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Cowboys & Aliens Review (Updated)

Cowboys & Aliens

Release Date: 18th August 2011 - Australia

Production Companies
Universal Pictures (presents)
DreamWorks SKG (presents)
Reliance Entertainment (presents)
Relativity Media (in association with)
Imagine Entertainment
K/O Paper Products
Fairview Entertainment
Platinum Studios

Universal Pictures Australia

Genre: Sci-Fi/Western

Rating: M

Runtime: 118 minutes

Budget: $163,000,000

Box Office Gross: $165,365,816

Plot Summary
The Old West... where a lone
cowboy leads an uprising
against a terror from beyond
our world. 1873. Arizona
Territory. A stranger with no
memory of his past stumbles
into the hard desert town of
Absolution. The only hint to
his history is a mysterious
shackle that encircles one
wrist. What he discovers is
that the people of Absolution
don't welcome strangers,
and nobody makes a move
on its streets unless ordered
to do so by the iron-fisted
Colonel Dolarhyde. It's a
town that lives in fear. But
Absolution is about to
experience fear it can
scarcely comprehend as the
desolate city is attacked by
marauders from the sky.

Screaming down with
breathtaking velocity and
blinding lights to abduct the
helpless one by one, these
monsters challenge
everything the residents
have ever known. Now,
the stranger they rejected is
their only hope for salvation.
As this gunslinger slowly
starts to remember who he
is and where he's been, he
realizes he holds a secret
that could give the town a
fighting chance against the
alien force. With the help
of the elusive traveller Ella,
he pulls together a posse
comprised of former
Dolarhyde and his boys,
outlaws and Apache
warriors - all in danger of
annihilation. United against
a common enemy, they will
prepare for an epic showdown
for survival.

Daniel Craig - Jake Lonergan,
Harrison Ford - Colonel
Woodrow Dolarhyde
Olivia Wilde - Ella Swenson
Sam Rockwell - Doc
Paul Dano - Percy Dolarhyde
Clancy Brown - Meacham
Keith Carradine - Sheriff John Taggart
Noah Ringer - Emmett Taggart
Adam Beach - Nat Colorado
Abigail Spencer - Alice
Ana de la Reguera - Maria
Walton Goggins - Hunt
Julio Cedillo - Bronc
David O'Hara - Pat Dolan
Raoul Trujillo - Black Knife
Toby Huss - Roy Murphy

Executive Producer/Director - Jon Favreau
Based on Platinum Studios Comic Book/
Producer - Scott Mitchell Rosenberg
Screen Story - Steve Oedekerk
Screen Story/Screenplay - Mark Fergus &
Hawk Ostby
Screenplay/Producers - Roberto Orci, Alex
Kurtzman & Damon Lindelof
Executive Producers - Steven Spielberg,
Bobby Cohen, Randy Greenberg,
Ryan Kavanaugh & Denis L. Stewart
Producers - Johnny Dodge, Brian Grazer &
Ron Howard
Co-Producers - Daniel Forcey, Karen Gilchirst
& Chris Wade
Co-Producer/First Assistant Director - 
K.C. Hodenfield
Production Designer - Scott Chambliss
Costume Designer - Mary Zophres
Special Makeup/Puppeteer: 
Legacy Effects - Shane Mahan
Director of Photography - Matthew Libatique
Second Unit Director/Visual Effects Supervisor: ILM -
Roger Guyett
Co-Visual Effects Supervisor: ILM -
Eddie Pasquarello
Film Editors - Dan Lebental & Jim May
Music - Harry Gregson-Williams

COWBOYS & ALIENS was a great action packed movie that is a little bit scary and has blended science fiction and western. A non-stop action thrill ride with wonderful acting of Daniel Craig, Harrison Ford and Olivia Wilde and terrific direction from Jon Favreau. It's remarkable that these two famed actors Ford and Craig from three different franchises have paired themselves in a duet on a interesting story about cowboys defending their world from a race of evil aliens.

This genre blend of a feature leaves the fans waiting in excitement to see who will win the battle between cowboys and aliens. It's suitable for people who have seen westerns, but have a passion for sci-fi films. So which side are you on?

Star rating: (4/5) Good Movie

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  1. It was a great movie but I Think they could put in some special effects to get people on the end of there seat