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The Dark Knight Review (Updated)

The Dark Knight

Release Date: 16th July 2008 - Australia

Production Companies
Warner Bros. Pictures
Legendary Pictures
DC Comics

Roadshow Distribution

Genre: Action

Rating: M

Runtime: 152 minutes

Budget: $185,000,000

Box Office Gross: $1,004,558,444

Plot Summary
With the help of Lt. Jim
Gordon and District
Attorney Harvey Dent,
Batman sets out to destroy
organized crime for good.
The triumvirate proves
effective, but soon find
themselves prey to a
rising criminal mastermind
known as the Joker, who
thrusts Gotham into anarchy
and forces Batman closer
to crossing the fine line
between hero and vigilante.

Christian Bale - Bruce Wayne/
Heath Ledger - The Joker
Aaron Eckhart - Harvey Dent/
Two Face
Michael Caine - Alfred Pennyworth
Maggie Gyllenhaal - Rachel Dawes
Gary Oldman - James Gordon
Morgan Freeman - Lucius Fox
Eric Roberts - Sal Maroni 
Ng Chin Han - Lau
Colin McFarlane - Gillian B. Loeb
Michael Jai White - Gambol
Ritchie Coster - The Chechen
Nestor Carbonell - Mayor
Anthony Garcia
Keith Szarabajka - Det. Gerard Stephens
Joshua Harto - Coleman Reese
Monique Gabriela Curnen -
Anna Ramirez
Ron Dean - Det. Michael Wuertz
Melinda McGraw - Barbara Gordon
Nathan Gamble - James Gordon, Jr,
Cillian Murphy - Dr. Jonathan
Crane/Scarecrow (Cameo)
William Fichtner - Bank Manager

Director - Christopher Nolan
Based on Characters - Bob Kane
Story - David S. Goyer
Screenplay - Jonathan Nolan
Executive Producer/Unit Production Manager - Kevin De La Noy
Executive Producers - Benjamin Melniker, Michael Uslan & Thomas Tull
Producers - Lorne Orleans
(IMAX Version), Charles
Roven & Emma Thomas
Production Designer - Nathan Crowley
Costume Design - Lindy Hemming
Prosthetics Supervisor - Conor O'Sullivan
Make-Up Artist: Heath Ledger - John Caglione Jr.
Director of Photography - Wally Pfister
Stunt Coordinators - Paul Jennings,
Rick Le Fevour and Tom Struthers
Special Effects Supervisor - Chris Corbould
Film Editor - Lee Smith
Visual Effects Supervisor - Nick Davis
Visual Effects Supervisor: Framestore - Timothy Webber
Visual Effects Supervisor: Double Negative - 
Paul J. Franklin
Music - James Newton Howard
& Hans Zimmer


2009 Academy Awards
Best Sound Editing - Richard King (Won)
Best Supporting Actor - Heath Ledger (Won)
Best Art Direction - Nathan Crowley &
Peter Lando (Nominated)
Best Cinematography - Wally Pfister
Best Film Editing - Lee Smith (Nominated)
Best Make-Up - John Caglione Jr &
Conor O'Sullivan (Nominated)
Best Sound Mixing - Lora Hirschberg,
Gary Rizzo & Ed Novick (Nominated)
Best Visual Effects - Nick Davis, Chris
Corbould, Timothy Webber & Paul
J. Franklin (Nominated)

An ultimate continuation to the last Batman movie by the now notable director Chris Nolan, THE DARK KNIGHT is perhaps a vividly-perfect comic book picture and the most faithful of the Batman series. Due to being more serious and dramatic than its predecessor of BATMAN BEGINS (click here). It even has tension and action to satisfy the lovers of the popcorn movie blockbusters. 

The acting was so brilliant, particularly Aaron Eckhart who plays the tragic Harvey Dent aka Two-Face and the late Heath Ledger who delivered a tremendous job of playing Batman's dark, twisted and sadistic foe The Joker. It's funny how Eckhart did a real brooding impression of Two-Face more so than Tommy Lee Jones on BATMAN FOREVER (click here). Jones lacked what the character needs is that he has this experience of less hammier acting to match his vengeful personality. It's so sad that Heath tragically died just several months before the film was released in that same year. I think would fair to say that fans would have loved to see him return to his character in the next instalment.

All I need to say about THE DARK KNIGHT is that I really, really loved it and it's not only the best movie of 2008. It is the best Batman movie adaptation which has had the biggest following from fan-base and non-fans to date from all the released Batman interpretations.

Star rating: (5/5) Best Movie Ever

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  1. Although this is not my number one favorite comic book movie, it is a great movie and one of my all-time favorites.