Monday, 7 March 2011

Transformers Review (Updated)


Release Date: 28th June 2007 – Australia

Production Companies 
DreamWorks SKG (presents)
Paramount Pictures (presents)
Hasbro (in association with)
Di Bonaventura Pictures 

Amblin Entertainment (uncredited)

Paramount Pictures Australia

Genre: Action

Rating: M

Runtime: 144 minutes

Budget: $150,000,000

Box Office Gross: $709,709,780

Plot Summary
From director Michael Bay 
and executive producer 
Steven Spielberg comes 
a thrilling battle between 
the heroic Autobots® and 
the evil Decepticons®. 
When their epic struggle 
comes to Earth, all that 
stands between the 
Decepticons® and 
ultimate power is a clue 
held by young Sam 
Witwicky. Unaware that 
he is mankind’s last chance 
for survival, Sam and 
Bumblebee, his robot 
disguised as a car, are in a 
heart-pounding race against 
an enemy unlike anything 
anyone has seen before.


Shia LaBeouf – Sam Witwicky
Megan Fox
Mikaela Banes
Josh Duhamel
William Lennox 
Tyrese Gibson – USAF 
Tech Sergeant Robert Epps 
John Turturro Agent Reggie 
Rachael Taylor Maggie Madsen
Anthony Anderson
Glen Whitmann
Kevin Dunn
Ron Witwicky
Julie White
Julie Witwicky
Jon Voight
 Defense Secretary John Keller 
Michael O'Neill – Tom Banachek
Bernie Mac – Bobby Bolivia
Amaury Nolasco – ACWO Jorge "Fig" Figureoa
Zack Ward First Sergeant Donnelly
W. Morgan Sheppard – Captain Witwicky
John Robinson – Miles Lancaster
Travis Van Winkle – Trent DeMarco
Glenn Morshower – Colonel Sharp

Peter Cullen – Optimus Prime (Voice)
Mark Ryan
 Bumblebee (Voice)
Darius McCrary
 Jazz (Voice)
Jess Harnell
Ironhide (Voice)
Robert Foxworth
 Ratchet (Voice)

Hugo Weaving – Megatron (Voice)
Charles Adler
 Starscream (Voice)
Jess Harnell
 Barricade (Voice)
Reno Wilson
 Frenzy (Voice)
Jimmie Wood
 Bonecrusher (Voice)

Executive Producer/Director Michael Bay
Executive Producers  Steven Spielberg, 
Brian Goldner & Mark Vahradian
Story John Rogers
Story/Screenplay Roberto Orci & Alex Kurtzman
Producers Ian Bryce, Tom De Santo, 
Lorenzo di Bonaventura, Lorne Orleans (IMAX Version) 
& Don Murphy
Co-Producer/Unit Production Manager  Allegra Clegg
Co-Producer/Second Unit Director/Stunt Coordinator  
Kenny Bates
Production Designer  Jeff Mann
Costume Designer – Deborah Lynn Scott
Director of Photography Mitchell Amundsen
Special Effects Supervisor – John Frazier
Visual Effects Supervisor: ILM Scott Farrar
Visual Effects Supervisor – Richard Kidd
Animation Supervisor: ILM – Scott Benza
Sound Designer  Erik Aadahl
Film Editors Tom Muldoon, Paul Rubell & 
Glen Scantlebury
Music Supervisor Dave Jordan
Music Steve Jablonsky


2008 Academy Awards
Best Sound Mixing – Kevin O'Connell, 
Greg P. Russell & Peter J. Devlin (Nominated)
Best Sound Editing – Ether Van der Ryn 
& Mike Hopkins (Nominated)
Best Visual Effects – Scott Farrar, 
Scott Benza, John Fraizer & Russell Earl (Nominated)

The live-action Michael Bay movie adaptation of TRANSFORMERS is definitely a must-see for all the fans of the toy-line franchise and those who have seen the classic 80s television cartoon of Generation One (G1) will be amazed by its huge impact. I'm a big fan of Transformers and I've seen most of the episodes of G1 along with its original film adaptation THE TRANSFORMERS: THE MOVIE (click here). I'm also a fan of its other and recent TV animations. I am surprised that Peter Cullen has returned to voice Optimus Prime since G1, but I'm a little disappointed that Hugo Weaving is actually doing the voice of Megatron in the films instead of his original vocal artist Frank Welker. 

I praise the Transformers including the heroic Autobots and villainous Decepticons because they looked advanced in their machinery, thanks to the CGI effects done by VFX studio Industrial Light & Magic. Aside from the visual design of the robots, the film includes neat acting by Shia LaBeouf and impressive action sequences.

Now I have to say that this funny, action-packed blockbuster of a movie might appeal to those who have watched the TRANSFORMERS cartoons and used to play its action figures as kids. It launched two sequels such as REVENGE OF THE FALLEN and DARK OF THE MOON which is currently heading into its release.

Star rating: (5/5) Best Movie Ever


  1. I really enjoyed this movie, I am a big follower of Micheal Bay films and although I never really watched any of the old Transformers cartoon episodes I still found this movie to be an action packed thrill ride from start to finish. Cant wait for 3rd installment.

  2. Great movie it was awesome. I have watched all the Transformer movie, and i must say i think the second movie was my favourite. I cant wait to see the next one which is going to come out sometime this year.