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Jaws Review (Updated)


Release Date: 27th November 1975 - Australia

Production Companies
Zanuck/Brown Productions
Universal Pictures

Universal Pictures Australia

Genre: Thriller

Rating: M

Runtime: 120 minutes

Budget: $9,000,000 

Box Office Gross: $470,653,000

Plot Summary
During the height of beach 
season, the Massachusetts 
resort town of Amity Island 
is terrorized one summer 
by surprise attacks from a 
great white shark. Three 
unlikely partners team up
to hunt down the rogue 
and destroy it: the new 
chief of police from New 
York, a young university-
educated oceanographer 
and a crusty old-time

Roy Scheider - Chief Martin Brody
Richard Dreyfus - Matt Hooper
Robert Shaw - Sam Quint
Lorraine Gary - Ellen Brody
Murray Hamilton - Mayor Larry Vaughn
Carl Gottlieb - Meadows
Jeffrey Kramer - Hendricks
Susan Backline - Christine 
"Chrissie" Watkins
Jonathan Filley - Cassidy
Chris Rebello - Michael Brody
Jay Mello - Sean Brody
Lee Fierro - Mrs. Kitner
Jeffrey Voorhees - Alex Kitner
Craig Kinsbury - Ben Gardner

Director - Steven Spielberg
Based on Novel/Screenplay - Peter Benchley
Screenplay - Carl Gottlieb
Producers - David Brown & Richard D. Zanuck
Technical Advisor - Fred Zendar
Production Designer - Joe Alves
Director of Photography - Bill Butler
Camera Operators: Live Shark Footage - Ron & Valerie Taylor
Underwater Photography - Rexford L. Metz
Stunt Coordinator - Ted Grossman (Uncredited)
Special Effects - Robert A. Mattey
Special Mechanical Effects - Roy Arbogast (Uncredited)
Film Editor - Verna Fields
Music - John Williams


1976 Academy Awards
Best Sound Effects - Robert L. Hoyt,
Roger Heman Jr, Earl Madery &
John R. Carter (Won)
Best Film Editing - Verna Fields (Won)
Best Original Score - John Williams (Won)
Best Picture - Richard D. Zanuck &
David Brown (Nominated)

Story based around the Amity Island regatta, JAWS. Warning! Not suitable for young children, very scary scenes. JAWS is action-packed but truly frightening and has lots of blood and guts for a movie in this era of the 1970s. With the cast of Roy Scheider, Robert Shaw and Richard Dreyfus and the direction by Steven Spielberg, this film is the first summer blockbuster in history which would lead to summer features such as STAR WARS: A NEW HOPE (click here), RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK (click here), THE DARK KNIGHT and others. Oh, did I forgot to mention about the chilling music score by John Williams which is the best part of JAWS that I loved.

This movie is one of my favourite Spielberg movies I really enjoyed and it's for anyone who wants to see an excellent classic thriller like JAWS. It launched three sequels that includes JAWS 2, JAWS 3 and the infamous JAWS: THE REVENGE.

Star rating: (5/5) Best Movie Ever

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