Sunday, 6 October 2013

The Magnificent Seven (1960) Review (Updated)

The Magnificent Seven

Release Date: 23rd October 1960 - USA

Production Companies
The Mirisch Company (presents)
Alpha Productions

Genre: Western

Rating: PG

Runtime: 128 minutes

Budget: $2,000,000

Box Office Gross: $2,250,000

Plot Summary
When a small Mexican
village is terrorised by
the evil bandit Calvera
and his gang of bloodthirsty
men, only The Magnificent
Seven have the courage,
the daring and the
firepower to come to
the rescue! The town's
farmers have no guns, no
money and not a violent
bone in their bodies. So
they head for the border
and find Chris and Vin,
two out-of-work, hired
guns who round up five
more rugged outlaws.

Now the Seven are ready
for action, and they're
not in it for the money -
they're in it for the
adventure. At first, victory
seems assured, but
Calvera won't give up and
decides to comeback
for some serious bloodshed.

Yul Brynner - Chris Adams
Steve McQueen - Vin
Eli Wallach - Calvera
Horst Buchholz - Chico
Charles Bronson - Bernardo
Robert Vaughn - Lee
James Coburn - Britt
Brad Dexter - Harry Luck
Vladimir Sokoloff - The Old Man
Jorge Martinez de Hoyos -
Rosenda Monteros - Petra
Whit Bissell - Chamlee the

Producer/Director - John
Screenplay - Walter Bernstein, Walter Newman (Uncredited) and William Roberts
Based on a Screenplay - Akira Kurosawa, Shinobu Hashimoto and Hideo Oguni (Uncredited)
Executive Producer - Walter Mirisch
Art Director - Edward Fitzgerald
Director of Photography -
Charles Lang
Film Editor - Ferris Webster
Music - Elmer Bernstein


1961 Academy Awards
Best Music, Scoring of a Dramatic or Comedy Picture -
Elmer Bernstein (Nominated)

A great western classic from director John Sturges, THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN is known for its terrific and inspiring solid story. With a fine display of gun-slinging action. I honestly praise Yul Brynner and Steve McQueen for the acting of playing two of these seven marvellous characters that defined the good ol' western genre. Next in this large ensemble of talented performances are Charles Bronson, Eli Wallach, James Coburn, Robert Vaughn and Horst Buchholz. All of them did a very superb job in the film. This film has been an inspiration that helped make such similar movies like Pixar's A BUG'S LIFE. In film, every once in a while, directors produce a timeless classic that seems to have an infinite shelf life. This just seems to be one of those movies that will live on for generations.

THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN is at times slow with the result of its long running time, although it's a fancy classic, a passionate movie goer would agree and might watch this western in their home-theatre instead of paying top dollar on the big screen.

Star rating: (4/5) Good Movie


  1. Good review, The Magnificent Seven is one of my favorite westerns. The movie is a lot of fun and I really enjoy the all-star cast. Have you seen the Seven Samurai? The Magnificent Seven was based on it.


    1. I never saw Seven Samurai, my goal is seeing a movie with a similar story like The Magnificent Seven. Good thing you showed up James.

  2. It's exciting to see so many actors, such as McQueen, Coburn and Bronson, who are just starting their careers in Hollywood in this film. Great score by Elmer Bernstein too.

    1. Substantial trivia, you have a passion for classical movies.