Thursday, 27 June 2013

The Shadow Review

The Shadow

Release Date: 19th January 1995 - Australia

Production Companies
Universal Pictures (presents)
Bregman/Baer Productions

Universal Pictures Australia

Genre: Action

Rating: PG

Runtime: 108 minutes

Budget: $40,000,000

Box Office Gross: $48,063,435

Plot Summary
In 30s New York City, the
Shadow battles his nemesis,
Shiwan Khan, who is
building an atomic bomb.

Alec Baldwin - Lamont
Cranston/The Shadow
John Lone - Shiwan Kahn
Penelope Ann Miller - Margo Lane
Peter Boyle - Moses "Moe"
Ian McKellen - Dr. Reinhardt Lane
Tim Curry - Farley Claymore
Jonathan Winters - Wainwright

Director - Russell Mulcahy
Based on Character "The
Shadow" - Walter B. Gibson
Writer - David Koepp
Producers - Martin & Michael
Bregman and Willi Bar
Production Designer - Joseph
C. Nemec III
Costume Designer - Bob
Stunt Coordinator - Dick Ziker
Special Visual Effects
Supervisors - Craig Barron
and Michael Pangrazio
Visual Effects Producer/
Supervisor - Alison Savitch
Visual Effects Supervisors -
Kevin O'Neill and Gene
Warren Jr.
Film Editors - Beth Jochem
Besterveld and Peter Honess
Music - Jerry Goldsmith

To be quite fair at the least, I never actually heard about THE SHADOW but as I recently watched the film interpretation, I find that it was very impressive and that the title character is more elusive than Batman except that he has superpowers like invisibility and doesn't have an appealing costume or even a cool vehicle. As I figured that the plot is very too mushy and undeveloped, the details are not and evaluates the picture such as the glorious special effects, the superficial cast of acting by Alec Baldwin, Tim Curry and Ian McKellen and the excellent production design that defines the look of the old 30s and is a near-imitation of the sets of Tim Burton's BATMAN (click here).

This is a diminished and unrecognized superhero movie that suffers from a poor and no interest story-line and therefore THE SHADOW is far from underrated to just being mediocre. I recommend myself and list this film as okay, respectively.

Star rating: (3/5) Average

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  1. Even though it is average, I might check it out if I have nothing better to watch. Never heard of it though.