Thursday, 14 November 2013

Film Guru Lad's Top Movie Villains: Part 1

I'm knowing what to say to this, that every movie has a protagonist or a love interest but what the film needs is a classic villain. Here is the primary top list of favourite evil villains you love to hate that performed acts of unspeakable horrors, deceitful or heinous. This is the countdown of cinema's favourite baddies who were hated for infamous and foul acts, but the question is, who's the baddest of the top bad guys.

#15. Colonel Miles Quatrich (Avatar)

This muscle-bound bloke
Quatrich as his full name
Colonel Miles is a fierce and
merciless military man who shows
little respect to the Na'vi by
respecting force and wants to
wipe out the indigenous alien race.
His two evil acts was ordering
his soldiers to bomb down
Hometree resulting numerous
Na'vi including Neytiri's father
to be killed off in the process by
the assault and shooting Dr.
Grace Augustine while she was
trying to escape with Jake, Norm
and Trudy from the RDA facility. Regardless for who Quatrich is, he very formidable and actually quite a ruthless militaristic leader to his men and too bad they follow his orders to do unspeakable horrors and annihilate the Na'vi race.

#14. Ernst Stavro Blofeld
(James Bond)

Secret agent James Bond has
all of villains but none were so
lucky than Ernst Stavro Blofeld,
yes, Blofeld is his greatest
nemesis always holding his
white Persian cat and changing
his appearances and is
the leader of the infamous
organization known as
SPECTRE. He happened to
be a bad boss and has done a lot of unspeakable horrors like sending his own minions such as Helga Brandt into the river of deadly piranhas for failure and letting his hench-woman attempt to gun down Bond but only his wife Tracy was assassinated instead. He is the only Bond villain to survive very elusively and appears in only three films no wait.... it's four pictures he appeared.

#13. Biff Tannen (Back to the 
Future Trilogy)

Dumb but not very smart and
no matter how bullies bully
other people whether there
gay, have a disability and or
so smart, how I actually hated
them and it make me stunted.
The worst example would be
Biff Tannen from the 'Back to
the Future' series and probably
a regular person but unlike
many other people that makes
torment on everybody, he
is cruel-hearted and calls
everyone "butthead". The one
girl that Biff desires the most is Marty's future mom Lorraine and the other person he has to bully and despise, her future husband and his dad George McFly. Unfortunately, not only Biff is unkind and arrogant to the McFlys, it does explain that the family genes runs in his blood.

#12. Khan (Star Trek Into Darkness)

Depending which second Trek
movie you prefer and though
needless I am still not a Trek
fan. They both had the same
villain who was being a worthy
foe to James T. Kirk or to
Spock, but the name of the
villain is "KHAAAAANNN,".
This version of the character
from the recent movie is said
to be described as brilliant
and ruthless but also the same genetic-engineered tyrant we fondly remember in the series. His greatest crime we seeing him is crushing the admiral's head with his own bare hands, awfully to tell a pun-related brutality that gave everyone a sheer shock. I can not help it, I am a sucker to English actors playing enemies with their terrifying accents. This version of Khan is done well by Benedict Cumberbatch who added a chilling tone to this character who might be a ravaged psychopath.


  1. Good choices thus far on your list. Cumberbatch's Khan was most impressive in Into Darkness, but I only wish there was more of him in the movie. Biff Tannen is a good classic choice, he is the definition of the ultimate idiot jerk. Blofeld is another very good choice. Not my favorite Bond villain, but definitely one of the best.


    1. You'll just wait for part 2, there is so much good choices you haven't looked at them.