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Batman Review (Updated)


Release Date: 30th August 1989 – Australia

Production Companies
Warner Bros. Pictures (presents)
The Guber-Peters Company
PolyGram Filmed Entertainment (produced in association with)

Genre: Action

Rating: PG

Runtime: 126 minutes

Budget: $35,000,000

Box Office Gross: 

Plot Summary
Gotham City: dark,
dangerous, 'protected'
only by a mostly corrupt
police department.

Despite the best effects
of D.A. Harvey Dent and
police commissioner Jim
Gordon, the city becomes
increasingly unsafe...until
a Dark Knight arises. We
all know criminals are a
superstitious, cowardly his disguise must be
able to strike terror into
their hearts. He becomes a
bat. Enter Vicky Vale, a
prize-winning photo journalist
who wants to uncover the
secret of the mysterious "bat-
man". And enter Jack Napier,
one-time enforcer for Boss
Grissom, horrible disfigured
after a fire-fight in a chemical
factory...that, devoid of
the last vestiges of sanity,
seizes control of Gotham's
underworld as the psychotic,
unpredictable Clown Prince
of Crime...the Joker.
Gotham's only hope, it
seems, lies in this dark,
brooding vigilante. And just
how does billionaire playboy
Bruce Wayne fit into all of this?

Michael Keaton – Bruce Wayne/Batman
Kim Basigner – Vicki Vale
Jack Nicholson – Jack Naiper/The Joker
Robert Wuhl – Alexander Knox
Pat Hingle – Commissioner Gordon
Billy Dee Williams – Harvey Dent
Michael Gough – Alfred Pennyworth
Jack Palance – Carl Grissom
Jerry Hall – Alicia Hunt
Tracey Walter – Bob the Goon
Lee Wallace – Mayor Borg
William Hootkins – Lt. Max Eckhardt
Hugo E. Blick – Young Jack Napier
Charles Roskilly – Young Bruce Wayne
David Baxt – Thomas Wayne
Sharon Holm – Martha Wayne

Director – Tim Burton
Based on Batman Characters/
Project Consultant – Bob Kane
Story/Writer – Sam Hamm
Writer – Warren Skaaren
Executive Producers – Benjamin Melniker
& Michael Uslan
Producers – Jon Peters & Peter Guber
Co-Producer – Chris Kenny
Production Designer – Anton Furst
Costume Designer – Bob Ringwood
Make-up Designer: Joker – Nick Dudman
Director of Photography – Roger Pratt
Stunt Coordinator – Eddie Stacey
Special Effects Supervisor – John Evans
Special Visual Effects – Derek Meddings
Film Editor – Ray Lovejoy
Music – Danny Elfman
Songs – Prince


1990 Academy Awards
Best Art Direction - Anton Furst & Peter Young (Won)

Not as perfect as the latest movie THE DARK KNIGHT, BATMAN was a good superhero movie. Though the acting performances of Michael Keaton and Jack Nicholson were good, but I think Christian Bale plays a better portrayal of Batman and so does the late Heath Ledger's portrayal of the Joker. I'm well impressed with the set design of Gotham City which looks like the city from out of Fritz Lang's METROPOLIS. The outstanding direction by Tim Burton is then fused with the memorable score by Danny Elfman and songs by the famed artist Prince.

Comparatively with the Christopher Nolan reboot, the original movie of the franchise has a more magical fantasy feeling to it which is a result of Burton's influence as this is the genre he most commonly works with.

This started the original Batman quadrilogy, followed by BATMAN RETURNS, then to Joel Schumacher's last two instalments BATMAN FOREVER and the infamous BATMAN & ROBIN.

Star rating: (4/5) Good Movie

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