Monday, 16 September 2013

Red 2 Review (Updated)

Red 2

Release Date: 29th August 2013 - Australia

Production Companies
Summit Entertainment
DC Comics

Hopstotch Films

Genre: Action/Comedy

Rating: M

Runtime: 116 minutes

Budget: $84,000,000

Box Office Gross: $148,075,565

Plot Summary
Retired C.I.A. agent 
Frank Moses reunites 
his unlikely team of 
elite operatives for a 
global quest to track 
down a missing 
portable nuclear 

Bruce Willis - Frank Moses
Helen Mirren - Victoria
Catherine Zeta-Jones - Miranda
Mary-Louise Parker - Sarah
John Malkovich - Marvin Boggs
David Thewlis - The Frog
Anthony Hopkins - Dr. Edward
Byung-hun Lee - Han Cho-Bai
Neal McDonough - Jack Horton

Director - Dean Parisot
Based on Comic Mini-Series
"Red" - Warren Ellis and
Cully Hammer
Screenplay - Jon & Erich
Producers - Lorenzo di
Bonaventura and Mark
Production Designer -
Jim Clay
Director of Photography -
Enrique Chediak
Second Unit Director/Stunt Coordinator - Paul Jennings
Special Effects Supervisor - Neil Corbould
Visual Effects Supervisors -
Asregadoo Arundi, James
Madigan and Bruce Woloshyn
Film Editor - Don Zinnerman
Music - Alan Silverstri

In a most enjoyable moment I had while taking a trip to the Blue Mountains, I went to a special movie place in Katoomba called The Edge Cinema and I was able to enjoy the biggest screen that was the same size as the screen from Sydney's IMAX. It was a huge attraction and an amazing experience of going to the Edge for the first time. I saw an action comedy movie called RED 2 and above all, it succeeds my expectations with all blends of action for first-rate action film shooters. The plot concept is perhaps underdeveloped and elementary, it was packed with humorous remarks that make the flick go all into a laughing matter. The old-timers from the predecessor have all once again returned to wreck havoc in this instalment, this includes actors like Bruce Willis, John Malkovich, Helen Mirren and Mary Louise Parker. These stars are shed with wittiness and old charm; two of the newcomers for the sequel include Anthony Hopkins and Catherine Zeta-Jones who are purely the stand-outs.

Not really ground-breaking or very structured, RED 2 is a tolerable film and partly provides a sensible humour for the average movie-goer. The best way for me to describe RED 2 is that it is a decent mid day movie that is not to be taken too seriously from action-fanatics. I would say that it has a low re-watch value.

Star rating: (3/5) Average

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