Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Black Lightning Review

Black Lightning

Release Date: 21st September 2010 -
Australia (DVD)

Production Companies
Bazelevs Production

Genre: Action

Rating: PG

Runtime: 100 minutes

Budget: $15,000,000

Plot Summary
A student’s life turns
upside down when he
discovers the battered
old car his father gave
him can fly… After
his entire world falls
apart he makes a choice
and shoots from zero to
hero as a crime fighter
known as “Black
Lightning”. Little does
he know that evil forces
are watching, they want
the incredible car, and
will stop at nothing to
get it, even if it means
killing him and
destroying the city.

Grigori Dobrigin - Dimitriy
Maykov/Black Lighting
Ekaterina Vilkova - Nastya Svetlova
Viktor Verzhbitsky - Prof. Viktor Kuptsov
Sergei Garmash - Pavel Maykov
Elena Valyushkina - Nastasia Maykova
Katia Starshova - Tania Maykova
Ivan Zhidkov - Maxim
Igor Savochkin - Boria Ivanovich
Valeri Zolotukhin - Pavel Perepelkin
Ekaterina Vasilieva - Olga Romantseva

Director - Dmitriy Kiselev
Based on Idea/Director/
Creative Producer -
Aleksandr Voytinskiy
Based on Idea/Writer/
Editor - Dmitriy Aleynikov
Based on Idea/Creative
Producer - Mikhail
Writer - Aleksandr Talal
Participation - Rostislav
Kriviskiy & Vladimir Neklyudov
Producers - Timur
Bekmanbetov & Iva
Production Designer - Mariya
Cinematography - Sergey Trofimov
Stunt Driver - Martin Ivanov
Stunt Coordinator - Viktor Ivanov
Visual Effects Supervisors - Pavel Donatov,
Oleksandr Kucherov, Oleksii Moskalenko &
Dmitriy Tokoyakov
Film Editor - Ilya Lebedev
Music - Yuriy Poteenko

As I expect from BLACK LIGHTNING, it wasn't a bad superhero movie, in fact, it was similar to the first SPIDER MAN movie (click here) and it was something original that viewers haven't experienced before. I really liked the concept of the flying car and how through the film, the car becomes its own character. I am surprised that the whole film was made in Russia, in that being not quite as technologically advanced as Hollywood filmmakers, they would have had to be very resourceful and efficient, this point is clear when we look at the tiny budget of just 15 mill. 

Another underrated rare movie, BLACK LIGHTNING deserves more credit than it was given. I should mention that you have to watch this film in subtitles or English language on DVD.

Star rating: (4/5) Good Movie

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