervisor: Weta Digital  Dejan Momcilovic
Virtual Production Conceiver/Visual Effects 
Pipeline Engineer (Uncredited) – Robert Legato
Choreographer/Motion Capture Performer/
Movement Coach – Terry Notary
Animation Supervisors  Richard Baneham 
& Andrew R. Jones
Film Editors – John Refoua & Stephen E. Rivkin
Sound Designer/Supervising Sound Editor/
Re-Recording Mixer - Christopher Boyes
Music – James Horner


2010 Academy Awards
Best Art Direction - Rick Carter, Robert 
Stromberg & Kim Sinclair (Won)
Best Cinematography - Mauro Fiore (Won)
Best Visual Effects - Joe Letteri, 
Stephen Rosenbaum, Richard Baneham & 
Andrew R. Jones (Won)
Best Director - James Cameron (Nominated)
Best Film Editing - Stephen E. Rivkin, John 
Refoua & James Cameron (Nominated)
Best Original Score - James Horner (Nominated)
Best Sound Editing - Christopher Boyes & 
Gwendolyn Yates Whittle (Nominated)
Best Sound Mixing - Christopher Boyes, Gary 
Summers, Andy Nelson & Tony Johnson
Best Picture (Nominated)

AVATAR is an environmental sci-fi movie that was screened in the end of 2009. Although the plot is completely borrowed from some movies, the 
film’s best feature for me was that it was released in 3D. It was James Cameron's return to feature directing after TITANIC (click here). The things I praise in the film are its fantasy elements like the floating islands. The Na'vi which they look very realistic, due to the film's groundbreaking effects of motion-capture and the flawless acting by Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldana and Stephen Lang.

It is absolutely one of my favourites that I've watched, but is Cameron's best movie that he ever made since TERMINATOR 2.

Star rating: 
(5/5) Best Movie Ever

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  1. I thought that your plot summary was concise and did a wonder job of explaining what is invariably a long and complex story. I too enjoyed the 3D elements of the movie and how far they have pushed the technology. I have to admit that I was disappointed by the 2D version. I just found that the colours and the details were no where near as spectacular in the 2D version. Keep blogging!