Tuesday, 31 December 2013

The Castle Review (Updated)

The Castle

Release Date: 10th April 1997 - Australia

Production Companies
Village Roadshow Pictures
Working Dog Productions

Roadshow Distribution

Genre: Comedy

Rating: M

Runtime: 82 minutes

Budget: A$750,000

Box Office Gross: $10,326,428 

Plot Summary
The nation should never 
have heard of Darryl 

The Kerrigan family should 
still be living at 3 Highview 
Crescent, Cooloroo, in 
total obscurity. They were 
terrible houses on 
worthless land. The 
compulsory acquisition 
should go through without 
a hitch...right? Wrong.

To Darryl, it was never a 
house, it was a home and 
a very happy one. How 
Darryl and his small time 
suburban lawyer mate, 
Dennis Denuto assisted 
by a new friend QC 
Lawrence Hamill ended 
up in the High Court 
of Australia, is the story 
told in The Castle.

Michael Caton - Darryl 
Anne Tenney - Sal 
Stephen Curry - Dale 
Sophie Lee - Tracey 
Eric Bana - Con Petropoulous
Anthony Simcoe - Steve 
Wayne Hope - Wayne Kerrigan
Tiriel Mora - Dennis Denuto
Costas Kilias - Farouk
Charles 'Bud' Tingwell - Lawrence Hammill QC
John Flaus - Sgt. Kennedy
Ian Ross - Himself
Larry Emdur - Himself

Writer/Conceiver/Director - Rob Sitch
Writer and Concievers - Santo Clauro, 
Tom Gleisner and Jane Kennedy
Producer - Debra Choate 
Production Designer - Carrie Kennedy
Director of Photography - Miriana Marusic 
Film Editor - Wayne Heyett 
Music - Craig Harnath

Until just recently, I had never seen the whole film THE CASTLE with the exclusion of clips on YouTube. THE CASTLE is renowned as an iconic stereotypical satire comedy in Australia, some may think of it as lacklustre. The movie shows a lot of colourfulness slashed with non-political correctness to create a mock-up story of an average family that loves together and stays together. The film's great asset is mostly the jokes and repetitive catchphrases, which I find some to be exceedingly funny. For the acting, Michael Caton is the lead character as the family's patriarch and comes across as a good-natured, optimistic lovable dad and husband. To shine the spotlight on a few known actors, Stephen Curry and future Hollywood man Eric Bana both did very well as each member of the family with one whose name will be remembered among other acting greats.

THE CASTLE is very a-typical comedy with well written humour and filmed within a very efficient/cost effective budget. I classify this movie as well-suited and spot-on for a light hearted comedy that also has spirit and a satirical edge. Highly recommendable for working-class Australians and I would like to wish you mates... a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

Star rating: (4/5) Good Movie

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