Monday, 14 October 2013

Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome Review

Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome

Release Date: 8th August 1985 - Australia

Production Companies
Kennedy Miller Productions

Genre: Sci-Fi/Action

Rating: M

Runtime: 102 minutes

Budget: $12,000,000

Box Office Gross: $40,503,021

Plot Summary
Robbed of his possessions 
whilst travelling through 
the Australian outback, 
Max manages to stumble 
upon Bartertown, a trading 
post for all manner of 
criminals and governed 
by Aunt Entity and Master 
Blaster. He is forced to 
fight on behalf of Aunt 
Entity in order that she 
gain complete control of 
the town, but he is thrown 
back out into the desert 
when the fight is over. He 
then stumbles upon a 
group of orphans, the 
only survivors of a plane 
crash during the nuclear 
war and with their help 
he returns to Bartertown.

Mel Gibson - Mad Max
Tina Turner - Aunty Entity
Frank Thring - The Collector
Bruce Spence - Jebediah the Pilot
Adam Cockburn Jr. - Jebediah Jr.
Angelo Rossitto - Master
Paul Larrson - Blaster
Angry Anderson - Ironbar
Robert Grubb - Pig Killer
Helen Buday - Savannah Nix
Tom Jennings - Slake M'Thirst
Edwin Hodgeman - Dr. Dealgood

Writer/Producer/Director -
George Miller
Director - George Ogilive
Writer/Co-Producer - Terry
Co-Producer - Doug Mitchell
Production Designer -
Graham "Grace" Walker
Costume Designer - Norma
Director of Photography -
Dean Semler
Action Vehicle Coordinator - David Thomas
Special Effects Supervisor - Michael Wood
Film Editor - Richard Francis-Bruce
Music - Maurice Jarre
Performer: Songs - Tina Turner

An unforgettable conclusion to the Mad Max series, I first watched MAD MAX 2 in about July and surprisingly, the Aussies have made their own original film which feels similar to STAR WARS and is fresh from the creative mind of director George Miller. MAD MAX brought everyone closer into the induced action of road rages and vehicle butchery in this apocalyptic film. MAD MAX BEYOND THUNDERDOME stepped away from dangerous highways and was not dissimilar to the gladiator epic in the concept of battling to the death on a battle ground for entertainment of the crowd. The second half keeps coming to focus on the tribe of lost children and further developing Mel Gibson's character as the heroic saviour

Mel still delivers first class acting of the main character and the fight scene of the Thunderdome arena is rather sensationally choreographed. It's surprising how female pop-star Tina Turner portrays the ruthless femme fatale Aunty Entity, she also performs both of the songs that crops up to the intro and closing of the whole picture like "We Don't Need Another Hero".

BEYOND THUNDERDOME barely includes the grittiness or the rough story of the second whereas this film is simply a visualised atmospheric experience. It's still a worthwhile entertainment extravaganza.

Star rating: (4/5) Good Movie


  1. I have always wanted to watch the Mad Max trilogy but I have never gotten around to it, hopefully I will soon.
    I hope the upcoming Tom Hardy reboot does not disappoint.


    1. Well mate, you need to watch those last two films and you're gotta be a fair dinkum.