Monday, 12 November 2012

Casino Royale Review (Updated)

Casino Royale

Release Date: 7th December 2006 - Australia

Production Companies
Columbia Pictures
EON Productions
Casino Royale Productions
Stillking Films
Babelsberg Film

Sony Pictures Australia

Genre: Action

Rating: M

Runtime: 144 minutes

Budget: $150,000,000

Box Office Gross: $594,239,066

Plot Summary
Bond's first 007 mission 
takes him to Madagascar, 
where he is to spy on a 
terrorist, Mollaka. Not 
everything goes to plan 
and Bond decides to 
investigate, independently 
of MI6, in order to track 
down the rest of the terrorist 
cell. Following a lead to 
the Bahamas, he encounters 
Dimitrios and his girlfriend, 
Solange. He learns that 
Dimitrios is involved with 
Le Chiffre, banker to the 
world's terrorist organisations.

Secret Service Intelligence 

reveals that Le Chiffre is 
planning to raise money in 
a high stakes poker game 
in Montenegro at Le Casino 
Royale. MI6 assigns 007 
to play against him, knowing 
that if Le Chiffre loses it 
will destroy his organisation.

Daniel Craig - James Bond
Judi Dench - M
Mads Mikkelsen - Le Chiffre
Jeffrey Wright - Felix Leiter
Giancarlo Giannini - Rene Mathis
Simon Abkarian - Alex Dimitrios
Caterina Marino - Solange Dimitrios
Jesper Christensen - Mr.

Director - Martin Campbell
Based on Novel "Casino
Royale" - Ian Fleming
Screenplay - Neal Purvis,
Robert Wade & Paul Haggis
Producers - Michael G. Wilson
& Barbara Broccoli
Production Designer - Peter Lamont
Costume Designer - Lindy Hemming
Director of Photography - Phil
Stunt Coordinator - Gary Powell
Special & Miniature Effects Supervisor -
Chris Corbould
Film Editor - Stuart Baird
Titles Designer - Daniel Kleinman
Composer: James Bond Theme - Monty Norman
Music - David Arnold
Writer/Performer: Song "You Know My Name" -
Chris Cornell

Not quite the reboot what I was expecting, CASINO ROYALE is a great Bond movie and it took four years after the last Bond film DIE ANOTHER DAY to make this adaptation of the character's first story by Ian Fleming. Despite lacking the character of Q who is part of the Bond formula, the film showcases some action and actor Daniel Craig for his performance as the title character who was much more aggressive, rough and gritty than the previous actors like Sean or Pierce that have portrayed the secret agent.

While it managed to re-invent the Bond franchise, CASINO ROYALE is enjoyable and even disturbing in some ways, but it does have a lot of style. I can't wait for the new Bond film SKYFALL to come out and yes, it does have Q.

Star rating: (4/5) Good Movie

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  1. This is basically tied with Goldfinger as my favorite Bond movie. Hopefully Skyfall will be make-up for the disappointing Quantum of Solace though.