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Monsters, Inc./Monsters University Review (Updated)

Monsters, Inc./Monsters University

Release Dates: 26th December 2001 - Australia
20th June 2013 - Australia (University)

Production Companies
Walt Disney Pictures
Pixar Animation Studios

Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

Genre: Animation/Family

Rating: G

Runtime: 92 minutes (Monsters)
               104 minutes

Budget: $115,000,000 (Monsters)
             $200,000,000 (University)

Box Office Gross: $577,425,734
(Worldwide) (Monsters)
$744,229,437 (Worldwide)

Plot Summaries

Lovable Sulley and his
wisecracking best pal Mike
Wazowski are the top
scare team at Monsters, Inc.,
the largest scream-processing
factory. The main power
source in the monster world
is the collected screams of
human children, and at
Monsters, Inc. an elite team
of scarers is responsible for
gathering those precious
natural resources. Believed
by monsters to be toxic,
children are strictly forbidden
from entering Monstropolis.
But when a little girl named
Boo accidentally follows
Sulley back into his world,
he finds his career in jeopardy
and his life in utter chaos.
Assisted by Mike, the two
pals plot to rectify the mistake
and return Boo to her home.
When the trio encounters
an unexpected series of
complications, they become
embroiled in a cover-up
catapulting them into a mystery
beyond their wildest dreams.

Mike Wazowski and James
P. Sullivan are an inseparable
pair of monsters, but that
wasn't the case when they
first met at Monsters University.

Voice Cast
John Goodman - James P. Sullivan
Billy Crystal - Mike Wazowski
Steve Buscemi - Randall
Bob Peterson - Roz
John Ratzenberger - Yeti the
Abominable Snowman

Monsters, Inc. Only
Mary Gibbs - Mary "Boo"
James Coburn - Henry Waternoose
Jennifer Tilly - Cecila Mae
Frank Oz - Fungus
Dan Gerson - Smitty and

Monsters University Only
Joel Murray - Don Carlton
Sean Hayes - Terri Perry
Dave Foley - Terry Perry
Peter Sohn - Scott "Squishy"
Charlie Day - Art
Helen Mirren - Dean Hardscrabble
Alfred Molina - Professor Knight
Nathan Fillion - Johnny
Julia Sweeney - Sherri Squibbles

Crew (*/**)
Director - Pete Docter (*)
Screenplay/Story/Director -
Dan Scanlon (**)
Co-Directors - David Silverman
& Lee Unkrich (*)
Original Story - Pete Docter,
Jill Culton, Jeff Pidgeon &
Ralph Eggleston (*)
Additional Screenplay Material
(*)/Story/Screenplay - Robert
L. Baird (**) & Daniel Gerson
Producer - Andrew Stanton (*)
Additional Screenplay Material -
Rhett Reese & Jonathan Roberts
Producers - Darla K. Anderson (*)
Associate Producer(*)/Producer
(**) - Kori Rae
Executive Producer - John
Production Designers - Harley
Jessup & Bob Pauley (*)
Additional Storyboarding/Visual
Designer(**) - Ricky Nierva
Film Editors - Robert
Grahamjones, Jim Stewart (*)
& Greg Snyder (**)
Music - Randy Newman


2002 Academy Awards (Monsters, Inc.)
Best Music, Original Song "If I Didn't Have You" -
Randy Newman (Won)
Best Music, Original Score - Randy Newman (Nominated)
Best Sound Editing - Gary Rydstrom & Michael Silvers
Best Animated Feature - Pete Docter & John Lasseter

Hi moviegoers! This is Film Guru Lad here. I have decided to review two feature films within the one movie review. These will include MONSTERS, INC. and its prequel MONSTER UNIVERSITY. I will review these two in a row consecutively. I originally was going to watch FAST & FURIOUS 6 and do a review for this but I had to reschedule due to inconvenient session times, I was rather disappointed as I am excited to see this action packed flick.

The first of these pictures was certainly good as I remembered, it has not lost the greatness or a single bit of nostalgia that makes this movie the great movie that it is. The concept about monsters using portal doors in place of closets just fictionally invokes the myth of how they scare little children seem so imaginative and science-fiction like, it really compliments the imaginative and creative work of the story writers for this film. Continuing to review more of this feature, the voice casting exceeds well with John Goodman, Billy Crystal, Steve Buscemi, James Coburn and others. Several plot twists are specifically written with no flaw and succeed in keeping the audience guessing and anxious about what will happen next. Even more exceptionally is the whimsical laughter which are sometimes hilarious and other times not funny enough.

In summary for MONSTERS, INC. an impressive delight from Pixar and nearly matches up the ego of the studio's later milestones, this film was satisfying to watch and definitely is great enough to be re-watched.

Star rating: (4/5) Good Movie

Another great prequel that I've watched. MONSTERS UNIVERSITY (MU) in its namesake has improved Pixar's standards after the disappointment of the sequel CARS 2. They redeemed themselves with MU and deliver us the first prequel the company has ever done, might I say they did a fine job. Three of the original vocal performers of Goodman, Crystal and Buscemi are back in the game and some of the new actors are very surprising.  Helen Mirren gives her outstanding performance as Dean Hardscrabble, the female headmaster who seems to be evil and menacing as most children would think by her appearance. Many of the character designs of the monsters are creative and well-made and it is encouraging that the animation has so much brightness and more texture to match with the realism.

This film briefly proves that Pixar is at it again to the top. I consider MONSTERS UNIVERSITY to be entertaining with a good amount of laughs, it's aimed at the family audience and that's the end for this double feature review.

Star rating: (4/5) Good Movie

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