Thursday, 1 November 2012

Frankenweenie Review


Release Date: 25th October 2012 - Australia

Production Companies

Walt Disney Pictures
Tim Burton Animation Co.
Tim Burton Productions

Walt Disney Studios Motion
Pictures Australia

Genre: Animation/Family

Rating: PG

Runtime: 87 minutes

Budget: $39,000,000

Box Office Gross: $81,491,068

Plot Summary
After unexpectedly losing
his beloved dog Sparky,
young Victor uses science
to bring his best friend back
to life - with just a few minor
adjustments. He tries to
hide his home-sewn creation,
but when Sparky gets out,
Victor's fellow students,
teachers and the entire town
all learn that getting a new
"leash on life" can be

Voice Cast
Charlie Tahan - Victor
Catherine O'Hara - Susan
Frankenstein/Weird Girl
Martin Short - Edward
Martin Landau - Mr. Rzykruski
Winona Ryder - Elsa van Helsing
Atticus Shaffer - Edgar "E" Gore
Robert Capron - Bob
Christopher Lee - Movie Dracula
(Archive Footage Only)
Conchata Ferrell - Bob's Mother
James Hiroyuki Liao - Toshiaki

Based on Short Film
Director - Tim Burton
Based on Screenplay - Leonard Ripps
Screenplay - John August
Producer - Allison Abbate
Production Designer - Rick Heinrichs
Cinematography - Peter Sorg
Animation Director - Trey Thomas
Film Editors - Chris Lebenzon
& Mark Soloman
Music - Danny Elfman

I never watched the live-action short version of the film, I always knew that director Tim Burton would make FRANKENWEENIE into an animated feature and extended the story. There a couple of few parts that were scary, but I quite liked the film being in black or white which makes it as a tribute to the old horror and sci-fi movies. Martin Landau's voice work as the science teacher is quite superb and the stop-motion animation was good indeed.

FRANKENWEENIE is in other ways, cute or dark, it has really followed Tim Burton's vision of what would this film supposed to be like and it had all the good themes like love, loss and science. Trust me, this labour of love from the director is really worth-seeing.

Star rating: (4/5) Good Movie

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