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Dungeons and Dragons Review (Updated)

Dungeons and Dragons

Release Date: 18th January 2001 - Australia

Production Companies
Behavior Worldwide
MDP Worldwide
Silver Pictures
Station X Studios
Stillking Films
Sweetpea Entertainment

Genre: Fantasy

Rating: M

Runtime: 107 minutes

Budget: $45,000,000

Box Office Gross: $33,807,409

Plot Summary
Following the death of the
Emperor, his heir, Savina
discovers the greatest
threat to the Empire
comes from within. Profion
has dark plans to secure
the Royal Sceptre. With
the power of the Sceptre,
Profion plunges the nation
into civil war. The empress
send her most trusted scout
to find an ancient artifact,
the Rod of Savrille. It has
the ability to summon and
enslave the will of the Red
Dragons, which will tip the
balance of power and
expose the treasonous
Profion. With the help of
a rogue pair of petty thieves,
the deadly race begins... in
their hands rests the fate
of the Empire.

Justin Whalin - Ridley Freeborn
Marlon Wayans - Snails
Jeremy Irons - Mage Profion
Thora Birch - Savina
Bruce Payne - Damodar
Zoe McLellan - Marina Pretensa
Kristen Wilson - Norda
Lee Arenberg - Elwood
Richard O'Brien - Xilus
Tom Baker - Halvarth

Producer/Director - Courtney Solomon
Based on Board Game
"Dungeons and Dragons" - E. Gary Gygax
Writers - Topper Lilien & Carroll Cartwright
Producers - Thomas M. Hammel & Kia Jam
Co-Producers - Ann Flagella,
Mark Leahy, David Minkowski,
Steve Richards, Conrad Riggs,
Matthew Stillman & Sean T. Stratton
Executive Producers - Nelson Leong,
Joel Silver & Allan Zeman
Co-Executive Producer - Bruce Rockowitz
Production Designer - Bryce Perrin
Concept Artist - Tully Summers
Costume Designer - Barbara Lane
Cinematography - Douglas Milsome
Visual Effects Producer & Supervisor -
Joan Collins Carey
Visual Effects Supervisors - Chuck Comisky,
Mark Glaser, Marc Kolbe, Kevin Kutchaver
& Kevin O'Neill
Visual Effects Supervisor: Digital Firepower -
Charles Darby
Film Editor - Caroline Ross
Music - Justin Caine Bennett

Hi there! This is Film Guru Lad, I'm sorry to say that I was going to do a review on the first LORD OF THE RINGS movie FELLOWSHIP OF THE RING but instead I had to watch the second STAR WARS prequel ATTACK OF THE CLONES (click here) for my two friends at my Christmas party. Here's a review of the film that will make up for it. I have heard of Dungeons and Dragons board game but never played it, the movie is not so good and had just sucked eggs. The bottom line is that most of everything helped make this fantasy film weak include Marlon Wayans's character, the low acting, badly rendered CGI and off-course the evil henchman having a blue-lipstick. There were good parts of the film that make it right like the action, the fourth doctor Tom Baker's small role and Jeremy Irons' over-the-top acting as the evil sorcerer Profion.

Usually, this fantasy picture is a bad move, it would have been more good if the makers would tone down the awful stuff and make it decent. I must say, I am very disappointed with such a poor film that has potential to be the next STAR WARS franchise at least not until LORD OF THE RINGS took the spot by next year.

Star rating: (2/5) Bad Movie

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