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Vuk: The Little Fox Review (Updated)

Vuk: The Little Fox

Release Date: 10th December 1981 - Hungary

Production Companies
Pannonia Filmstudio
Robert Halmi, Inc. (English Dub)

Genre: Animation/Family

Rating: G

Runtime: 76 minutes

Plot Summary
Vuk (Vic in the English
Version), the little fox
lives happily among his
many siblings in their
parents' home. As he
is livelier and snappier
than the others, one day
he wanders into the forest
alone. As soon as he arrives
home, he discovers that his
whole family has
disappeared. Only later,
he comes to know that
the responsible are the
feared humans, the
hunters (called among
animals the bare-skins').

But luckily for Vuk, his
old uncle Karak starts
to patronize him, and the
seasoned elder brings
Vuk up to be the most
cunning and successful fox
in the forest.

Voice Cast: English Version
Nancy Cartwright - Young Vuk
Steven R. Weber - Adult Vuk
John Bellucci - Kug/Narrator
Anne Costello - Iny/Additional
William Kiehl - Karak
Lucy Martin - Foxy
George Gonneau - Hunter

Screenplay/Character Designer/
Director - Attila Dargay
English Adaptation - Denise
Writer: English Adaptation -
George Gonneau
Based on Novel - Istvan Fekete
Screenplay/Production Leader -
Istvan Imre
Screenplay - Ede Tarbay
Cinematography - Iren Henrik
Film Editors - Janos Czipauer &
Magda Hap
Music - Peter Wolf

The animation of VUK: THE LITTLE FOX was a bit like anime, but the only thing that lives up to this Hungarian movie is the story. The film does have a lot of sad and funny moments such as where what happens with Vuk's family and the two drunk geese. I'm very surprised that VUK came out in the same year as the another fox cartoon made by Disney THE FOX AND THE HOUND which fortunately doesn't include any similarities to it.

Unfortunately, this is a very hard movie to track down due to it being a foreign film, but for those keen to watch it, you can find it on YouTube.

Star rating: (4/5) Good Movie

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