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Click Review (Updated)


Release Date: 22nd June 2006 - Australia

Production Companies
Columbia Pictures Corporation
Revolution Studios (presents)
Happy Madison Productions
Original Film

Sony Pictures Australia

Genre: Comedy

Rating: M

Runtime: 97 minutes
                100 minutes (extended version)

Budget: $82,500,000

Box Office Gross: $237,681,299

Plot Summary
The architect Michael Newman
has a typical middle-class
family with his lovely and
gorgeous wife Donna and
their son Ben and daughter
Samantha, and a constant
visit of his parents. However,
Michael is workaholic and
under stress, trying to satisfy
his boss with overwork and
get a partnership in his
company, giving priority to
his work and neglecting the
family issues.

When the tired Michael goes
to a department store to buy
an universal remote control,
he rests on a bed and he
meets the weird salesman
Morty that offers him a
remote control capable of
controlling his own universe.
Michael uses too much and
loses the control of the device,
having his own life controlled
by the remote control. Then
Michael sees the worthwhile
parts of his personal life he
missed while working, and
in the end of his life he lately
concludes that the family
comes first.

Adam Sandler - Michael Newman
Kate Beckinsale - Donna Newman
Christopher Walken - Morty
David Hasselhoff - John Ammer
Henry Winkler - Ted Newman
Julie Kavner - Trudy Newman
Sean Astin - Bill
Joseph Castanon - Ben Newman
Tatum McCann - Samantha Newman
Jonah Hill - Teenage Ben
Lorraine Nicholson - Teenage Samantha
Jake Hoffman - Adult Ben
Katie Cassidy - Adult Samantha
Cameron Monaghan - Kevin O'Doyle
Rob Schieder - Prince
Habeeeboo (Cameo)
James Earl Jones - Narrator/Himself
(Cameo) (Uncredited)

Director - Frank Coraci
Writers/Producers - Steve Koren &
Mark O'Keefe
Producers - Adam Sandler, Jack
Giarraputo & Neal H. Moritz
Co-Producer - Tania Landau
Production Designer - Perry
Andelin Blake
Special Make-Up Effects - Rick Baker
Director of Photography - Dean Semler
Film Editor - Jeff Gourson
Music - Rupert Gregson-Williams


2007 Academy Awards
Best Make-up - Kazuhiro Tsuji and Bill Corso (Nominated)

CLICK can be quite a funny movie from Adam Sandler, but it contains scenes which can bring a tear in your eye. Nothing I saw couldn't be in the actor's previous comedies and that's the only time some emotion is found in Sandler's lowbrow comedy. The humorous parts of the film I liked includes Sandler's character mistakenly congratulates the wrong kid instead of his own son. I kinda liked the imagining concept of what life would be like if you had the power of a universal remote to rewind, fast forward, pause, mute and slow-mo time. I also loved the narration cameo by James Earl Jones and in one scene, he upstages Adam Sandler in his ever-seen presence.

Oh my, what fun you could have! CLICK is such a enjoyable movie, one filled with constant laughs and positive energy from all the actors.

Star rating: (4/5) Good Movie

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