Sunday, 5 June 2011

WALL-E Review (Updated)


Release Date:
September 2008 – 

Production Companies
Walt Disney Pictures
Pixar Animation Studios

Walt Disney Studios Motion 
Pictures Australia

Genre: Animation/Family

Rating: G

Runtime: 98 minutes

Budget: $180,000,000

Box Office Gross: $521,311,860

Plot Summary
The highly acclaimed 
director of Finding 
Nemo and the creative 
storytellers behind 
Cars and Ratatouille 
transport you to a 
galaxy not so far away 
for a new cosmic 
comedy adventure 
about a determined 
robot named WALL-E.

After hundreds of lonely 
years of doing what he 
is built for, the curious 
and lovable WALL-E
discovers a new purpose
in life when he meets a
sleek search robot
named EVE. Join them
and a hilarious cast of
characters on a fantastic
journey across the

Voice Cast
Ben Burtt - WALL-E/M-O
Elissa Knight - EVE
Jeff Garlin - Captain
MacInTalk - AUTO
John Ratzenberger - John
Kathy Najimy - Mary
Sigourney Weaver - Axiom's Computer

Live Action Cast
Fred Willard - Shelby Forthright, Bnl CEO

Original Story/Screenplay/
Director - Andrew Stanton
Original Story - Pete Docter
Story Supervisor/Screenplay - Jim Reardon
Executive Producer - John Lasseter
Producer - Jim Morris
Co-Producer - Lindsey Collins
Visual Consultants - Roger
Deakins & Dennis Muren
Production Designer - Ralph Eggelston
Character Supervisor - Bill Wise
Director of Photography: Camera - Jeremy Lasky
Director of Photography: Lighting - Danielle Feinberg
Character Voice/Sound Designer/Re-Recording 
Mixer/Supervising Sound Editor - Ben Burtt
Film Editor - Stephen Schaffer
Music - Thomas Newman


2009 Academy Awards
Best Animated Feature (Won)
Best Original Score - Thomas Newman (Nominated)
Best Original Song "Down to Earth" -
Peter Gabriel (Nominated)
Best Sound Editing - Ben Burtt &
Matthew Wood (Nominated)
Best Sound Mixing - Tom Myers, Michael
Semanick & Ben Burtt (Nominated)
Best Original Screenplay - Andrew Stanton,
Jim Reardon & Pete Docter (Nominated)

WALL-E is a charming, funny, exciting, beautiful and cute CGI animated film that is an outstanding effort of Disney and PIXAR. I was moved by the environmental message where the planet Earth has suffered from environmental disaster, the cities are abandoned and the population evacuated to a ship called The AXIOM. I liked the love relationship of the two robots EVE and the title character who is the little tractor robot which is the large point of the movie. Almost all of the movie is silent except for the characters interaction with each other. 

The excellent sound design is a breath of fresh air which is thanks to Ben Burtt of STAR WARS fame. The musical score by Thomas Newman is absolutely vivid to listen to and compliments the sequences really well.

Although WALL-E was one of my favourites, not only is it much better than the sci-fi family movie E.T. THE EXTRA TERRESTRIAL (click here) in my opinion. It also manages to create a story and world that is completely unique and unparalleled by any other movie I have seen. Like Disney's LILO & STITCH (click here), it did succeed in the sci-fi animation boom where others tried and failed. I cannot think of a single bad thing to say about this animated hit, this is clearly reflected in my star rating.

Star rating: (5/5) Best Movie Ever


  1. Wall.e is good movie I like the part where Moe is trying to clean him and he get stuck in the airlock doors.

  2. The movie is quiet amazing what I don't get is why all the people were fat and in the chairs and had only robots working. thats cool

  3. I think wall.e was based on a city which has been abandoed. it is really odd how you trash a city come on that is wrong