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Lawrence of Arabia Review (Updated)

Lawrence of Arabia

Release Date: 1st November 1963 - Australia

Production Companies
Columbia Pictures
Horizon Pictures

Sony Pictures Australia

Genre: Drama

Rating: M

Runtime: 218 minutes

Budget: $15,000,000

Box Office Gross: $70,000,000

Plot Summary
An inordinately complex
man who has been labeled
everything from hero, to
charlatan, to sadist, Thomas
Edward Lawrence blazed
his way to glory in the
Arabian desert, then sought
anonymity as a common
solider under an assumed
name. The story opens with
the death of Lawrence in a
motorcycle accident in
Dorset at the age of 46,
then flashbacks to recount
his adventures: as a young
intelligence officer in Cairo
in 1916, he is given leave to
investigate the progress of
the Arab revolt against the
Turks in World War I. In
the desert, he organizes a
guerrilla army and for two
years he leads the Arabs in
harassing the Turks with
desert raids, train-wrecking
and camel attacks. Eventually,
he leads his army northward
and helps a British General
destroy the power of the
Ottoman Empire.

Peter O'Toole - T.E. Lawrence
Alec Guinness - Prince Feisal
Anthony Quinn - Auda Abu Tayi
Jack Hawkins - General Allenby
Omar Sharif - Sheriff Ali
Jose Ferrer - Turkish Bey
Anthony Quayle - Colonel Brighton
Claude Rains - Mr. Dryden
Arthur Kennedy - Jackson Bentley
Donald Wolfit - General Murray
I.S. Johar - Gasim
Gamil Ratib - Majid
Michel Ray - Farraj
John Dimech - Daud
Zia Mohyeddin - Tafas

Producer (Uncredited)/Director - David Lean
Based on Writings - T.E. Lawrence
Screenplay - Robert Bolt & Michael Wilson
Producers - Sam Spiegel, Jim Painten
(1989 Restoration) & Robert A. Harris
(1989 Reconstruction & Restoration)
Production Designer - John Box
Property Master - Eddie Fowlie
Costume Designer - Phyllis Dalton
Director of Photography - Freddie Young
Editor/Editorial Consultant (1989 Restoration) -
Anne V. Coates
Music - Maurice Jarre


1963 Academy Awards
Best Picture - Sam Spiegel (Won)
Best Director - David Lean (Won)
Best Cinematography, Color - Freddie Young (Won)
Best Art Direction-Set Decoration - John Box,
John Stoll and Dario Simoni (Won)
Best Sound - John Cox
Best Film Editing - Anne V. Coates (Won)
Best Music, Score - Substantially Original -
Maurice Jarre (Won)
Best Actor in a Leading Role - Peter O'Toole
Best Actor in a Supporting Role - Omar Sharif
Best Writing, Screenplay Based on Material
from Another Medium - Robert Bolt and
Michael Wilson (Nominated)

Despite being the longest movie to win an Oscar for Best Picture, LAWRENCE OF ARABIA is sure to be a historical epic and is all thanks to director David Lean who made a masterpiece out of greatness. I praise the perfectly crafted acting talents of Peter O'Toole, Omar Sharif and Alec Guinness, the classy script and even the brilliant music score by Maurice Jarre.

It helped to influence film directors such as George Lucas and Steven Spielberg to imitate it's visual style. LAWRENCE is such an incredible if not a splendid and good movie. This review is a tribute to my grandfather who passed away recently and was a huge fan of this epic masterpiece.

Star rating: (4/5) Good Movie

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