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Home Alone Review

Home Alone

Release Date: 13th December 1990 - Australia

Production Companies
Hughes Entertainment
20th Century Fox Film Corporation (presents)

20th Century Fox Australia

Genre: Family/Comedy

Rating: PG

Runtime: 103 minutes

Budget: $15,000,000 

Box Office Gross: $476,684,675

Plot Summary
Eight-year-old Kevin
McCallister has become
the man of the house,
overnight! Accidentally
left behind when his family
rushed off on a Christmas
vacation, Kevin gets busy
decorating the house for
the holidays. But he's not
decking the halls with tinsel
and holly. Two bumbling
burglars are trying to break
in, and Kevin's rigging a
bewildering battery of bobby
traps to welcome them!.


McCallister Family
Macaulay Culkin - Kevin McCallister
Catherine O'Hara - Kate McCallister
John Heard - Peter McCallister
Devin Ratray - Buzz McCallister
Hilary Wolf - Megan McCallister
Angela Goethals - Linnie McCallister
Michael C. Maronna - Jeff McCallister
Gerry Bamman - Frank McCallister
Terrie Snell - Leslie McCallister
Jedidiah Cohen - Rod McCallister
Senta Moses - Tracy McCallister
Daiana Campeanu - Sondra McCallister
Kieran Culkin - Fuller McCallister
Anna Slotky - Brooke McCallister
Kristin Minter - Heather McCallister

Joe Pesci - Harry Lyme
Daniel Stern - Marv Merchants
Roberts Blossom - Old Man Marley
John Candy - Gus Polinski (Cameo)

Director - Chris Columbus
Writer/Producer - John Hughes
Executive Producers - Tarquin Gotch, 
Mark Levinson & Scott M. Rosenfelt
Production Designer - John Muto
Costume Designer - Jay Hurley
Director of Photography - Julio Macat
Film Editor - Raja Gosnell
Music - John Williams


1991 Academy Awards
Best Music, Original Song "Somewhere in My Memory" -
John Williams & Leslie Bricusse (Nominated)
Best Original Score - John Williams (Nominated)

HOME ALONE is a hilarious but meaningful holiday film which is thanks to director Chris Columbus and the late John Hughes who made this movie in a terrific way. I positively commend the acting of Macaulay Culkin (in his star-making role), Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern, the booby traps, a cameo by John Candy and the magnificent film score by John Williams. I loved the funniest part of the film where Kevin put his brother's pet tarantula on Marv's face which makes him scream like a little girl.

HOME ALONE is the best Christmas comedy movie that is ever made. It brought the child star Macaulay to worldwide fame and it launched three sequels such as HOME ALONE 2: LOST IN NEW YORK and the infamous HOME ALONE 3 and 4. I would be honoured to hear any feedback people may have of this terrific major motion picture.

Star rating: (5/5) Best Movie Ever

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