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Race (2007) Review (Updated)



Release Date: 17th July 2007 - USA

Production Companies
Hyper Image Studios, Inc
CenTennial Pictures

Genre: Animation

Rating: M

Runtime: 99 minutes

Plot Summary
The Star car racing 
circuit is raging and 
ruthless. Rookie Trance 
Caldron and Team Earth 
play independently and 
compete in the game to 
oust the other. 

However, things change 
when the competition 
come calling from Team 
Tagmatia. The latter 
plans to break the Alliance 
leadership that is meant to 
hold the peace. 

All stakes are up for 
the upcoming finals 
Star Car 5000, where 
the teams must put their 
best speed and gear to 
fail the plans of Team 
Tagmatia. Trance needs 
to win this race for 
himself, his team and to 
defeat the evil.

Voice Cast
James Hereth - Trance 
Commander Chad
Kevin Lewis - Lord Helter
Wheaton James - Samuel 
Rhonda Smiley - Stash
Terry Diab - Sola/Drayka
William Mendieta - Frikes/
H.L. Cannon - Chancellor 
J.J. Song - Chemti

Story/Producer/Director - Robert Brousseau
Co-Director/Art Director/
Storyboard Supervisor/Artist -
Scott Heming
Story/Writer/Producer - Rhonda Smiley
Story - Kevin O'Donnell
Co-Producer - Andy Boron
Incidental Character Design -
Miriam Goodman and Frank
Animation Lead/Technical
Morph Target/Lip Sync/
Animator - Dean Jackson 
Animation Lead/Technical
Character Rigging/Animator 
Don Waters
Digital Intermediate
Supervisor - Rohan Desai
Film/ADR Editor - James Hereth
Sound Designer - Robert Duran
Guitar - Brad Stanfield
Music - Eric Allaman

The idea behind this film originated from and took influence from the pod-race sequence of STAR WARS. The sci-fi animated feature RACE does not suffer from lack of high intensity or good racing action as this is all there and then some. However, some of its characters were subpar and a few that were very clichéd. For example, the eponymous hero Trance is scrappy and unlikeable in his personality. He is not very well-fitted as the film's main protagonist as his characterisation lacked any flair and redeeming qualities. Even more disappointing, the animation is too video game-ish and oddly lacks real polish. On the other hand, the plot is quite appealing, however, it is not enough to testify against the cheap CGI budget.

This indie movie took seven years in production and not much longer than DELGO (click here). This film has clearly revealed that we are in a day and age where film goers expect the very best quality with an animation film. RACE simply did not race the bar high enough in comparison to other animated features. It is also a backdoor for a series which never got up and running, in large part, this could have been, due to the failure of the movie and a lack of following.

It is a real shame with this film as with some better directing and better animation. If this movie had it been formatted in 2D or improved CGI, it could have been a lot more of a success. Find this one on the web if you are still interested, even after my negative review. However, it is only worthy of a one time viewing, but not worth adding to the collection.

Star rating: (3/5) Average

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